Saturday, March 06, 2010

Michael Moore Obviously Has No Friggin' Clue About Anything

Does this have to even be said? Moore's fictional movies that masquerade as documentaries in the world of mouth-breathers and morons have one common thread, a complete absence of any truth. Most marginally intelligent people know that, but at least 52% of the population of the United States does not.

I actually watched Sicko and debunked most of the movie before the final credits had finished running. It was that sophomoric. Of course, the leftist moonbats loved the movie, because they are stupid.

Anyhoo, Michael Moore took a huge step into MY particular realm of expertise when he suggested that Haiti suffered so much from the earthquake damage because it is a "Republicans' Paradise" with relatively few building codes or standards.

Please ignore the fact that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere because of its SOCIALIST government (the political system that Michael Moore advocates), we are talking about philosophy. Well, as much as we can when responding to a mental midget like Michael Moore.

I am in the construction/architecture/development business and I am very serious about what I do. The fun part about this is that I do not even NEED building codes because of my ideology. Yes, I follow them, but they are utterly unnecessary for me, because my PRIMARY focus on anything that I design is that my stuff NEVER kills anyone.

Yes, that is my very FIRST task. I don't need the government to tell me how to accomplish that because of the way that I think. As a matter of FACT, building codes do the exact OPPOSITE of what they are intended to do. They REDUCE the quality of buildings for people that are normally very meticulous in all of their actions. Because of the existence of building codes, designers do ONLY what they have to do to meet code instead of designing a building that is exceedingly AWESOME!

For instance, instead of placing fire extinguishers in logical places that normal people would look, we have to make sure to space them seventy-five feet from any place in the building. Instead of gauging human reactions to an emergency and placing things where they make the most sense, we have to go on an arbitrary distance set by the government and that actually endangers people because THEY (the people faced with an emergency) do not know the building code. Those normal people simply react like normal people.

For anyone to give Michael Moore a forum to spout this asinine stupidity should be criminal. Of course, in a sane and just world, Keith Olbermann would not be allowed to screech his asinine stupidity, either. This is NOT censorship at all. Blatant lying that endangers individuals is NOT protected speech.

Of course, if that was the case, we would have to lock up the President of the United States, too. Like that is ever going to happen.

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Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

I don't usually comment because you're immune to facts, but still:

Socialism tries to redistribute money from rich to poor. Socialist governments therefore have big governments. You can measure this by comparing the size of the government to GDP.

So here's some facts from the CIA factbook:


Govt spending: $1.445 trillion
GDP: $2.113 trillion
Size of Government: 68.4% of GDP
GINI: 32.7

United States

Govt spending: $3.615 trillion
GDP: $14.26 trillion
Size of Government: 25.4% of GDP
GINI: 45


Govt spending: $1.186 billion
GDP: $11.61 billion
Size of Government: 10.2% of GDP
GINI: 59.2

Conclusion based upon FACTS: Haiti has a much smaller government in proportion to the rest of the economy than either the US or France. It's GINI rating is very high which indicates a small amount of people holding a large amount of wealth. By these figures alone it is impossible to call Haiti socialist.

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, with all due respect, you have PROVEN beyond any doubt that either you are A) stark raving insane or B) sandpoundingly stupid, on numerous occasions. Pick one, there are no other possibilities.

Socialism "tries" to redistribute wealth from rich to poor? Has it EVER been successful at that attempt? In HISTORY? Could it be that it is an utter failure wherever it is tried and produces huge populations of poverty-stricken, starving slaves and a very tiny ruling class? Could that be possible? You know, since that very scenario has happened in all countries that try it?

There is NOT ONE SANE human that does not recognize that Haiti is a socialist country. You and Michael Moore are intellectual equivalents.

And I am the one that is impervious to facts? HOLY SHIT. A or B, your choice.

Basil said...

Socialist governments want to redistribute wealth, but can only do so if there is wealth to redistribute. And their redistribution isn't because they want those on the lower end of the scale to do better, but because they want those on the higher end of the scale to do worse.

In two prime examples of socialist governments within the last 100 years -- the National Socialists who ran Germany in the 30s and 40s, and the leaders of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics -- those running the government didn't have their wealth redistributed. Others outside the government had property seized, but the party leaders kept their wealth.

And, not all the wealth taken from the rich went to the poor. It first kept those in power, in power. Anything else was just window dressing.

In Haiti's example, the numbers don't prove the government isn't socialist. It just proves how inept those socialists are.

Skunkfeathers said...

Haiti gets hundreds of millions in aid from the US and other countries annually; and it is it's corrupt, SOCIALIST government that rakes off the lions' share of the aid, which keeps the general population down (not unlike the corruption rife in the libtard control we see in New Orleans).

Paul's immune to facts, eh? Dang...I didn't know that about you, Paul...all this time I thought you were smart, and libtards like OSO were the "facts give them painful rectal itch hives" types.

Now, thanks to OSO and Michael Mooron, I know I had it right in the first place.