Monday, April 19, 2010

I Stand Corrected About ALL Things Obama

When I am wrong, I promptly admit my mistake. Obama appears to be the BESTEST President evah in history. Since he is obviously able to make MONEY grow from thin air while more and more people are becoming unemployed, the wealth of the nation evaporates, and production continues to fall, I think that Barry Obama has proven beyond any doubt that he IS magic. I was wrong about His Obamessiahness.

But today, I went again to my banker to try to employ the Barry Obama Economic Plan with my personal finances. Yet again, my banker turned me down because, alas, I am NOT magic. Why will a banker not give me money to squander on things that will not provide any return on his investment? Because he is a RAAAAACIST!!!

Since I have been out of the loop of the real world traipsing around Chicago, I have been spending today getting caught up on everything that has transpired since I was gone. Sadly, I did not acquire any MAGIC by osmosis in Chicago even though I rode by Millennium Park where the Obamessiah delivered his address as President-Elect! But, still, I NOW BELIEVE!

Big Government even tried to dissuade me from believing by publishing this viscous attack on His Royal Obamaness. What kind of hideousness must reside in someone's soul to publish such lies about the Most Transparent Administration Evah?

I see that those extremists on the right will stop at nothing to lie about all the jobs that Obama has created. Newsbusters even gets in on the ruse.

And also, Zero Hedge enters the fray with an obvious FRAUD by denigrating the happy-fun of investing in the Obama-Age. I have yet to figure out why in the world that banks are doing so well when the President is so obviously anti-Wall Street. It is almost like Wall Street gave Obama the most money in history for any presidential candidate. We ALL know that cannot be true. Obama would NEVAH take money from special interest groups.

Full Metal Patriot throws the gauntlet down to SMEAR the president on his pledges on our taxes. FMP must be a RAAAAACIST!!!

Lisa goes all in to besmirch the Democrats in their efforts to reduce racism
. White people are such haters.

Look at all these RAAAAACISTS!!! Dammit, I hate white people. I can only hate HALF of President Obamessiah.

Even Canadians are getting in on the racism act. (Since I am not at all versed in the Canadian terminology, are chicks in Canada referred to as Canadiannes?)

I have noticed an alarming rate of increased threats to BROWN people from some folks. Is this indicative of things to come?

Funny thing, when Ray Mabus was governor of Mississippi, he was an absolute imbecile, but since he was appointed by Obama as Secretary of the Navy, he is TOO AWESOME!!!

Six Meat Buffet is now Six Year Old Six Meat Buffet.

Finally, the World's WORST Videographer presents Naval Graduation, Mitchell Style!!!

Sorry, I realize that is awful, but it was my first attempt at moving pichurs.

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Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Just a point here: I never referred to the Dow Jones as evidence of Obama's "Success" with the market.

You, however, often referred to a shrinking Dow as evidence of Obama's failure.

The Lesson: You were wrong. If you criticise Dems for pointing at an improving Dow as evidence of Obama's wondrousness you must also acknowledge your own error in linking it to his failure.

Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the link, RAAAAACIST!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, I never referred to your statements as being valid either. I did however point out that every time the DJIA drops while a Republican occupies the White House, the national media is all over it, when the DJIA or any other metric heads in a good direction, the national media points it out as the economy heading in the right direction. WAIT! even when metrics are heading in the WRONG direction while a Democrat occupies the White House, the national media say that is is a good thing. By the way, this post is SARCASM. Look it up.


Skunkfeathers said...

I was all set to bemoan the passage of The Meanster to the Dark Side of the Farce; when along comes OSO, stupidity on display, and the Meanster fires back in vintage Paul.

The world is right wunst agin.

Can I be a racist too, having attended two Tea Parties?

Andy said...

FMP is a racist. Lisa is a Democrat loving moron.

And you, my friend, are a fabulous videographer!

Dude, that was cool. I know it's a lot better when you're right there and all...but that was a fabulous shot of somebody's ear.

Didn't you once film your GE Dryer squeaking for about half an hour...or did you steal that from YouTube?

I started to comment when I read Wendy's post earlier today. But, I think I'm out of my league...can't quite sling it like when I was younger.

I think there was an error in that deal about Mabus the faggit (your boy's boss...nyuk!) and commissioning a ship in honor of Murtha. I think they are just gonna dig him up, air up his big fat carcass, and use it for a troop transport...or a Macy's Parade float.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, that was certainly my dryer, but it is a Hotpoint! And you should see the photos I took, they are friggin' terrible. About the only good photo that I have is me with a bust of Harry Carey.

Joubert said...

I'll have to look at the video at the office (where I have DSL unlike up here in the boonies) tomorrow.

I'm sorry that you had to point out that your post was sarcastic. Having to explain sarcasm is almost as bad as having to use emotikons.

"...are chicks in Canada referred to as Canadiannes?"

No - to be pedantic - they're known as Canadiennes?

Paul Mitchell said...

Pat, is it is really "E" instead of "A?" Dang.

And do not rush to the office, it is seriously a terrible job of video-er-ing.

Andy said...'re talking to an old appliance guy here.

All the same thing...

And Pat, don't believe Paul. You will be astounded at the quality.

Dude, didn't you get some good still shots other than you and a statue of some dead radio dude? Harry Carey? Sigh...

Disgruntled said...

I was there so long ago. August 1983. That must make me old. Congrats.

Paul Mitchell said...

Disgruntled, my boy's uncle was there in the mid-1980s and he said that NOTHING was the same but the old dormitories and the main gate. He had no idea where anything was anymore.

Lisa G in NZ said...

hey, thanks for referencing my post mean ol' meany! :)

Andy, ummmm obviously you didn't read it - just an a blurb from "" titled:

"Astonishing History of Democrat Racism"

Full info here:

Look up the word 'sarcasm' please, read the facts from NoDNC and then tell us WHO are the real racists?

hugs, Lisa G in NZ

Andy said...

Lisa, I read it word for word.

I was comparing your love for Democrats to Paul's videography skills.

Hugs, Andy

Buck said...

Nice vid. Srsly. Does the Squidly Service always do these things indoors, or was the WX bad? The state flags were a nice touch.

Paul Mitchell said...

Buck, I think that they must, the weather was not bad at all. They do have a huge outdoor drill field at the main base across the street.

I think that they do this so you can get your Starbucks and have clean and dry seating with zero wind. That wind was something, reminded me of Oklahoma.

They brought the flags in and introduced them in the order that the states were admitted to the union. It was impressive.

Andy said...

Speaking from total ignorance, it seems like I read somewhere when my Soldier was looking at the Navy that the graduation is always held inside.

I guess if you've got the reason to make plans on a drill field and get washed out...or blown away.

My memory is fuzzy, but I think that's right.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, this was a fairly new building, too. And freaking HUGE. Also, I did not know it until after the ceremony, but there is a basement the same size as the main floor, so it is actually twice as big as it looks.

Joubert said...

Yes, Paul, the French for a feminine ending is -enne as in comedienne etc.

Okay the video is not Steven Spielberg but it was still very moving.

Andy said...

Patrick is a true gentleman...

Preston said...

Thanks for the birthday notice, hatemonger! PTH & crew