Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leonard Pitts Makes Michelle Obama Look Like a Genius

In today's Clarion Ledger, Leonard Pitts offers up yet another lunatic screed. This guy is seriously trying to outdo Cynthia Tucker on the Moron Scale. Of course, since the Clarion Ledger went and hired out the incompetents that designed the Jackson Free Press' website, you can no longer find anything on their site. Well, unless it was in Sunday's paper. (Don't worry, the link to the JFP leads to their .net url, which they failed to purchase, click it, it is friggin' hilarious. HAT-TIP: Jackson Jambalaya)

Mr. Pitts takes his traveling racism show on the road to paint Republicans as fear mongers, this week. Seriously, he should just add a disclaimer to each column that states, "This agitprop bought and paid for by Barry Obama." His writings are even worse than the racist droppings produced by Bill Minor and Cynthia Tucker combined, if that is even possible.

Pitts starts off his blatherings thusly....
Not hope, nor patriotism, nor progress, nor any of the nobler emotions and impulses by which human beings are driven. Nope. None of those.

Instead, fear. Again.
You would think that he is talking about the HUGE power grab from Democrats, but you would be wrong. He is on board with that, totally, completely, forever and ever, Amen.

He is trying to make an argument that the Politico found some hard copies of a POWERPOINT! presentation left behind after an RNC fundraiser. Let's ignore the flaming ball of unconstitutional corruption going on in the Democrat Congress, Leonard, someone left a fund raising pamphlet! Let's ignore the fact that universal "healthcare" is a monumental failure wherever tried, the Republicans want you to be SKEERED!

Let's ignore the fact that Democrats have been doing the very same thing forever, even while enslaving black folks, the Republicans are the PARTY OF FEAR!!! Oddly, I think that a LYNCHING is a little more scary than presenting facts about wasteful government, Leonard. Over 70k in spending just to surf DRUDGE? Come on, you are writing about Republicans trying to scare people and you are ignoring REAL STORIES?

Leonard, you could maybe take on the fact that Democrats are getting convicted at record levels, resigning en masse, retiring from Congress, but you choose to talk about Republicans, the party that is in the minority?

You could write about Detroit, the paragon of Democrat policies, utterly teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and ruin, trying to sell some fraudulent bonds through Goldman, but Hells to the Naws, let's talk about FEAR.

Leonard also points to the Willie Horton ad during the Dukakis campaign and credits it to the GOP. Oddly, none other than Albert Gore presented that ad in the Democrat primary. Why would Leonard LIE about something that happened back in the late 1980s? TWENTY YEARS AGO? Dammit, Leonard.

This is why print "journalism" is dead, folks. You have a media vehicle that has had ZERO responsibility for over one hundred years. They printed what they wanted to with no one to police them. Agitprop 101. Maybe the internet should win the Nobel Peace Prize for freeing all of the folks from a bondage perpetrated by the Communist media for so long. Leonard Pitts, you are just one little piece of the utter corruption in the collectivist media that has blood on your hands.

The latest big media corruption story centers around their astroturf campaign to push back against the population. The Barrystream Media-invented Coffee Parties are front and center, these days. Every national media outlet is giving them the free press that they need. Tee-shirts provided by the unions. It is sickening to me.

And when news continually tries to tell you that the economy is getting better, DESPITE all reports, you have to look at where the money is going. To government and their allies. It is not like the public schools are not eating the overwhelming majority of the money in our country, but Obama's "stimulus" is throwing even more money that way.

Mississippi has topped TWELVE PERCENT unemployment (the highest in 25 YEARS) and still more of our money is going to public schools that are failing. To add more depressing news to the economic picture, Mississippi foreclosures are STILL rising. Both of these stories are brought to you by the Democrat National Committee, DBA The Clarion Ledger. Please remember, for the umpteenth time, the Mississippi Legislature is predominately Democrat in both houses. Our state has NEVER been run by Republicans. Yes, our governor is Republican and our Lt. governor is Republican, but that doesn't matter.

Add that insult to this injury. The Obama Administration basically killed the contract with Northrup for the new Air Force tanker, to give it to Boeing. This would have been a HUGE boom in jobs for our state. If you voted for the Democrats, you just slaughtered the revenue that we would have received for that. YAY, you fucktarded Democrat!!! I hope your taxes do not go up too much to pay for all the folks not working because of your corrupt party!

Also on our state horizon is still another tobacco tax increase. Yes, it is going to happen. Hell, Brandon, the most employed city in the entire state is trying to OUTLAW smoking. But, you know what? Raising taxes on ANYTHING reduces revenue because people QUIT using that service or buying that product. This is only true ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time. Again, I have said it over and over, Democrats HATE HATE HATE mathematics, science, and history because they contradict Democrat ideology. FACTS are Kryptonite to Democrats.

Since Democrats took power in January 2007, you see exactly what has happened to the economy. But, do you see the racism of their policies, too? A study by Closing the Gap finds the net worth of black females is FIVE DOLLARS. Wrap your head around that! (Hat-Tip: Angry White Dude)

Democrats, the Party of Slavery and Jim Crow, have always been vehemently anti-black. Of course, most folks screech, BUT WE HAVE A BLACK DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT! People, Barry Obama's mother was WHITE. He was born in Hawaii and lived with his WHITE grandparents, he moved to Indonesia to live with his WHITE mother and her Asian second husband, then he went to an elite private school in Hawaii while living with his WHITE grandparents again. He went to Occidental College, then Columbia, then Harvard. The only thing this dude has ever known is silver spoon elitist bullshit. He has never experienced the poor inner-city lifestyle that you and I know.

Barry Obama has now unleashed his hounds to belittle and degrade our Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch of government
. His minions in Congress are breaking every protocol known to man to pass his takeover of our medical services, with the help of the national media.

Obama has made our country into the laughing stock of the entire world in just over a year, to the point of APOLOGIZING (for a freaking joke!) about Muammar Gaddafi!

Seriously, you just cannot make this shit up, folks. It defies the imagination!

The current government has exploded the debt to astronomical proportions and there is NO end in sight.

And the Democrats are poised to make a bunch of moves to reduce earmarks. Look at the volume of earmarks in relationship to spending. That is akin to standing at the lip of the Grand Canyon, throwing pebbles in an attempt to fill the divide.

Now, in complicit agreement with STUPID people, ABC News promotes the idea that white folks should not adopt black babies. This OFFENDS me to such great lengths that it defies comprehension.


And even though this doesn't fit today's topic, I found it so utterly interesting that I had to link it. Patrick talks about meeting Sharon Tate and that child predator, Roman Polanski. It gave me the creeps.

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Andy said...

I'm gonna stick up for Leonard here. You say that he is lying.

It is not possible for a retard to lie. Anyone with an IQ below their own age (re: Leonard) does not have the capacity to "lie." He is just not capable of actually learning what the truth really is, and must repeat by rote what his fellow retards say while crafting macrame ashtrays at the community center.

I'm sure if he were way up there (say, up around the 72 IQ range), he'd get it right.

MUD said...

Does this mean that I can't own Black labs because of how they feel? Does their being black and my being white somehow mean that they don't like being petted or fed?
The final inglorious point was that the Memphis school system is made to be the villan for failing this kid when his dad is in prison and his mother is a junky. Go home and find your front door padlocked and see what that does to the poor little black kid that can lift a truck and make millions in the NFL. MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, Pitts actually works for the Miami Herald but the C-L publishes every article that he writes. And dude, every one of those articles are a special kind of stupid.

Andy, dang, boy.

MUD, your guess is as good as mine on the black dog thingy. I would think that since it is the color that matters to them, you really shouldn't own black clothing or drive a black car, either. But, I never took a class in idiot, so I am really unsure. And trust me on this, too. Memphis is a shitty town that is pretty much headed the same direction as Detroit. Guess who has run that city FOREVER?

Paul Mitchell said...

TXMarko, I am pretty sure that something existed that said what Pitts said, but danged if he is not so batshit crazy as to make it up outright.