Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Disaffected Saturday (UPDATED!!!)

I am working on some pro bono stuff (all of it is pro bono since the Obamessiah was elected) today, so I have not really gotten into the news so much.

Here's some quick hits that might interest you if you are concerned about the state of the nation and whether you shall be able to afford to buy groceries next week.

Whenever you hear someone support socialism (ObamaCare) by using Social Security as an example, please note that you are talking to an idiot. Social Security is supported by contributions from the USERS. Granted, it is a hugely idiotic program that returns less than two percent on your investment of around fifty years, but still it is supposed to be self-supporting. Since the Democrats have always taken that money out of the fund to provide retirement benefits and squandered it on idiotic Democrat spending programs, there is actually NO MONEY in Social Security, soooooo, it is bankrupt because of the Democrats.

Did you know that Government Motors paid back all that money that President Obama took from his personal checking account to give them?

Methinks they are lying outta their ass.

Since the CBO could only figure costs on ObamaCare with the numbers that Congress gave them, we were continually told, that it would save money. Now that the "healthcare" debacle is law, things are a little different in the COST department since Congress is no longer supplying the numbers.

Again, lying out their ass.

Funny, Bill Clinton even admits that he caused the housing meltdown that led to the financial collapse. Somehow, Bill thinks that this is going to HELP Hillary take the Democrat nomination away from Barry the Moron. I am not sure how, but that is the only explanation.

Finally, the AGW screechers are admitting what I have been saying all along. They want humans DEAD. Told ya.

Oh, you know that Barry Obama was lying when he said he was not going to raise taxes, but did you know HOW much he was lying? A WHOPPING SHITLOAD.

Since the federal government is BROKE, you know what we should do to increase the money that is freed up in the economy? Teddy Kennedy Memorial. This is SO OFFENSIVE to me on so many different levels that it defies the imagination.

Here's the first fully functioning iPhone in history.

The abridged "The Blind Side." Remember, Oher went to Ole Miss, so he was a slave.

Classical Liberal is selling stuff. Go spend a bunch of money. He lost his job because of the Barry White House.

Full Metal Patriot is hawking stuff, too. Spend money!!!

Hey, LOOK! RightGirl is selling stuff, too! Sell the farm, spend money!

UPDATE: Paul at Comic Nut has a brand new color laserjet to dump. Go buy it!!!

May 20th is DRAW MULEHAMMET DAY. I really think that is the way that you spell the pedophile's name, but I am too lazy to look it up and I do not want any interblarq cookies on my computer where someone might think that I was a terrorist.

Here's Klavan on the Culture of The Newspaper of Record.

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Andy said...

Dude, that "The Blind Side" deal was just cruel...


I'm already working on my watercolor of mulehumper for the will be stunning.

Did the chick in the photo get a crab or something?

Lastly, this whole GM payback deal is just about on par with Social Security. "Give us 80 billion...we'll pay you back 8, and call it even!"

Skunkfeathers said...

GM borrowed a crapload more than they "paid back"; and the "pay back" was borrowed from the Treasury -- aka, us taxpayers -- to "pay back".

"Government" Motors has become as dishonest and fraudulent as Barry.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, that is Jessica Alba, whatever she has in her bikini, I wanna see it.

And y'all knew that Barry was just giving a bunch of our money to his UAW buddies, now they have to lie and cover up when the bribe doesn't work the way that they wanted.

Skunkfeathers said...

Hey, I'd go buy somepin from CL & Co, but that fruitcake Barry dun stole all my money, to give to welfare leeches from "his" stash.

Red said...

How are you faring regarding the recent tornado? All is well I hope. ;-)

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, thanks for asking. While the bad weather was smashing through Louisiana and North Central Mississippi, I experienced sunny skies and house pressure washing.

No problems here at all!

Andy said...

No way! I saw last night on The Weather Channel that Jackson was getting waves and waves of storms.

Oh...maybe that was just your pressure washer getting picked up by the radar.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, ! sent you that radar screenshot yesterday, right? I am going to take a photo of my freshly cleaned driveway tomorrow. IT IS WHITE!!!!!!!

Andy said...

Aw man...I guess I didn't see that there was an attachment when you wrote me back.

But, the Weather Channel don't lie. Man, it was showing all kinds of green, yellow, and red junk moving through paradise there last night.

I worried about y', CJ, and others out East of me all night. Seriously. Maybe I can get a decent night sleep tonight.

Please do take pictures...that is EXACTLY why I cling to see a photo of a white driveway.

Maybe take a video of it...that would be cool.


Paul Mitchell said...

I am afraid that I am going to wake up in the middle of the night with jumbo jets landing on my driveway. It simply HAS to be brighter than the lights at the airport.

Andy said...

Y'all got an airport?


Wear sunglasses.

Paul Mitchell said...

Wait until tomorrow. You shall be shocked, my friend. I promise.

Andy said...

I can't barely wait...

And, it's way past my bed time.


Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the linky love!

classicaliberal said...

Likewise, thanks for the link pimping!

paul mitchell said...

Wait until tomorrow. You shall be shocked, my friend. I promise.

classicaliberal said...

Likewise, thanks for the link pimping!