Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Define: SLAVE

Let's do this, a person held in servitude as the chattel of another, or one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence. Sound familiar?

As the unappointed and unelected Contradiction Police Chief, I run across so much content daily on which to post that I would spend 48 hours a morning posting on it all, so I have to pick my targets wisely. Usually the stuff that interests me is stuff that I have contemplated on a daily basis, but today is different. Patrick made a comment about unions yesterday (for him) and it got me to thinking about those folks.

I cannot wrap my brain around even the basic concept of a labor union. Labor unions seem utterly contradictory to increased performance and excellence. BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!

What is the very reason for a labor union to exist? Click this link and read the various definitions, then get back to me.

A labor union's primary purpose is to keep an individual from speaking with his/her/transgender's employer. Why would ANYONE want to be in a union? That seems like it is SURRENDERING your sovereignty to another person and allowing them to make a contract in your stead, right? In another word, SLAVERY.

If you are in a union, you are FORCED to work under conditions NOT set by you.

Funny, today is the very day, one hundred forty-five years ago, that Abraham Lincoln (REPUBLICAN) was shot. Oddly, he waited until April 15th, 1865 to die and that became TAX DAY.

President Libtard has actually responded to the freeing of the slaves by reinstituting slavery. Did you know that the Obamoron signed Executive Order 13503 FORCING construction companies to have a labor union contract in place before they can bid on any federal job?

Until this EO, only 15% of construction workers were slaves. After this EO, 100% of construction workers are slaves. The Democrat President has FINALLY been successful in doing something that Democrats have been trying to do since the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment. Welcome back to the plantation, y'all.

AND DOUBLE DOWN, OBAMA! The Great Depression only ended when Roosevelt DIED.

You can say, "But, this only affects federal government work!1!!1!" And you would be correct. But, since the Democrats took over in DC in January 2007, have you noticed that NOTHING is getting built unless it is a federal job? No one is spending a single nickel to upgrade facilities because the Democrats are in control TOTALLY now. No one has a clue what is going to happen and no one can tell which special interest group the Democrats are going to kowtow to next.

If the Democrats would say that they are going to legalize all the criminal aliens in this country next, at least all of the folks that are forced to hire illegal aliens because of a ridiculously high minimum wage could start firing those Mexicans and start scaling back operations. But, there is simply no telling which way the idiots are going to scamper, there are only more votes to buy.

The resignation of Andy Stern from SEIU does lead me to believe that he is about to get a cushy CZARdom as the Lord over Construction Projects. There's no telling what all Stern can steal if employed by the federal government. He should set historical records!

Since there is nothing that can be done right now, short of an armed revolution, we must accept that President Mental Midget is going to also reintroduce FDR's horrendously bad fiscal policy. We simply HAVE to ramp up efforts to remove these Democrat morons in November. I did not have faith back in 1994, and I do not have faith this year. Please prove me wrong again.

Personally, I think that Obama and his criminal friends in Congress will stop at nothing to keep from relinquishing power. Kinda like those socialists in charge of the European UNION did.

Seriously, I put NOTHING past these idiots.

How about FUN WITH TAXES! This is ultra applicable for me to day because I am headed to the executioner today to complete my filing ONE DAY EARLY!!! Yes, tomorrow morning, I shall be heading out to Great Lakes to watch my kid graduate from RTC. Remember, I am finished with the parenting!!!

I am so glad that Obama has taken the steps to make government more DEMOCRATIC. His dictionary is completely different from mine, he must have got his from the imbecile store where he shops regularly.

But, it is a good thing that the Democrats are finally focusing on the economy, amiright? WAIT, NO!!! It is a bad thing!!!

Just so you are aware, here is an actual example of Democrat fiscal policy. Learn to love it because it is going to be around for LOOOOOOONG time if normal people do not throw them out in November.

Oh, before I forget, here's another example of a Catholic sex scandal cover-up. Don't you just hate it when religions cover up sex scandals?

AND ANOTHER, with kiddie pr0n!!!

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Andy said...

TD, I have NEVER understood the mindset of one that would join a union (unless required by law) while in the workplace.

My best buddy from LA Tech, Brent Chance (he's dead now...really strange malady took his autonomic digestive disorder) went to work as an Air Traffic Controller out of college. He had been on the job for about two months when PATCO went out on strike. He was an old country boy from Hornbeck, LA that never had two nickels to rub together, and could not even conceive of walking out on somebody paying him REAL MONEY.

He was one of those "scabs" that crossed the line and did his job at ABQ.

After RayGun fired 'em all, he told me, "Hey man...I just got about 20 years seniority. Ain't America a great country?" If ObozO had been President then, Brent would have been the one fired probably.

I never really thought about tying union membership to least not in the way you laid it out. Good job. Good grass for chewing.

Hey man, go with God tomorrow. I know it will be a trial, and a TEST, but I just know you're gonna be glad you did. Give Little Dog our best...and our thanks. I mean it.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I know that yours is a special case, coming from a tycoon family and all, but could you imagine having a job where you salary is negotiated by someone other than YOU?

That is simply foreign to me.

Skunkfeathers said...

I have never belonged to a union; in fact, I have supervised security on three picket lines, and prepared labor dispute plans for three facilities, in case of a strike.

And what I've seen of union activities on a picket line merely hardened my resolve to NEVAH belong to a socialist/marxist organization like that. NEVAH.

Andy said...

Well, you're right. I mean, the tentacles of the Reeves family fortune reach deep and wide.

But, I think that even if I was one of the po' folks, I'd rather negotiate my own payday.

Ya' know...I'm still of the OLD mindset that at one time, unions had a positive role in our nation. I know that there are arguments on both sides (and I might be on the wrong side)...just as there are arguments on both sides that US "slavery" would eventually have faded away without Lincoln killing over a half a million Americans (which I subscribe to...and I know I am RIGHT about).

You are right. I have never been (and hope I never am) in the position where I relied on someone else to "negotiate" my salary, or that the "majority vote" of my fellow workers would determine my salary, or working conditions.

It is "foreign" to me, also.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, isn't out of control gov't spending a good thing.

It can cause the ruling gov't institutions to collapse, thus we will have a chance to remake the US in a new image. Like France did a few times before they got it ok kind of right (they are currently on their fifth republic). And look at us, we're suckers still on our first republic.

Why protest all the spending, it will only result in the dissolution of the present gov't, and isn't that a good thing? Once the economy is destroyed, gov't will surely economy, no job, no hope, fear, and I don't have to spell out what comes after the fear is gone. Maybe the next republic will rectify some of the shortcomings of this one.

This current republic is simply committing suicide (death blow will be the coming amnesty, see once you had one they keeping coming for the next amnesty). When it is gone a new one will form, power vacuums aren't a natural state of the world...if you don't set something up, somebody externally will eventually do it for you.


Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, I am a-feared that if we do not join unions we will not be able to get paid by anyone. This "healthcare" bill might even make sure of that, IF anyone ever reads the damned thing. But, at least you can mark off of your bucket list, "Being on the opposite side as morons" in a labor dispute.

Andy, I can understand why someone that worked for the government would be in a union up until 1950 or so, but nothing can make me understand someone that would ever let another person negotiate their own pay. That's nuts.

Roderick, I don't want the government to take any more of my money, am I supposed to hide out in a culvert until the government falls over from the top-heaviness? How can I play video games in a culvert?

Anonymous said...

It's not your money, whose name is on it? How can it be yours if your name is not on it? Those aren't Paul dollars you have, you have United States dollars. Now if you had gold bullion buried in your backyard then that is a different story. The US can change it's currency overnight, they can inflate or deflate "your" money anytime they want because it says US currency..not Paul currency.

Time to let go Paul, let it all go and accept what is coming and make the best of it (it is going to be what it is going to be)...

you...can't...always....get...what you...want...


Paul Mitchell said...

You do know that you cannot actually purchase gold unless it is in coins? Dude, there is so much demand right now it is unreal.

And I CAN always get what I want.

Buck said...

I shall be heading out to Great Lakes to watch my kid graduate from RTC.

Congrats to your son... and you, too! He's starting out on a great adventure, to say the very least, and has chosen an honorable profession. Good On Him!

My Number Two Son is a squid of over 20 years standing and I STILL can't quite figger out where I went wrong with that boy. His grandfather, father and older brother were/are all career Air Force, yet he opted for the Dark Side. And he's proud of it, too. Some kids...