Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Daily Linkdump

This day has been utterly bizarre on MoM. Today was our highest traffic day since the launch in February in 2005. This traffic thing has just got me flummoxed.

On to the dumpy thing.

Tesla Motor Company has decided to cash in on the availability of GUMMINT funds to buy hideously overpriced electric cars. They are going public. If you buy this stock, just understand that your tax money is going to come back to you in dividends.

My interblargs economic advisor and homeschooling go-to guy has decided to go public, too.

At the same time, here's an update on Fannie and Freddie.

Jumping in Pools on Dead Robert Byrd.

Full Metal Patriot on Dead Robert Byrd.

No Sheeples Here on Dead Robert Byrd.

Grouchy Old Cripple gives us a blow-by-blow rundown of how many times Barry Obama punted the Deepwater Horizon ball around the outfield. Obama not only needs to resign TODAY, he also needs to be charged with crimes against humanity for his utter fecklessness.

And if Obama is not charged with destroying the Gulf, maybe he can be charged with corruption pertaining to his involvement in selling a United States Senatorial Seat.

Ace of Spades has Daily Kos admitting to a few of the lies published daily at Kos.

With President Bumbler McLiebiscuit stating that he and Ben Bernanke agree that the economy is in FULL-BLOWN recovery, we need to seriously dispatch the padded truck to where both of them STAY AT. They are dangerous to themselves and the population at large.

Zero Hedge on the 2.65% drop in the market today. Yes, the economy is robust and picking up steam, Barry.

Gateway Pundit points out the H-U-G-E loss of jobs since the increase in the minimum wage. Even Joe FREAKING Biden admits those jobs shall never return.

There is ONE area of the economy that is picking up, though. The ObamaRoad sign business, about 190 MILLION dollars worth.

Sidebar: While I am certain that there simply must be a road repair project happening in an area that actually needs road repair and where the road is actually used for WORK TRAFFIC. BUT, I have never seen one.

And last but certainly NOT least, September is coming because uSCCC quarterback tryouts are on right now. See the photo to the left. One of those dudes is Cody Kessler from Bakersfield, Cali. I am not sure what that maneuver is called, but all of the guys that play in the PAC-10 do it all the time to one another.

And Staci has something to say about another college team, but I cannot remember who it is. If memory serves, the mascot has something to do with boating.

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Andy said...

Dude...is that Landry Jones on the right?

Paul Mitchell said...

It could be, did (s)he transfer?

Andy said...

I heard they were gonna make him shave his mustache so that he might get some Heisman votes...and the body looked about right...

Wait a minute...My bad! He's making out with a chick there. It obviously is not Landry Jones.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am almost sure that one of them is Cody Kessler.

Andy said...

Okay, I had to look up Cody Kessler.

I do not normally keep up with Junior High football, or NAIA level football teams...

Paul Mitchell said...

Believe it or not there is a chick on Twittah that I had to block named Cody Kessler.

Andy said...


I believe it.

Oh man, that's funny.

paul mitchell said...

Believe it or not there is a chick on Twittah that I had to block named Cody Kessler.