Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama Signing Grandma's Death Certificate Today (UPDATED: Because Right Girl was late reading my mind.)

UPDATE: Right Girl posts ways to live ObamaMagicCare.

I hear through the grapevine that the Smartest President in History is signing into law the bill that will kill your grandmother today. Who cares, Grandma is old anyway. And she smells like moth balls, too. That is just gross.

Also, the ObamaCare LAW will eradicate an ever increasing number of black babies. Who cares about that either? Certainly not a president that grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth out in Hawaii and jet setting around the globe with his MOONBAT WHITE MAMA. Certainly NOT the President that is much more WHITE than BLACK, right?

On the abortion issue. I just do not get why anyone thinks there needs to be a law outlawing abortion, I really don't. There are acceptable levels of knowledge that lead you to the conclusion that certain things are wrong. Murder, rape, theft, assault, and similar things are wrong and you know it. Same with abortion, normal people just simply do not do it. They do not have to be told that it is wrong. The fact there some people do not know these things is shocking to me. I will probably never be able to understand the pro-abortion mentality because I am a simple person that understands the differences between right and wrong. And I have had that knowledge since I was about four years old, too.

My very first post on "Universal Healthcare" was in May of 2006. My second was in January 2008 and then the label exploded with posts. Mainly John Edwards prompted the first few posts because of his Two Americas bullshit.

Here is my first real post on "Universal Healthcare." Yeah, I had a couple of philosophical posts before this one, but I think that it outlines pretty much why we are doomed with the federal government calling the shots. But, it is too late now for anyone to do anything about it.

Remember, ObamaCare is going to bring down medical costs by adding an additional 30 million people to the already 45% of the country that does not pay for medical services. This only way that this can happen is that Barry Obama is MAGIC. The concept defies all LAWS of economics, mathematics, and science, but if anyone can do it, it is the Libtard President.

But, some RAAAAACIST folks have decided that Barry Obama is not MAGIC enough. Using mathematics, they have decided that Hopey-Change is not going to bring down costs. Why do those folks at CATO hate black people?

The RAAAAACIST folks at Reason decided to hate black people, too. Why is it that they cannot see that Barry Obama makes mathematics irrelevant? He is BLACK I tell ya', math doesn't apply to black folks!!!

Why does Paul Ryan love math but hate black folks, too? Oh, nevermind, I just realized that he is Republican and the first rule of Republicanism is that you have to hate black folks. Here is video of exactly what a Klansman looks like with his math and racism. Watch it to see what HATE looks like.

But, there is a way to get included in the Congressional Plan for medical insurance. No black folks allowed, though.

What other RIGHTS can be guaranteed by using the Obama Method of legislation? ALL OF THEM. I want my free GUN!!!

I am certainly glad that ObamaCare will make Christmas happen every stinking day. Obama is SANTA!!!

And already Christmas is happening, too! ObamaCare did exactly what it was designed to do, make private insurance choices NON-EXISTENT! (Disclaimer: my private insurer informed me last October they were getting out of the individual medical insurance policy business. Luckily, my kid joined the Navy which has that overly simple and hugely portable Tri-Care system where you get to choose any doctor or hospital that you want. /sarc)

Remember, if you are a RAAAAACIST and want this ObamaCare entitlement to fail, there are ways for you to get those black folks out of your life. Why are you so RAAAAACIST?

I know why you are such a RAAAAACIST, you want to be like Karl Rove. Why are racists always so much smarter than non-racists? That is weird, does the racism come first or the intelligence? Can only smart people be racist? That certainly seems to be the consensus these days.

Star Parker, a HUGE RAAAAACIST, tells us about how teachers unions are saving minority kids. For some reason, I have a really hard time seeing how Ms. Parker is a racist, but the Democrats say that any Republican is a racist, so it must be true.

Existing housing sales are RAAAAACIST, too, because they will not behave in Obama's Economic Recovery environment. That makes 100% of economic indicators that are racist. Bizarre how inanimate objects can be racist, huh?

Ten minutes of intelligent debate from the non-racist peoples.

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RightGirl said...

Geez, you're so pushy. I didn't know I was on a schedule!


Barry Hussein Soetero Carter II said...

Couldn't a said it better, dude.

Andy said...

Ya' know, Hawkins might be on to something. If the fear of Allah is placed into a few Senators, and dimwit Reps, the funding for the BS could be "delayed."

This poor "Christmas" dude is obviously retarded. I mean, I knew an old black retarded guy like him once...

Rove will never run for anything, and it's a damn shame. Not that I am all up in love with a bunch of junk he and W perpetrated...but, talk about waxing ANYBODY in a debate...it would be fun to watch him and ObozO go heads up. Before it was over, Obama would be jonesing for a Camel.

Starr Parker is my racist hero. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

CaptiousNut said...

Reading this blog usurps all my hard-earned yoga chi...

Paul Mitchell said...

Down dog, C-nut.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I too would love to see Karl Rove on a ballot, preferably with Dick Cheney as his up-ticket guy, but that shall never happen.

I really think that Christmas is insane instead of retarded.

Joubert said...

Nice satire there, Paul. Very nice.

Denise said...

I don't mean to pick nits here, but I don't smell like mothballs and I'm a grandma. Right now it's more like puppy and sprite, because the new pup just spilled my pop into my lap. Gotta go.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, are you sure this is satire? I cannot remember any more.

Denise, you are not old enough to be the old grandma that is at death's door. So, you should not smell like moth balls.

Skunkfeathers said...

Okay, so I guess I'm a racist. And a conservative. And an American. And believe in self-responsibility. Self-accountability. All things that libtards loathe. Except for the first one; libtards NEED racism to keep those stupid minorities on the libtard plantation, and dependent on libtard marxist nonsense, 'cuz if those stupid minorities figured out that throwing off the chains of libtard ideology, and becoming self-dependent, self-responsible and self-motivating, they can become productive and self-sustaining...ceeee-rap, there goes the libtard voter base.

This has been an unenlightened enlightenment.

Bite me, Janet.

Apologist In Chief said...

Couldn't a said it better, dude.