Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Democrats and Their Lying Lies

Since it is so very hard to find legitimate news these days, I have to get mine from nearly eight hundred sources. Purging the articles about Democrat criminal behavior and sheer corruption is impossible, so I only post the ones that actually interest me.

The biggest story rolling around right now is the Arizona Kick the Illegal Mexicans Outta the Country Law.

The Clarion Ledger's resident MOONBAT PUBLIC college professor has a few idiotic words to say on the topic.

Of course, "Vicki Jean" goes to Nazi-town describing the passage of this legislation. And of course, we cannot even imagine that Vicki Jean would even KNOW (or bother to check, either) the damned law at all. Her typical uneducated opinion, that is ALWAYS WRONG, is a simple regurgitation of all of the idiotic talking points sent around by dumbasses.

From Moonbattery, we find that the United States Code Title Eight-Aliens and Nationality REQUIRES certain things. By the way, all of these functions were transferred to ICE and here are their regs.

Same thing, those Mexicans living near or around the border BETTER have their damned papers. IT IS FEDERAL LAW, so as usual Vicki Jean, the college professor paid with your tax money is WRONG and STUPID. Imagine.

If you want to see the typical, liberal, moronic female, check out the link at Kathy Shaidle's post. This idiot DEFENDS her black rapists by saying that their crime was the fault of their white oppressors.

In a continuation of my liberal committee-forming mentality post from yesterday, President Dumbass McStupidass convenes a committee to study why Barry has spent so much money that we don't have.

Oh, here is how other countries handle their illegal alien problems.

Oh, and oddly enough, racial profiling kinda works, too.

Can someone PUH-LEEEEZE tell me exactly how anyone ever got the impression that Barry Obama was a smart guy? Have any of y'all ever seen, heard, or read something from Obama that offers the slightest hint of even marginal intelligence? Honestly, I cannot provide a single occurrence of even a basic understanding that he has regarding ANYTHING. Trust me, I have searched non-stop since I first heard of the guy with no luck. But, I am only one man.

More examples of liberal dumbassedness follows.

Patrick points to the school founded by education professors from Standford. Guess the outcome, win a prize!

Barry Obama's White House, along with Health and Human Services, falsified data on the "healthcare" law. If we had a national media that was NOT complicit in these federal government scams, maybe we could stop the machine from crushing us. AND THEY ARE NOT DEATH PANELS!!! Just because we are not calling them death panels, they are NOT death panels, quit calling them that!!!

By the way, on REAL health related news, did you know that the federal government commissioned a study on the harm caused by fat in our diets? Yeppers, the study was concluded in 2006, cost 415 MILLION dollars and found.....well, you check it.

The future of the United States economy:

Just remember as the Democrats "financial reform" bullshit starts hitting the fan, THEY WERE THE ONES IN CAHOOTS WITH WALL STREET.

Last item, the Kill the Bill Rally took place on March 20th, 2010. Still no apology from the lying Democrats on the racist comments. The Democrat Party is the very party of racial hatred and contempt for law abiding citizens. DEMOCRATS HATE YOU.

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Skunkfeathers said...

The Cladipus Licker must really suck, to have that many sandpoundingly STUPID people on staff there. I think there might be more there, than at the DNC (and there are no smarts at the DNC).

Andy said...

TD, I love your blog, and links. That being said...did you have to link to Vicki Jean, Ms. Special Ed again?

Jeepers, I was getting ready to eat supper, and now my appetite is gone. I always laugh like a retard in her class when I see the "Nazi-card" played over this "law breaking, illegal wetback" deal. It is like comparing apples to planets. But retarded folk continue to do it.

I saw that post by Kathy Shaidle earlier today. It really troubled me. I don't know if I'd go so far as the "this is why women shouldn't vote" deal. But, there is definitely some deep junk going on in that gal's psyche.

Heck, there are about 40% of men that shouldn't be allowed to vote...

The whole "diet" study is laughable! I know from my 50 years of research how to stay healthy...not get cancer...not get fat...not get anemic...not get heart disease...and not to die!

Just never get squeezed out to start out with!

Nyuk! Word verification: taters

Joubert said...

Thanks for the link, Paul. I see that the same city that allowed Stanford to do that school (Palo Alto) is now about to ban toys with Happy meals for kids because they make kids fat - no, not the toys, the meals.

Lisa G in NZ said...

thanks for the link....

hey: Obumbles and crew called out the swat team on little old ladies in Missouri (nice huh), check it out:



this the new meme I guess?

it would be really cooool if next city Obamalam heads to that has legal open weapon carry, hundreds of armed civilians line up peacefully to greet him...

too much?

Paul Mitchell said...

Pat, I saw the toy story and the first thing that I thought about was the 415 million dollar study on fat in food commissioned by the federal government. It found definitively that fat content in food had no connection to any health problems when the individual exercised regularly. 415 MILLION.

Lisa, those videos of the SWAT teams and snipers on rooftops creeped me out.