Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Talk About Money

For those of us that are not stupid, this past month has been utterly terrifying. We now have the dumbest human beings to ever grace this great planet in charge of the United States of America is there is no HOPE of getting rid of them in time to stop any more ridiculous stupidity.

We also know, beyond any doubt, that they are going to attempt to RAPE the country even more than they have in the past three years.

Face it, we have a bunch of sick, moronic imbeciles running the show.

And their idiotic sycophants in the Barrystream Media shall stop at nothing to assist in ruining our great nation.

How hideously stupid do you have to be to STILL back what is going on, today? No, really?

These are the types of stories that you see daily in the moronic media.

Math, science, history, and logic mean nothing to these people because they have no knowledge of any of those subjects. AND THEY DO NOT CARE, EITHER.

Even LAST YEAR'S HISTORY means nothing to them. Their very actions that failed miserably mean nothing, only their agenda is important.

The latest target of the idiots in charge is our very financial system, since they already RUINED our medical system. Let's check in on the "Financial Reform" stuff that they are pushing.

Their main targets? Your local bank and YOUR MONEY. Funny, the guy responsible for writing the legislation is so very corrupt that it is mind-boggling. Chris Dodd is a CRIMINAL, folks.

Furthermore, the legislation they are writing is going to further institutionalize the MAIN CAUSE of the economic calamity that caused all of this shitfest.

And how do they get this garbage passed through Congress? By claiming RAAAAACISM, which never happens on our side of the intelligence graph.

Wanna see REAL RACISM?

These morons make me SICK.

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