Thursday, April 08, 2010

Things that I think about while drawing building sections - Part UNO

I think that my favorite part of my job is drawing building or wall sections. THIS is what I am talking about. It is not mine, though.

When I really get into one, my mind roams all over the place and I solve problems or create new ones.

This popped into my head just a little while ago. Why is it that the subset of people that are just stark raving crazy over Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, ("natural selection" or "survival of the fittest" whatever) are the very same people that are batshit crazy to make sure that not a single species of plant or animal ever becomes extinct ever again?

Doesn't that kinda contradict? If they want to prove natural selection is actually still happening, if it ever did, shouldn't those folks be the very ones that are making sure that all animals continue to die out? Shouldn't those very folks LURVE them some pollution?

And why if they so believe in Darwin's stuff from way back when, why do they not study why we still have Bubonic Plague in its original state? If we have had the very same plague for 1500 years or so, shouldn't that simple thing have evolved into something that actually didn't need fleas to get around? Shouldn't it be able to drive by now?

And why do those Darwinists still talk about those finches on the Galapagos Islands? My next door neighbor's cat sheds his fur every Spring. That is the very same thing as those finch beaks getting longer or shorter depending on the weather. Was Darwin so stupid that he did not know that?

Why do deer shed their antlers every year? Do the dude deer want to get their summer freak on with other dude deer when they both look like chick deer?

Speaking of weather, how long does it have to happen to become climate? Is there a time cut-off or is it just as long as the lefties say it is? Shouldn't there be a standard?

By the way, is steel is evolving as it rusts? And does that mean if we let steel sit around for however long that leftists demand, will it become an otter? Yes, that is how that cropped up. Sorry.

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Joubert said...

I'm not "stark raving crazy over Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution" but neither do I believe that everything was created in 6 days 4,900 years ago. Maybe we'll never know for sure.

But nobody is claiming that a species can "evolve" in 1,500 years and it doesn't evolve if it works - as bubonic plague does. If it works it doesn't get fixed and the fixing seems to take millions of years.

Climate change appears to occur in periods no shorter than 10,000 years but usually much longer.

Skunkfeathers said...

Evolution is daily being called into question: libtards are proving, with each generation, that devolution -- especially intellectually -- is more provable than evolution.

Just sayin'.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, the rapid rate that the devolution is happening makes studying their decline impossible. It is happening too fast to catch the multiple spontaneous changes.

Patrick, Darwin actually claimed that the finch's beak length changes, that happened in less than a year, almost every year, disproved his theory. Or proved it, he changed his mind a lot. If he was right with his belief that it WAS proof, the plague has had a period of time 1500 times longer. That was my point. And yes, mine was almost as ridiculous as Darwin's theory.

The other thing that I was thinking but didn't write was that since the plague is terribly efficient in killing so many people in so short a time, it is probably the most fit thing ever. But, it still can't drive a car.

The whole exercise is to state that "survival of the fittest" is an ever changing ambiguous thing. That is by definition NOT science. I think that my problem with the whole evolution movement is that they try to reverse engineer everything and find proof of their theory. When they find something that totally contradicts their theory, they simply modify their theory to fit what they found. Again, NOT science.

Have you actually heard some of those folks that talk about the Earth being "X" amount of years old when we have uncovered things that totally refute their theory? They are stating the very same thing as Darwin did. Even though we have evidence that totally refutes our theory, we are sticking with it anyway.

We shall never find the origin of anything as long as the single cell organism and unlimited spontaneous mutation theory is still pushed as science. That is what pisses me off so bad about the whole movement. I WANT TO KNOW and the current direction of people that believe in evolution is always to disprove God. God and evolution are NOT mutually exclusive. Shut up about God and find out about man, Homers.

Red said...

It does drive. I saw the Bubonic Plague at the DMV just the other day. That or it was some really ugly disgruntle person.

Skunkfeathers said...

Oh crap...Bubonic Plague can now get a drivers' license? Next thing we know, we'll be paying for it's crack babies, botox treatments, welfare payments, and it'll be voting for the libtards that raise taxes to keep it entitled to our wallets.

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, was the plague working the counter or a customer?

Skunkfeathers, keep it under wraps, but Nancy Pelosi's original birth certificate says, "The Plague."

Joubert said...

Paul, I'm with you on the wild speculation but then I take most "scientists" with a pinch of salt. Darwin started an interesting speculation but he definitely did a lot of "reverse engineering" - just like Marx and Michael Moore.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, science has always interested me, but not the way that it is taught. The periodic table is a great point in case. Atomic numbers, molecular weight, etc are all values that mean something. But, most science is speculation and will always be that way, because our knowledge base is so small.

We cannot cure cancer or even the common cold, but we know without a doubt how man arrived? Ridiculous. And that is NOT what I regard as science at all. It is just silly.