Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Okay, here's the news, now MOVE ALONG!

Dude, it is getting to be like an echo chamber all up in the algorenet, thingy. The left publishes something stupid, like they always do, then the right hammers them into the ground. Same old, same old. Yes, the left is ALWAYS wrong.

That doesn't mean that the right is always on the right side, though. Usually, the right is more right than the left though, understand? It is just that the folks on the right have manners and the right is TERRIFIED of offending anyone. BUT! Therein lies the rub.

News Item Number One: The H-U-G-E blowup on the web in the past two days was about two Reuters reporters getting killed by the United States military. Come on, folks, those Reuters reporters should have thought twice about hanging out with TERRORISTS. Where is the OUTRAGE over media collusion with people honor bound to kill innocent people? This sounds like something straight out of a Sean Penn movie really.

Oh, shut the fuck up. If those "journalists" did not want to get dead, maybe getting all frisky with people that the United States is FIGHTING was a bad idea.

News Item Number Two: President Barry Obama cannot throw a baseball. Well, holy shit!!! I never saw that coming. Who in their right mind would ask him to pitch a baseball after last year's seven year old girl pitch? Someone that is lobbying for homosexual "rights" or something? This president is the LEAST athletic that we have ever had in HISTORY. Obama is the utter nancy-boy and he proves it every single day. Dang, the media had to build this guy up and at the same time was publishing photos of a saggy, flabby old guy running in the surf in Hawaii. You saw that and actually thought, "Man, I wish I had MOOBS like that!" Yeah, right.

Even the most DAFT dumbasses that voted for this idiot are running away from him in DROVES. They feel like they were RAPED. Does that immediately bring to mind the last Democrat president? It should.

Those of us that actually take the time to study things before we make a decision tried to tell you that Barry Obama was an idiot. We tried.

HEY! Here's an article (October 2005) where I tried to tell y'all about Obama AND showing him tossing a baseball like a nancy, while wearing acid-washed jeans.

Barry Obama is nothing but a punk, folks. He always has been and he has always hung out with punks. Oh, and child molesters.

Remember, there is ONLY ONE legitimate reason to support Barry Obama and that is because he is HALF-black. There needs to be some inspiration for all of those poor, black kids that have been abused by the policies of the Democrat Party. Barry Obama is just not IT. However long it takes, you WILL come to understand that at some point or die of old age completely frustrated.

When I started this blog I mainly stuck to issues that caused huge racial rifts in our country because I saw that as a monumental detriment to everyone concerned. Since 2005, the racism in our country has gotten WORSE. It is not from the "conservative" side, though, it is from the opposite end of the political spectrum.

As it always has been.

Chris Matthews, the alleged leg thriller, even stated, "For an hour there, I forgot Obama was BLACK!" Who the Hell says stupid shit like that? Why do big government collectivists see the needs to continue throwing the race card around? Because IT WORKS to sway really stupid people to their side. And face it, only stupid people vote for Democrats and stupid people have a vote that counts the EXACT SAME as smart people.

Remember when your kids were in junior high school and they went out "egging?" That is what the BIGGEST players in the Democrat Party do, folks. And we NEVER let our thirteen year old kids have any say in financial decisions we made in our household, why would we let them run our country?

The Democrats make HUGE productions about their moral equivalency and then change their mind after getting the entire world to watch them in their arrogance. Come on, did NO ONE see this shit coming? Play along with me, "I'm killing my child, I'm killing my child!!! I am noticed, I am important." Now, "I'm breaking up with my boyfriend because he doesn't want a family!!!" We used to lock up people that were this batshit crazy, now, since the Democrats closed nearly every nutfarm, those crazies CAN VOTE!!!

Seriously, you simply could not sit down, drop acid, and write out the actual lunacy from the left if you tried. It is NOT possible to think the things that they do and not be dangerous to society as a whole. They prove it every single day, too. Why do folks ever think that a Democrat might possess a single sane thought? We have to give up on them and entice their followers to speak up and not be afraid of those Democrats anymore.

It is NOT racism to want to end the ridiculous idea of Mexican anchor babies. It simply IS NOT RACISM. It is called, "Being Responsible."

It is not RACIST to tell David Hampton at the Clarion Ledger that his ideology of always increasing taxes at every point in the day is STUPID. Sorry, David, you are an idiot to continue to back policies that have never reduced poverty a single percentage point. Cut services, cut taxes. BE RESPONSIBLE.

When they left focuses their ire upon traditions, like the Catholic Church, all while ignoring a much greater threat, you have to come to the conclusion that there are people that just do not "get it." Please note that the incidents that the media points to in the Catholic Church are WORLDWIDE, the incidents that the media NEVER points to are only in the United States. That is a monumental disparity in reporting. I even noticed another report in the Clarion Ledger last week about a PRIVATE school teacher getting busted for child molestation or a related charge. Were there ANY reports of a PUBLIC school teacher doing the same thing? Of course not, public school teachers are IMMUNE from criticism because they are majority leftist/Democrat.

And, of course the left has to destroy the Tea Parties. Those Tea Partiers oppose the STATE. The individuals in Tea Party crowds do NOT want government interference in their lives, least of all Newt Gingrich. Newt, your fifteen minutes are up, go play house or something. Shut the fuck up, you are NOT helping.

Do you want to see all of these things pulled together in one place? Click this link, bookmark the page, then take next Saturday reading all the links. The striking, overwhelming realization of how the left will go to the end of the Earth trying to destroy all that is good, righteous, and proper will beat you smartly about the melon. YOU. CANNOT. DENY. IT.

I have a label on this blork called "Great Criminal Democrats." The most revered Democrats are the most VILE to normal people. Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. These evil people are their HEROES. Please notice that I left John Kennedy out of the list, HE NEVER DID ANYTHING as a politician, except get killed. True, he was a womanizing WHORE, but he never had any impact except for Hopey-Change. You would think from all the praise he gets that he would have pushed through the "Cure Cancer ACT" or something, but he was only president from January 20, 1961 to November 22, 1963. Before that, JFK voted AGAINST the civil rights legislation. Geez.....

When you see the idiots on the left promoting their ideology, you must recognize what they are doing. Rachel Corrie, the dumbass killed by a bulldozer in Gaza, was a TERRORIST.

Another Rachel, Rachel Carson of Silent Spring fame, is ultimately responsible for the DEATHS of untold multitudes in underdeveloped countries. What do you call that?

The folks that push abortion under any circumstance are responsible for untold deaths, adding to the coarseness of our society and corruption of our children, and the wildfire-like spread of sexually transmitted diseases. What do you call that?

These are liberal ideas and the things that they push, screech, and demand are bad for our world. Those ideas have always been bad for our world. Why do you NOT speak up?

Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Castro and Che, Chavez, you know the drill, they are the friggin' same as Barry Obama and his dumbass acolytes in the Democrat Party. How many innocent folks are you going to let their ILK kill in the world? One hundred million, five hundred million, five BILLION? Because you know that if Iranian dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, gets a nuclear weapon, he is going to fucking use it, folks. He is a Muslim on a mission from the pedophile.

This just in, Ron Paul is a fucking punchline, people. He is spoiled MEAT. Find someone else that has his fiscal conservatism and small government ideology. Ron Paul is NEVER going to get elected president. It ain't gonna happen, just drop it already. Ron Paul is the Heaven's Gate of politicians.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Barry's full of crap, and a girly man, too. 'Chelle could probably throw the ball better than him.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, Barry IS a girl. Nothing about him is manly.

Suburbanite said...

Did you really just take the time to allow the stupidity of the liberal agenda toss you from your intellectual course?? Shameful that you allow them to affect you that way. If I am not mistaken, you have just made yourself a hypocrite..Do you not have posts about receiving emails from persons who not only fill their email with non factual opinion, but who also curse because theyhave no other means by which to express their intellectual capabilities and in this post you stoop to the same thing which you were adamantly against...hmmmm...

Paul Mitchell said...

Suburbanite, yes, I do have a post about that very thing, I am sure. As I am also sure that you are saying that it is just my opinion on RON PAUL. That could be just my opinion, but he is certainly not president and he certainly has not received many votes in his presidential primaries.

Republican 1988-0.5%
Republican 2008-5.7%
Libertarian 2008-1 delegate

In 2008, as an unaffiliated candidate, he received 0.03% of the vote. That was less than Cynthia McKinney. Just saying.