Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stuff I Learned Today

Wording your blog post titles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works like the dickens. Also, more people search for "nude" rather than "naked." Furthermore, I did not really think about SEO on the Miss USA chick until I had doubled my daily traffic in two hours after posting the first "Rima Fakih nude photo."

Then, I posted the second photo with "naked" in the post title and got almost 1000 hits in five minutes. This second post was made during East Coast lunch hour, too.

So, not only is the post title important, but you have to catch the State Department at lunch to really rake in the hits with "naked" posts. Also, the traffic is back to daily traffic levels right now while the DC porno-downloaders are experiencing drive time.

Oh, NOT ONE new subscriber, either. Go figure. I manipulated the post title for hits and did not deliver a chance of any repeat visits. So, you better have the content that your search traffic wants, you know?

This was by far the highest traffic day for my blarq, but when Kathy Shaidle linked my stuff, I got subscribers, too.

Experiment conclusion: Traffic is not the end-all be-all, lasting relationships are. Links from dependable sources net more regular traffic. Wow! It is just like life, too. You can sleep with thousands upon thousands of people, but to have a meaningful and steady thing, you better settle down. Rima Fakih could learn something from ME. I am a good teacher, nude.

One more thing. If Teh Google does their part correctly, you can make change with Teh Google ads.

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Andy said...

"...lasting relationships are." Ain't it the truth!

But, grabbing several thousand one-time hits ain't all that bad...especially when you're selling click-throughs.

Good advice, TD. I am gonna take your word on the fact that you are a good teacher, nude...please do not feel obliged to post images of that.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, no worries on the nude photos because I'll get dropped from Google Adsense with those and we'll never be able to afford our Caribbean island that way.

Andy said...

I'm savin' up.

Don't blow it...

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, it is day two of crazy traffic. Nude is WAY outpacing naked. Barry, I have never contemplated the difference between the two. Language is weird.

Joubert said...

Paul, maybe nude is outpacing naked because nude sounds sexy and naked just sounds like you've been plucked like one of my chickens.

Paul Mitchell said...

Then here we go with round two of NUDE Google bombing.

Andy said...

I actually searched "whatever her name is nude photos" this morning. You were #4 behind the "news results" that show up at the top, and two links to HuffPo.