Friday, April 23, 2010

The Devastating Slide into the Abyss

For those of us that are a little longer in the tooth, we actually have a reference point in the very recent past of exactly how corrupt the Democrat Party has always been. And for those of us that have actually READ a damned history book, we are forever amazed that the Democrat Party has not died the hideous death of the rest of the slave owners of the past.

How do these corrupt imbeciles continue to crop up in this day and age? Well, of course, it is by design. Since the party of corruption controls our public school system and pretty much every political office at the local level, it is becoming increasingly difficult to break the strangle hold on our government.

"What the Hell are you railing on today, Old Man?"

Well, whippersnapper, since I told y'all back in October of 2005, that Barry Obama was the typical water-carrier for the corruptocrats of his party, you must start putting two and two together for yourselves.

Since Barry exploded on the scene at the 2004 Democrat National Convention, he has LITERALLY accomplished nothing that was good. He has been on the WRONG SIDE of every issue and has done much more to destroy the economy of the world than anyone in history. Yet, he is still revered as an historic figure, even though he hails from a sleazy, idiotic, white-trash family and has proven beyond any doubt that he is an utter buffoon. Yes, Barry Obama is a fucking CRACKER REDNECK.

Since the national media did everything in their power to make sure that nothing about Barry was ever revealed to the public, we now have a president that is mired down with corruption, has appointed every single criminal that could possibly bring him down to lofty positions in our government, has added an intellectual lightweight to the Supreme Court and has introduced a law that shall bring about the destruction of the best medical system in the world.

Compared to Barry Obama, President Bill Clinton was a saint. Now that Rod Blagojevich is about to head to court to stave off prison time, something that no elected Democrat governor of Illinois has been able to do since 1953, Barry Obama is going to have to spend mucho federal dinero to keep from being forced to testify. Remember how President Clinton tried to use the "active military" defense to stay out of court in the Paula Jones trial?

Bill Clinton was SQUEAKY clean compared to President Obama, but we all knew that at least three years before Barry Obama even ran for the presidency. Yet, we elected him anyway, weird huh?

Now, in the middle of the utter corruption in the Democrat controlled federal government debacle that caused the meltdown of the world's economy, we find that Barry Obama was complicit in all of the things that led to that meltdown. Of course, those of us that do not get our news from the Barrystream Media, already knew these things YEARS ago.

The one thing that Barry is going to place on his LEGACY is the passage of the "universal healthcare" law that brought down our medical system and bankrupted medical insurance companies spinning the rest of our world's economy into the toilet. We all know these things, yet we are too terrified of being called RAAAAACISTS, so we never speak up on anything that President Obama does. And of course, we never got the real skinny on how costly the "healthcare" scam was going to be until after it was already signed into law.

Folks, even a cursory glance at the proposed legislation months ago would have told you that we were being lied to.

Seriously, THIS seems like the typical legislation coming out of DC now. There is no way around seeing that there are HUGE problems with our federal government.

Look at it this way, you know that we were lied to in order to elect a Chicago Democrat as president. You know we were lied to in order to get ObamaCare passed, what is coming next from the Barrystream Media and the corrupt Democrat Congress?


Ignore the fact that Democrats are mired up to their necks in the meltdown, ignore the fact that lies, distortion and shell games are being employed to make things seem better than they actually are, and ignore the fact that those in place to make sure that everything is cool with the economy are engaged in watching porn instead of working, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE IDEA OF FREE MARKET CAPITALISM?!?!?!?

Folks, I cannot remotely understand why anyone would turn to the federal government to get involved in anything, much less economic issues of global import. Are we utterly suicidal? What happened to the good, ol' pioneering spirit that used to permeate our entire country?

Where are the inventors and creators now? Have they all removed themselves from society until it becomes too crippled and addled with the overwhelming regulations and restrictions perpetrated by government that society topples? And will they return after that happens? Will we see the return of the individualists of industry after the leeches and the most unimaginative have destroyed everything created in the past and been run out of town on a rail?

One can only hope, amiright?

Sidebar that makes me retch: Does it concern anyone else that the GIRL Scouts and BOY Scouts of America are shaping CHILDREN'S minds and are embattled in the debate about SEX? When are we going to finally call the process of actively approaching children and engaging in SEX TALK as PEDOPHILIA? When are we finally going to stand up and call these ghouls out for what they really are? They are talking about SEX with CHILDREN, folks. They should be listed on the sex offender register, NOT heralded in the media. These folks are ILL.

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Suburbanite Princess said...

Well...even though I have tons to comment in regard to your blog, it is best to stick to the sidebar retch :).

Have you seen the children at school?! It is almost a necessity to sit down, as a parent, and let your kids know the fine line in the sand. Its gotta be some experimental drug in the cafeteria food (that is always the answer for school age kids, you know) that has turned them into what they, wait- I had a novel's the lazy parents who let the other institutions raise their kid. It's not pedophilia, it's lazy parenting that has caused it.