Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Means Education!

The past few days have been startling on the education front. One of the biggest public education stories in the United States has been the eighteen year old lesbian that ruined the prom for everyone in Itawamba County, Mississippi at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton.

And of course, the ACLU is involved, now.

Let's see if we can wrap our COLLECTIVE brains around this issue for a minute. What is right and what is wrong?

Okay, this is a PROM, folks. It is not a place where sexual activity is supposed to be taking place. Our school teachers are supposed to be imparting knowledge on mathematics, science, and history, NOT SCREWING. Granted, you must understand that sex is certainly going to take place on prom night. However, should a school system actually CONDONE sex between the kids? Of course not.

Was there a way to avoid all this bullshit? Yeppers, the girl that wanted to bring the other girl should have just brought the other girl. No one would have said a word. They could have danced the night away, too. Just like the numerous other girls, that are NOT gay, would have danced the night away with other girls.

Should she be tongue-kissing her "girlfriend" at the prom? NO, and neither should the heterosexual couples be tongue-kissing at the damn prom. But, NO! That simply would not do and we absolutely HAD HAD HAD to have some kind of pissing match over this.

So, rather than fight a huge legal battle for years, all the way to the Supreme Court, the school district just canceled the prom. Smart move. Does it bother anyone else that the homosexual lobby wants to force our public education system into financial ruin? It should bother everyone, INCLUDING homosexuals.

Should the kids that had their prom ruined by one person be pissed at that one person? Yes, normal people should be utterly pissed off that ANYONE would force their opinion on anyone. Such is the damn NATURE of individuality.

I do not give one single shit about what you believe, UNTIL you try to do it on my couch. Then, there is a HUGE problem.

This is called FREEDOM. Say it with me, "FREEDOM." Your individual rights END at the tip of my nose, folks. Does this mean that the majority should force their opinions on everyone? Hells to the naw. Because then that would mean since the overwhelming majority of people in this country want to beat Obama to death with baseball bats, they should have their way. Sorry, mob rule has never worked anywhere it is tried.

Point in case, the Democrats hate black people and want to lynch them all. Is this a good idea? Um, NO.

Now, why would anyone try to make a function, like a school prom, into some kind of political footbaw? Well, that is what morons do. They try to force people to behave like they want them to behave because intelligent people do not want that stupid shit.

Think "Universal Healthcare."

Or think "Gay Marriage. The fact that obviously the homosexuals have cornered the market on stupidity should kinda scare everyone. The WaPo is actually in full-tilt boogie mode promoting Gay Marriage. Only one problem.

Gay marriage is STUPID. Any type of government sanctioned marriage is STUPID. The heterosexuals should team up with the homosexuals and LITERALLY get the government out of our bedrooms. Instead, the homosexuals are INVITING the government into theirs. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Now, since the Obamoron is a complete and utter failure on everything that he has touched since he was BORN, he now wants to focus his laser-like stupidity on "education." Ignore the fact that the federal government should never, never, never be involved in education, just think of how badly Barry Obama will screw up our schools. As if they needed any more help sucking.

And you want to know what else needs to happen? Let's take the ONE FRIGGIN' PLACE that is denied a voting representative in our CONSTITUTION, and give them a vote. Check it, Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17. The District is THE DISTRICT. No vote. Ever, ever, ever. The CONGRESS shall have that power over the District. This sheer violation is NOT only promoted by the totally corrupt Democrat Party, but also by Orrin Hatch, a Republican. Oh, and that moron, Joe Lieberman (Idiot-Conn), too.

Geez, it is like they do not even consider The Constitution to mean anything anymore. Or maybe they just think that they are above the law?

Well, I know that in a SANE SOCIETY, if a wife goes to jail for three years, her husband would probably AT LEAST be under investigation for the same crimes. Sadly, in the swamp that DC has become, that is NOT the case. Even more ridiculous, is the fact that the husband is the DAMN CHAIRMAN of the committee that shall oversee his wife's accommodations for the next three years. Um, YES! They are both Democrats, why do you ask? And why are there ZERO folks that are even running to replace the criminal husband? Is that too much to ask?

Folks, if you count on the historical means of getting your news, you probably think that our government is doing a great job and you probably think that the Coffee Parties are great, too.

Such is not the case when you are dealing with Democrats and the leftist national media. Now, I am going back to being sick. Literally and figuratively.

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ChristinaJade said...

Ok, this brings back foggy memories of high junior year when a couple of friends of mine and I decided to go to prom without dates and wear tuxedos. Did we do that cause we were ghey? Nope. Did people rag us about being ghey? Yep. It's freaking high school, what do you expect?

People, especially high school kids, need to keep their bedroom business in the freaking bedroom and off the front pages of the news. Bunch of dang attention whores, if you ask me.

Paul Mitchell said...

And why is it that some people get arrested for chatting up twelve year old children about sex on the internet, but parents want SCHOOL TEACHERS to talk to kids about sex? Guess which profession molests children at a HIGHER RATE than any other profession?

Yeppers. School teachers.

Andy said...

The whole prom thing is ridiculous. Heck, we had lesbos go to my prom back in '77...before y'all were even born, probably.

If something "out of order" takes place, the other kids will handle it. Trust me. I was a kid, and I know.

Giving a House Vote to DC is like handing a loaded .45 to a retard, and telling him, "squeeze."

I really don't know what's up with Hatch...but, he has continually mystified me over the last several years. I think he's getting old-timers disease...I'm thinking that Hatch is the new Goldwater.

Skunkfeathers said...

Hatch is a "can't we all just get along" RINO. He needs to retire before CSPAN catches him asleep at his seat, drooling during a vote. prom was in '75. Yes, we had a prom. We had a car to drive to and from it. I wore a rented tux; my date wore a long gown. And, dang it all, my parents raised me in such a way that she kept it on all night, too. No gun battles, no ACLU-encouraged demonstrations; no "15 minutes of (sh)fame". It was a prom.

I must be getting too old to be relevant (AARP doesn't like me 'cuz I told 'em to take their libtard suck-up and jam it up their bungholes sideways)...yep, I'm soon to gradeate to a full-bloom curmudgeon ;)

MUD said...

Two Dogs, If sex wasn't a part of your prom, you are either older than you appear or gay. Going to the prom and then getting out of those prom clothes was the goal of every red blooded guy I know. Why that is relevent is beyond me. Who in the hell cares who takes who to the prom? How the discussion of who you take to the prom got over to sex education is beyond me.
As to teachers molesting children, where could you ever gotten such an idea. I spent 35 years watching schools in several systems and not once did i ever see a teacher here do anything but teach those snotty nosed little kids. Hell, I went to school most of the 24 years before that and not once did I ever get luck with a teacher.
On the other hand, I think that if people in Puerto Rico and D.C. want to vote, they need to go somewhere else to live.
And, Barry is nuttier than squirrel turds. MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

MUD, nope, sex was not a part of my prom. Afterward was a different story. The proms were held in local ballrooms with bands and teachers milled around to make sure the kids did not drink and screw.

The reason that I brought up sex ed during this post is because that is where this situation arose. A girl wanted to bring sex into it by making a big stink about being gay. Sex should NOT be a part of education NOR of work.

Public school teachers molest children at nearly nine times greater than any other profession. They molest children at nearly 1000 times a greater rate than clergy. We see this daily, if we look. Also, you live in Kansas, dude. Y'ALL are normal. We do not see a whole lot of molestation cases in Mississippi, either.

I just do not want to think about Puerto Rico. They do not pay US fed taxes, but nearly 85% of their population receives US taxpayer funded welfare. They are worse than DC.