Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Barry Obama Continues the Startling Rate of Success at Failing

We are perfectly clear that our illustrious president is a 100% success at failure, but we never had a clue of how efficient he would be at it. UNTIL NOW.

His sheer success at being an utter failure is getting to the skeery point. You would think after fifteen months, his perfect record would begin to shake, but Hells to the Naw! Barry keeps being perfect at being a total loser. Stunning.

Also, I was hoping that they would get the internet turned on early this morning in Tormonvanottaton, CanTada and that Right Girl could get to the liberry to use the country's connection and post on today's topic early enough. Luckily that was the case, so there is a link to her, too. (Does anyone know if CanTada is on metric time or real time?)

Anyhoo, we sent out our crack staff of agitators this morning to reel in the links regarding Mayor Bloomberg's ANGRY WHITE TEA PARTY BOMBER and look at all the stuff that they dragged in!

By the by, when this story first broke, I told my future ex-mother in law that I would bet her one million dollars to a day old donut that the person responsible would be between the ages of 20 and 35, male, have a really funny name, have brown hair and eyes, have a UNIBROW, and be a member of a pedophile cult. How did I do in my prediction and where is my damned donut?

This brings back memories of that John Mooolhammit snipering thingy going on in DC, huh? Just once, when there is a terrorist threat, I would appreciate it if ONE FRIGGIN' PERSON IN CHARGE would say, "This looks like the work.....wait, let's call Paul and ask who we are looking for." Imagine the amount of day old donuts around the La Casa. (MEXICAN LANGUAGE, FTW!!!)


Suspect caught, Obama becomes stammering, stuttering imbecile.

Suspect caught, Mayor Bloomberg hardest hit.

Suspect caught, Pelosi refuses to issue apology.

Suspect caught, two other passengers removed from same flight.

Suspect caught, videos on two sites posted by same person, more than three people involved.

Suspect caught, had disposable cellphone and had removed VIN number from vehicle.

Suspect caught, initial claims of Pakistani Taliban involvement appear to be correct.

Suspect caught, Senator Chuck Schumer (Dumbass-NY) is an idiot, too.

Suspect caught, bunch of photos of him, too. Add him as a FRIEND on FAILbook, too!

Suspect caught, no apology from Katie Couric.

Suspect caught, one more arrested in Pakistan.

Suspect caught, Glenn Beck says that the Angry White Tea Partier should receive Miranda Rights.

Suspect caught, Right Girl blames Dick Armey and the Tea Parties.

Suspect caught, who would demand military tribunals for this dude?

Suspect caught, wonder if they asked for HIS ID?

Suspect caught, admits guilt, claims he acted alone. I guess Allah is a nobody now?

Suspect caught, and STILL Democratic Underground says that he was a Teabagger.

By the way, are you shocked (like I am) that Falafel the Terrorist was a registered Democrat? I. AM. STUNNED.

More News About Criminal Democrats.

Beware of Democrats talking about Wall Street Reform.

Beware of Democrats talking about money at all!

And remember when Janet Napolitano had no freaking clue that the DoD had oil spill equipment? She changed her song and dance.

Can we all simply agree that Obama has failed, ask for his resignation, and see how Joe FREAKING Biden does as president? Geez, a moron of Joe's caliber cannot do any worse than Barry has done to date, amiright?

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Andy said...

TD, I did not know that there was a cap on damages in the "Valdez Act." That is interesting. One would think that our wise Congress would not rush in to change that law "after the fact."

I mean, that'd be kinda like denying someone health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Wouldn't it?

Then again, this Congress has not shied away from passing specific laws to punish specific people...like the 100% tax on bailed out company bonuses (or whatever it was).

It is just amazing to me that everyone with half a brain thought immediately, "Islamic terrorist" when the news came out, yet not ONE single lib I heard was wanting to even entertain the thought.


And dude...I gotta give you kudos for ragging Wendy the way you did. Made me chuckle big time...

RightGirl said...

Canada only has the one ethernet cable, and it wasn't my turn to use it till after 11 this morning.


Skunkfeathers said...

Libtards are so desperate to tag the Tea Party with an act of violence, they will commit one themselves (aka, the Nazis and the Reichtag fire), and try with cross-eyed insanity to hang it on the Tea Party.

They didn't want to consider the Times Square attempted bomber was anything OTHER than a Tea Partier.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, you didn't really think that a Democrat Congress with HW Bush in the White House could make a good law didja?

And even most people with less than a quarter of a brain immediately thought that the bomb was made by the Religion of Peace.

Um, RightGirl, what the Hell is a "cable" and do y'all have to climb a pole out behind the Douglas's house to use it?

Skunkfeathers, I am really shocked that the Barrystream Media has not brought up the Oklahoma City bomber during all of this stuff. Oh, wait.....

Lisa G in NZ said...

Great post today Paul...

Yep, I was shocked shocked shocked it was someone from the religion of peace...

What was that I heard about when the brown stuff hits the fan, the putative potus says he'll side with the muzzies...? I'm sure I read that somewhere... well, he'll do whatever his global enactors want anyways...

What REALLY is shocking is that more people aren't upset about the whole America going down the gurgler thing.

From a loyal American who moved to NZ in 2007, it is like I'm watching my country riding a bus, heading for a cliff. I'm waving to warn them, but they all happily wave back oblivious to their impending doom...

Or is it just me and a few thousand upset bloggers? Are Americans AWAKE to the horrors yet?


Paul Mitchell said...

Lisa, I am certainly glad that I am not in DC, I would get arrested for waving my arms in the air, running around in a circle, and loudly screaming, "ARE Y'ALL ALL IDIOTS?!?!?!"

Full Metal Patriot said...


If you ever go to DC, you should know better than to ask a question for which you don't want to know the answer.

Another similar question for Democrats (with some Chandler flair): "Could y'all BE any more stupid?"

Paul Mitchell said...

FMP, just when I think that they couldn't be more stupid, they prove me wrong.

Skunkfeathers said...

Libtards are so desperate to tag the Tea Party with an act of violence, they will commit one themselves (aka, the Nazis and the Reichtag fire), and try with cross-eyed insanity to hang it on the Tea Party.

They didn't want to consider the Times Square attempted bomber was anything OTHER than a Tea Partier.