Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - My First Thoughts after my First Washtub of Coffee

When using the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that all of the leftists said was awesome for the month of March, I actually got somewhat interested in the data that I knew was really, really bad without even having to look.

I wondered what the number of available jobs was in respect to the number of unemployed folks. I used The Google search box to find that out and LO! AND BEHOLD!, it led me to one of my daily reads for more info.

Guess what?

Worst unemployed to jobs available ratio since they started keeping records of that spread. Of course, they only started that metric in the year 2000. Funny, to me, that would be the very FIRST metric that I would use to determine the jobs outlook, but the federal government did not even think to employ that metric until 2000? Wow, I have not even been trained in economics or business and that would be the FIRST thing that I would look for!

You see, I kinda got railroaded into being the problem solver in my circle of friends and family. I have no idea how that happened, but I am ultimately glad it did. I get to be the dictator and pretty much determine the course for pretty much everything. No, the job doesn't pay too much, but the "benefits" are off the chain.

Now, my opinion on this economic crisis starts with personal responsibility. That is pretty much the bottom line for everything in my world.

What are the inherent problems with employment in our country today? Well, there are a bunch of folks sitting around not doing anything. Find them some work, Paul.

How many businesses are looking for employees? The honest answer? Every single one of them. If you run your own business, you know that I am right. You are always looking for the perfect person to perform every task that your business undertakes and in this economic climate, that search is compounded tenfold. You have to cut costs and increase productivity.

A business owner has his or her pick of a great number of workers, so the ridiculous Obama economic policy is great in that regard. There is just one little problem: everything else the Obama administration is doing.

So far, in the fifteen months Obama has been in office, every single economic policy enacted has been B-A-D and there is not one person that does not know this. There are no talking heads on the national shows that think Obama is right in his economic policy stuff. Of course, they do not care about that because leftists are not concerned with wealth, they are concerned with social justice. Reducing the amount of work and production while giving workers more and more money for that smaller amount of work. Think Twentieth Century Motor Company.

There is ALWAYS a demand for better employees, it is just that Obama and the Democrats in Congress have produced such an overwhelming supply of labor (that is NOT going down) that businesses can pick and choose which individuals to fill those slots.

Here is my solution to our employment problem and all of these steps must be taken at the same time. Swiftly, completely, with no reservations.

SEAL THE BORDERS. Do not allow illegal immigrants to come into our country. This is EASILY accomplished.

ROUND UP THE ILLEGALS. Ship them home. Do it, do it now. Currently, we assume the number of these illegals (criminals) is around 10-30 MILLION people. Do you understand that if there really ARE thirty million illegals here, that is damned near ten percent of the population of our country? Those that are working, do so off the books, they are circumventing laws that are designed to level the employment playing field. Whether or not you want to admit it, they ARE taking your jobs.

ABOLISH THE MINIMUM WAGE. The minimum wage is such a stupid idea that when pressed to even think about it, I am so utterly confused as to why people smart enough to get elected do not understand that it falsely elevates our individual earnings. The ONLY reason that it could ever be enacted is to appease really stupid people into voting for really corrupt human beings. Minimum wage is arbitrary and does NOT increase the net wealth or income of anyone that makes minimum wage, as a matter of fact, every time minimum wage is raised, it CAUSES a huge net loss of jobs and that puts MORE people on the government dole. And the cycle continues. Is there any wonder that when the Democrats passed a three year minimum wage increase and George Bush was stupid enough to sign it, that IMMEDIATELY the economy headed to the cellar? NO! That was one of the MAJOR causes.

END THE WAR ON POVERTY. Face it, we gave it the good old American try. WE LOST. Since the enactment of social engineering and wealth redistribution, the percentages of people living in poverty has NOT GONE DOWN ONE PERCENTAGE POINT. NOT ONE. As an added insult, those people are NOT paying taxes at all, but they are living the lifestyle that they want, without the personal responsibility that is supposed to go with it. There is no reason to continue to prop up a program that has never worked to elevate a single person. You know that it hasn't, you see it every day. Just to make it even more obvious, look at a city that was a bustling beehive of activity in 1950. Detroit. Now, look at that city today. Detroit is the most liberal city in the United States of America and the most economically devastated. Those things are NOT mutually exclusive. Liberalism and the liberal government programs KILLED Detroit. CONNECT THE DOTS.

Why do I keep hammering home the point of throwing out minimum wage laws? Because that mentality is the culprit for everything that ails us today. Democrats took control of DC in January 2007. They promptly enacted legislation to raise the minimum wage from 5.25 to 7.25 in three years. That is a wage increase of around twenty-seven percent (27%) in three years. To put that in perspective, if you make fifty thousand a year and got a raise of that magnitude, you would now be making over sixty-three thousand a year. ARE YOU?

Of course not, you are probably just hanging on to your job because every business has a HUGE pool of labor from which to draw now. And not only that, everything had to increase in cost to cover the imaginary wage increase for the lowest paid employees. I call it an imaginary wage increase because everything went up in cost accordingly, so those people making minimum wage at BEST broke even. Your money is worth less and you are making the same thing.

If there has ever been a point in recent history where there is more evidence that Democrats are ridiculously stupid, I do not know when it was. YOU SEE IT. Do something about it, get rid of these buffoons that are ruining your quality of life to live high on the hog.

That is all.

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Sultan said...

Speaking of flooding the market, I was told by a business acquaintance the other day that he applied for a job in our filed out west. He waited about a month and received no call. This is a person that is well if not over qualified for the job. he called the firm and asked what was the deal with the position. They told him they had filled the position already. They also told him they received more than 400 applications for the job. That is astounding.

Paul Mitchell said...

Folks need to understand, never has there been a more important time to talk salary UP FRONT than right now.

Tell them how bad you want a chance.

The Mayor said...

With all those unemployed folks sitting around, I wonder if now they'll start to do those jobs that only immigrants would do in the past.

Andy said...

TD, my older sister (now 53) is the smartest woman I know personally. Not only is she smart, she's a helluva worker, and has the track record to prove it.

She decided to go back to work after a couple of years out of the market. She has shopped her resume/references around with dozens of companies.

Nuthin'! NO. THING! Well, she could go get that $7.25 per hour, but she's worth three times that (she can do the work of 10 morons...and actually get it done right). Easy.

It's a "hirer's market" right now for sure.

I do not believe we will EVER get rid of the minimum wage. But, I firmly believe that it is the single hindrance to individual achievement.

As far as the illegals...we're gonna have to change Congress, elect a President that is not squishy on the issue (like all of 'em in my adult life), or just quit paying taxes until they throw them all out.

Paul Mitchell said...

Mayor, with Obama spending all the working folks cash like a crackhead, I doubt it. "Hey! I have a great idea, let's EXTEND unemployment benefits, that is SURE to pump more money into the economy." We are governed by imbeciles.

Andy, of course they are not going to abolish minimum wage, stupid people love it and think they are making MORE money.

Skunkfeathers said...

The dependency class is a core to Barry's voting base, and he's desperate to expand it by any and all means before 2012.

And I do mean, any and all means.