Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Michelle Obama is an Idiot - Part Two (UPDATED!!!)

I guess that you could call this a vendetta because of my severe dislike of government interference into my life, but seriously, the left is continuing the war, so I shall too.

And I could write five posts a day, every day, talking about how stupid Michelle Obama is, but I won't. There is no need to do it, my philosophical peers have known this since she first opened her mouth about being "proud of her country" when Barry got nominated. Michelle is a weak-willed victim that shall always be around. You cannot get rid of the parasites in any form. There is always another one to battle.

Let's just cover the race angle quickly to get that out of the way. Michelle Obama is black. I got that. Michelle Obama is not the person that most white liberals think about when they think of a black woman, so she is their heroine because she is NOT the typical black woman they think about. Get it?

The black women that I know are nothing like Michelle Obama. True enough, I do know some that are always easy to offend and are the perpetual victim, but they are in the MINORITY. (Get it?) Most of the black women that I know were SURVIVORS of the leftist dogma, they made it out of the cage that was ready made for them by Democrats. Of course, most black women that I know still VOTE for Democrats because they know too many people that are enslaved to the government for their survival. Maybe they do not think of it that way, but that IS what it IS.

Anyhoo, one of my longtime blogger friends, Kathleen McKinley, took poor moronic Dan Rather to task about his Obama/watermelon comment and then went on to take about the movie Precious. This post peaked my obviously overworked offended nature that I am experiencing today and I had to unload.

I have absolutely NO WANT TO to see Precious. I worked government subsidized housing for too damned long in Jackson, Mississippi to return to see the perpetual horror stories from the ghetto. It is painful enough to tear your heart from your chest. The living conditions are brutal, well unless you have just moved into one of the Hurricane Katrina properties that they built in areas with ZERO JOBS TO BE HAD. Of course, the Democrat powers that be are doing everything they can to keep that gravy train rolling, and to hold up creating a single job in the area, too.

And yes, it shall not be long at all until those properties are in the very same shape. You see welfare is a losing, enslaving money pit. The old "teach a man" thing always comes to mind when I contemplate what we have done to the poor in the name of "compassion." And by "we," I mean the racists in the Democrat Party.

Michelle Obama's FAT TOUR OF THE PROJECTS immediately springs to mind. Instead of admitting the death and destruction every government handout program has wrought on blacks and poor people in general, the left doubles down. The quickest way to solve the problem as Democrats see it is to just roll up on the 'Hood and start blasting. The slow slide into extinction is just too painful to watch for me. Why don't they just call out the National Guard to slaughter those people in their homes? It would be quicker and less painless for those families than this agonizing slide into complete and utter slavery.

Kathleen mentioned something about the number of people on welfare and whether or not they were black, white, Hispanic, whatever. This needs to be said.

Blacks make up over thirty percent of welfare rolls, but less than thirteen percent (12.8%-2008) of the population. What this means is that well over HALF of black people are on welfare. Dang, we sure have come a long damn way in my lifetime, huh? Think about it, over HALF of the black population does NOT provide the basic needs for their own lives. This is not saying that blacks are deadbeats, it is not a value judgment at all, but to go from ZERO percent to fifty percent in less than fifty years is somewhat mind-boggling. Where is the end of this?

Obviously the end is nowhere close to this person. She must have been "educated" in public schools otherwise she would have stopped herself before hitting "publish" on this ridiculously stupid comment. She is OFFENDED. Of course, I am OFFENDED because she is so absolutely stupid as to make the comment that statistics do not apply to her. Sorry, honey, no one said that one hundred percent of black folks were on welfare. Half of black folks are NOT. That is kinda what the stats SAY. See if you can figure out which side you are on.

Now, before someone gets all huffy and says "WHITES ARE THE BIGGEST NUMBER OF WELFARE RECIPIENTS!!!" Yes, they are, BUT, whites are nearly eighty percent (79.8%) of the population of the United States. Whites receive only a small percentage of the welfare money in proportion to their relative numbers.

So, who is the MAIN OVERWHELMING welfare recipient? The single black female. This should just be common knowledge. How did we get here? By giving unlimited amounts of money to women that have babies out of wedlock and by removing the morality from our public schools, because young black women are not going to learn the morality at home, when they are growing up on the government dime in the ghetto. Y'all know these things, everyone knows these things. There can be no doubt at all in the least. Why no one says anything perplexes me to death.

As an added GRAY AREA, wonder what the ratio would be if those very same black women were not performing genocide on their offspring? EIGHTY PERCENT? NINETY? Yes, the overwhelming percentage of abortions are performed in inner-city areas. They slaughter those children by the truckload, so actually, the welfare rate is skewed so badly out of proportion that it would take Cato forever to figure out exactly what the rate would be.

I am offended that the Democrats are such hideous human beings that they prey on people that they have kept enslaved since the beginning of our country. I am utterly appalled that the Congressional Black Caucus stands by and passes legislation to continually oppress their own people. I shall never understand it and I shall try to pray for those that ARE victims of the leftist dogma that is killing them.


UPDATE: I just received my "Get ready to answer the Census letter." Did you know that the results for the Census will be used to get "MY FAIR SHARE?" Yes, the words, "FAIR SHARE" are in the letter not just once, but twice.

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Paul Mitchell said...

By the way, for counting purposes, the Census counts Hispanic as white, but they also break it out. White-white makes up 65.6% and if you remove Hispanic from the white-white percentage of welfare, white-white percentage goes lower still. Yes, Hispanic-white uses more welfare percentage wise than white-white. Confusing enough?

Andy said...

Paul, it is truly sad that the burden of the welfare mentality has landed on young black women.

I've often told you about those wonderful black ladies that had such a profound impact on me.

It's a damned shame. Pam (as you know) worked tirelessly in Crisis Pregnancy Centers for many years. Jeepers...the tears she shed would fill buckets. She's a better man than I am. I'd have walked out about 3 minutes into it.

I share your experience with the "single black female." I guess I haven't let myself get close enough to the "statistics" on that one.

classicaliberal said...

Where did that screenshot of Conscience Sister come from?

Liberals will never admit, nor own up to the fact that they are almost singularly responsible for the culture which enslaves black people in their lives of poverty.

Oh, and that's racist.

Andy said...

Naw CL:

Basil said...

As an African-American, I look forward to being counted in the census.

Joubert said...

I hope you are all going to answer the race question on the census with "American" not white.

Nice rant, Paul. Amen. But I sometimes worry about your blood pressure.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, how exactly do you qualify to be African American? Because Patrick, that commented right below you actually IS from Africa and is now a citizen.

Patrick, 125/89 last week. The dentist told me that I should chill out a little, so I did. Thanks for the kid words, sir.

Paul Mitchell said...

Disgruntled, I actually enjoy answering the ones about whether or not I have running water. Good Lord.

Skunkfeathers said...

1. The Democrap Party proves that the plantation mentality (and slavery, through dumbed down education and telling minorities that they can't make it without the Dems) is alive and well. Criminal and corrupt to their core.

2. I got the 'pre-Census' letter...I can't wait to see how stupid this thing is, let alone what I'm going to answer vs not ;)

Staci said...

Hey, so what happens if you just don't answer any of it? Will the Census Police come and break down your door? I got other things to do than fiddle with it. Well, I really don't but I will dang sure think of something.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, you live in the only state in the union that did not have a single county vote for Obama. I would play it very close to my chest if you want to screw around with the Census. Just saying.

Staci said...

Yeah, so I figured. I am interested, however, in reading the questions they feel it necessary to ask.

Turns out the Okies were smart when they did their voting, right?

halojones-fan said...

The problem is, people will look at these statistics and say "see? Black failure PROVES that racism is still a problem in America!"