Thursday, March 25, 2010

While I Was Mud-Swimming

Remember a few months ago when I snagged a contract to crawl on my belly through the sticky mud under the Jackson International Airport? I got to do that again yesterday and it was even worse than it was the last time. While I was busy playing in the mud, there was stuff going on in this country that even the most astute observer of politics could not have foreseen.

It is official, the national media has become a mouthpiece for this totally incompetent federal government and has ceased to even portray even a slight bit of objective reporting. This past weekend in DC, the Tea Party folks got together to object to the federal government taking over our medical future. As usual, the Barrystream Media was complicit in the promotion of federal control over our lives. We knew beyond any doubt that the vast majority of our media outlets were very much Pro-Obama and have not the slightest bit of serious reporting on government business.

But, did you ever expect that the Barrystream Media would simply make stuff up whole cloth? Well, if you are evenly marginally engaged, you knew they would.

The H-U-G-E story about the Tea Party protest was that some people shouted racial epithets and spat upon one member of the Congressional Black Caucus. I linked video of the alleged "episode" and saw ZERO people shouting racially charged language. Then one of the allegedly "attacked" Congressmen actually told the truth about the spitting incident. It was simply someone shouting and that Congressman got hit with some spittle from the shouting protester. It was NEVER intentional. Of course, there has yet to be any retraction. But, there has been an escalation of the attacks from our national media on the Tea Party protesters, even while reporting that what the media said happened, did not happen.

The Barrystream Media simply went out and made up racist bullshit about what happened. Have these morons never heard of THE INTERNET? I mean, their hero, Al Gore, invented the damn thing!!!

I simply do not understand why the media would lie, then lie yet again to try to cover up for the initial lie. But, then again, I do not understand how someone, that has been documented to be utterly incompetent in everything that they have ever undertaken, wound up getting elected President of the United States. Barry Obama should have been laughed out of the initial primary race, yet he somehow wound up winning that Democrat primary and went on to win the general election. INSANE!!!

Also, on Sunday night, more Tea Party protesters got together to engage Russ Carnahan (Dumbass-MO) and to object to his vote to destroy the medical system in the United States. The Barrystream Media reported that there was a coffin thrown onto Carnahan's lawn. The truth is somewhat different. Imagine, to our national media, a PRAYER VIGIL is a "violent protest."

I just simply do not get it. I cannot understand WHY the media would want to completely disregard the responsibility of their First Amendment right. You see, there is ALWAYS something that you must follow to exercise your rights. You cannot ignore the responsibility of anything if you are going use that right. Can someone please tell me HOW David Shuster could get so goddamn stupid as to try to attack Kevin Jackson on racism? Is it because the far-left just doesn't seem to get that intelligent black folks see the "liberals" for what they really are? Geez, that was just ridiculously DUMB on Shuster's part. Kevin must look like John Conyers to Shuster or something.

In still MORE lying media news, the Clarion Ledger published an article talking about the INCREASE in housing sales yesterday. They are absolutely LYING about it. Every bit of FACT points in the direct opposite direction than what they published, but what do the morons at the Clarion Ledger care? The people that actually read the C-L and trust them for the news are too stupid to know that things are the exact opposite of what the C-L publishes.

What does the far-left stand to gain by lying? What would any alleged "news" organization gain from lying? Do they think that the federal government is going to give them money for carrying the government's water? FACE IT. There is NO money, folks. The Democrats have bankrupted our country in just three short years since they took over Congress. Since the Democrats took control in January 2007, there has not been one single bit of good economic news. Not one bit.

And now that the Democrats have taken control of our entire medical industry, do you actually think that they will be successful in IMPROVING care? Most thinking people are aware that there is no chance that the Democrat Plan will ever work, because we are NOT STUPID.

Let's take a little look at the past HISTORY of Democrat government programs.

Social Security, BANKRUPT.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, BANKRUPT.

Public school system, BANKRUPT plus MORALLY BANKRUPT.

Government controlled "healthcare," BANKRUPTING BUSINESSES
. And it is not even implemented yet!


Face it, folks, if you are counting on anything good coming out of DC, you have placed your eggs in the garbage disposal and flipped the switch.

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Sultan said...

Jesus are you working under the airport or living under it?

Paul Mitchell said...

Looks pretty bad in the photo, huh? that was last time, we did not even take photos this time. It was worse.

Sultan said...

What are you bootlegging the airport wifi while you stay under there to continue to post?

Paul Mitchell said...

Naw, I was under the airport YESTERDAY. I am not under the airport TODAY.

Sultan said...

It looks like you are living under there, with all the mud on you and the scraggly appearance of the face and hair region. You look like you crawled out of the King Edward just before they started renovating it...

Andy said...

The Cladipus Licker be at it again, huh? Dude, that mole work better pay pretty good. You're getting too old for that junk.

But, you do look quite spiffy. Hey man, I saw something on The Facebook (I accidentally logged in) you said about people canceling their health insurance in record numbers. Did you find out any more about it? Oh, never mind...I'll search for it.

Skunkfeathers said...

Yeah, send the Clapidus Licker under the airport...they'd be right at home in the slime, being as how that's all they write.

Joubert said...

Paul, I'm sorry you had to swim in mud. As for the media mud: they've been in the bag for the Left since before FDR - as poor old McCarthy tried to point out.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, the media has been in the bag for the left that long or longer. I did a little digging just this morning and saw the beginning of Democrats actually being called the "Democrat" Party. The media threw a fit about that moniker because people starting calling them that because the party has always been against democracy and to call the party, The Democrat Party was more applicable. The national media went ballistic over it, too.

Joubert said...

Paul, I should have said that the MSM has been in the bag for "progressivism" for a 100 years - at least since Teddy R.

Paul Mitchell said...

Does liking Teddy actually make me a "progressive?" Sometimes I think that it does, dangit.