Sunday, March 28, 2010

In a continuing battle to get the truth out.....

There is a monumental philosophical divide in this country. John Edwards was right in a sense, there are TWO Americas. One, where people respect the history of this great country and understand the truth of factual things, then you have another portion of this country that even a basic grasp of logic is simply too hard to attain simply because they are stupid.

Liberals are friggin' stupid, folks. This statement doesn't stem from a hatred that I have toward liberals, it is PITY. I pity the people on the ideological left because they do not possess marginal knowledge of anything. They operate totally on the fleeting emotional spasm of the minute and quickly forget what they felt at any point and the actions that they took from those emotions. Liberals think with their DICK.

You see, emotions are part and parcel what makes us human beings. They can be logical and then they can be utterly illogical. Without knowledge of anything other than how you F-E-E-L, you wind up in predicaments that cannot be corrected without great detriment to yourself and others around you. You wake up hungover with a toothless hag in bed with you after a night of heavy drinking. Or you wake up and Nancy Pelosi is Speaker, Harry Reid is Senate Majority Leader, and Barry Dumbfuck Obamoron is President, with Joe FREAKING Biden as Court Jester. REALLY? You have got to be shitting me!!!

A good specific point in case is the recent spate of national media headlines concerning Tea Party violence and racism. Those things simply did NOT happen. There was no one that shouted racial epithets at the Congressional Black Caucus and there is so much proof that it is overwhelming. Granted, when I first heard the story, I immediately doubted it because the people that I know on the intelligent side of the political divide simply are NOT that way.

(By the way, the Tea Party "spitting" incident was proven to be someone accidentally spitting while SHOUTING. Easily done, you know? Ever watch Chris Matthews talk/screech? Dammit, that is the wettest, spittingest shouting moron I have ever seen in my life. I have seen less pulp flying at a damn Gallagher show.)

Plus, when Jesse Jackson SENIOR AND JUNIOR are together, the media cameras are going to be out in full force. Wonder why there is ZERO EVIDENCE? Andrew Breitbart has offered a TEN THOUSAND dollar reward for evidence. Do you think for one single, fleeting moment that the people that screeched racism would pass up that damn cash if they had proof? Why doesn't Jesse Jackson Junior claim his 10k? He filmed the whole thing with not one, but TWO cameras and here is VIDEO proof of him doing just that. In other words, the CBC lied and the media ran with their lies.

I am still waiting on the retraction from the Barrystream Media. No, I quit holding my breath six days ago when the retraction did not come after the PROOF was released that no one shouted those things.

The truth is that racism is a trait of the Democrats and the political left. It always has been and always will be. There is a simple way to recognize this FACT, too. There is one political ideology that thought that electing a person that was HALF-BLACK actually meant something. The other side paid no mind to the fucking color of the dude's skin, they just pointed out that he was a relatively obscure candidate, with little record of note (and certainly not a GOOD record), and of below average intelligence. Goodness, the Republicans never even paid attention to Obama until mid-March, until then the assumed candidate was Hillary FUCKING Clinton!!!

One side was right on the Obama becoming president thingy, guess which? And the wrong side has to keep propping up their Moron Hero, too. Good Lord, Obama is such a feckless idiot that he has destroyed our relationship with Average Britain. How incompetent do you have to be to do that shit? Jimmy Carter did not even achieve that milestone with his hideously bad foreign policy team.

Face it, Barry Obama got elected because he LOOKED black and because he was running against The McCainiac. If you recall Bill Clinton's reelection, you must remember that the only reason Clinton won is because he was running against Bob FREAKING Dole and the intelligent people just could not get excited about voting for Dole. Dole was as inspiring as a piece of soggy, day old toast. Same with McCain.

In other related stuff, the ONLY reason that The McCainiac was even somewhat competitive is because he grabbed Sarah Palin as his running mate. If he had done that earlier in his feckless campaign, things might have ended differently for him, but probably not. He is John McCain and has positioned himself in the very damn center of the political debate. He stands for NOTHING.

And of course, the national media has to go balls-to-the-all in an all out effort to destroy Sarah Palin now. Shit, I wish she was not supporting The McCainiac in his reelection bid. I cannot imagine how bad the Barrystream Media is going to ridicule her if McCain actually loses, which HE SHOULD if there is any justice in this world.

If our national media would attempt to do their job, maybe the racist Democrat Party would become extinct like it should have over 150 years ago. Since that did not happen, maybe if a Democrat had not gunned down Dr. Martin Luther King, there would have been more of his philosophy to draw upon to see the path that he was taking and the entire movement would not have become such victim oriented. But, as luck would have it, as unbelievable as it is, a Democrat was "successful" at something. Odd how Democrat successes are ALWAYS BAD THINGS, huh?

Let's take a gander at HISTORY as much as you Democrats/Liberals do not want to. One of the memes has been that almost ALL major legislation has been a partisan thingy. Please keep in mind that Democrats have controlled this country since FDR was president, except for twelve years. I must point out that those conspicuous twelve years also are the very time where our economy EXPLODED in a way that has NEVER been seen ever in history, too.

Since we know that Democrats are the party of racism, Jim Crow, and lynching, I wonder how their votes add up on certain legislation that would have never been needed after the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment if it wasn't for them?

CHECK IT. If you want to know the CORRECT side to support in pretty much everything, it ain't the blue side, folks. While it might appear to someone that doesn't know me that I must be whole hog all up in the Republican Party because of what I say, the truth is that I usually fall on the side of the Republicans because they are NOT Democrats.

Try to understand this statement, "Democrats are WRONG on everything." This doesn't mean that Republicans are RIGHT on everything, it just means that usually the Republicans are closer to being right. HUGE difference. Trust me, it was ALL I could do to pull the lever for The McCainiac, he is as far away from being right as you can get and not be a moronic Democrat. And if you can actually remember back five years ago, the national media LURVED them some McCainiac because he bucked the Republican Party at every turn. Now, The McCainiac is a pariah to everyone because he is not as far to the fascist left as Barry Obama.

Of course, when The Obamoron starts pushing the "Legalize all the Criminal Aliens" bill and The McCainiac starts supporting that, too, the national media will be all up in John's grill then and back to lurving him. The minute he strays from the Libtard line though, under the bus for you, BIATCH!!!

Let's look at the last week in Democrat Wrongness shall we?

Democrats support INCREASED taxes for wounded soldiers. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?!?!

Democrats support taxes and penalties for retirees' prescription drugs. DIE ALREADY GRANDMA!!!

Democrats support INCREASED unemployment. They have to be able to purchase votes from really stupid people that cannot find jobs.

Democrats support everyone making the same amount of money. Eventually ZERO.

Democrats support a carrying a debt of astronomical proportions. Of course, they are no good at math anyway, their titular head of their party of imbeciles thinks that we have 57 states, remember?

Democrats supports destroying all businesses to give people "healthcare" that shall be non-existent in four years. How will people get medical services when all the hospitals and doctors are bankrupt and put out of business?

Democrats actually support making recess appointments when it was heresy during Bush's presidency. Since no Democrats possess a dictionary, this is called "HYPOCRISY."

Here's another example of blatant HYPOCRISY. Please recall that ObamaCare passed with ZERO Republican votes.

And in Tea Party violence news, something seems WEIRD about the direction of the violence. Well, it seems weird if you get your news from the federal government's agitprop arm of the media.

More violence.

More HATE.

You know, since I have a little of a memory that extends back past breakfast this morning, these instances bring to mind stuff like THIS. Did you even HEAR about the Democrats dropping bricks and rocks on the Republican delegates on the way to the RNC?

Or how about Barry Obama's Chicago Way of debate about bringing guns and shit?

When you hear stuff in the Democrat run media today, take a moment to recall that Hitler, Castro, Mao, and Stalin had their media outlets, too. Yes, the comparison is applicable because Obama and his moron party are just like those murdering despots.

Fight the Democrat tyranny with everything you have and eventually their cancerous party will be purged from the Earth.

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Skunkfeathers said...

It's really simple:

The Party of Whores/Progressives/Libtards = hate, lies, violence, malevolence, racism, marxist/socialist command and control.

In short they are the Party of DEFEAT, DISHONOR and DISGRACE to America, and American freedom and exceptionalism.

They are the cancer that must first be snuffed out at the polls; and then in the schools (first by the abolition of the Department of (dis)Education, once there's a president and Congress with the stones to get rid of that cancerous lesion.

Voters have SEEN; voters KNOW. Make it start to happen in November.

Joubert said...

Maybe we can get rid of the Democratic Party but how do we rid ourselves of the die-hard commies and their useful idiots? Education - and that will take generations. Meanwhile we simply have to do damage control.

Skunkfeathers said...

True, but they want US to follow their beliefs; they don't live as THEY insist WE should.

But I agree...the Party of Whores needs to go extinct. And it's going to take breaking the dumbing down of education to reverse the flow of fecal material the libtards spew.

Dean L said...

I agree with Patrick we can only stem the tide while we work on education longer term.

The sads fact is that we don't even have a good battle plan for educating people about what is going on, and what the real meaning of things like liberty, the Constitution, economics etc. are.

That we are getting conservative media outlets is good, but it is not the whole answer. While it exposes what is going on, it doesn't help people understand there are different ways to interpret what is going besides what is fed to us by the mainstream media.

JMK said...

"Face it, Barry Obama got elected because he LOOKED black and because he was running against The McCainiac." (MoM)

Yes, Obama was a young, good-looking far-Left Liberal, running against an old, tired-looking (and sounding) pseudo-Liberal.

The people voted for the younger, better-looking, REAL Leftist, over the shriveled up, "Leftist-Light."

Liberal Dems haven't really thought out any of the "economic realities, which is why those programs....and we are BOTH doomed, if we long continue down this road.