Monday, June 21, 2010

Deepwater Horizon Blogging Request Answered (as always)

I have not spent much time on the BP spill thing because it is just not my cup of tea, but I was FREAKING asked by quite a few folks to comment on it. Let's just say that the number was greater than TEN! What, are y'all wanting to see exactly how crazy I am or what?

I have a good friend that is currently helping with cleaning birds and the like, so I certainly hope they do not get their feelings hurt at all because of this post. You know who you are and I mean you no disrespect at all and you know it.

Before we get started, put your cups on because this is probably going to sting.

I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE SPILL. Not even remotely. I am not all up in arms over the accident at all, I am not going to participate in ANY boycott of BP, and I am not going to rail on businesses that idiots say are destroying the environment.

It was an accident, plain and simple, that cost eleven people their lives. These folks were just trying to make a living and provide for their families and now they are dead. If evidence comes to light that BP blew up the platform to kill these eleven people THEN, and only THEN, will I care about the spill and what to do with BP.

But some ducks, dolphins, and turtles? I simply do not care.

There will be future problems because of the damage from unleashing untold millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico, but you know what? The Gulf will recover as it always has. Holy Hell, do you folks not remember that Biloxi used to be a stinking shithole? Do you not even know about the Gulf's DEADZONES?

If you are at all worried about dead birds, then you should turn on the folks that are operating WINDFARMS because they kill almost as many birds DAILY as the Deepwater Horizon spill has killed since it started.

Yes, the accident was terrible and my heart goes out to those families that will NEVER be able to bury their lost family members, but there are sinister forces at work here.

Yes, LIBERALS are going to use this accident to wreak all kinds of havoc on our national economy, our DEFENSE systems, and our way of life. None of the things that we can do from the CORRECT side of philosophy can AID the liberals in their tasks of destruction of OUR lives. We cannot let them move their wrongheaded agenda even further, because already our country is in dire straights because of them.

We simply HAVE to back the CORRECT side of this debate, the side of real world progress. WE have to use this opportunity (not let this crisis go to waste) in the PROPER way to promote the SANE ideology of drilling in safer areas. SUCH AS ANWR.

We should back efforts to tap our resources in places throughout the plains states, the Pacific coastlines of California, Oregon, and Washington, and still MORE Gulf drilling.

And we need to repeatedly point out that the government regulations that WERE ALREADY IN PLACE failed because of government corruption. Obama's US Minerals Management Service (MMS) douchebags were wined and dined by the oil company representatives just so those companies could operate in our country. Such is the nature of government work, BRIBES ARE DEMANDED.

You see, regulations are NEVER good things because even though they are setting the MINIMUM standards, those standards always become the MAXIMUM standards in the end. The whole point of setting the regulation barre at a certain height is for people to try to limbo under it instead of producing the best product for the least money and in the safest fashion which unfettered Capitalism always accomplishes. Now, the goal is to try to get away with bending the rules because we are quickly becoming a fascist country with the morons in charge.

So, how to fix the problem? End the government agencies that CAUSED this business climate to fester. END THEM NOW.

If you are one of the crazy morons that is advocating a boycott of BP, then it is YOU that hates freedom, liberty, success, and PEOPLE. Boycotting your local BP station does ONE THING, destroys your local economy and puts your neighbors out of work. The oil fields serviced by BP are the same ones services by other companies, so it is not about oil at all. And when all the convenience stores close, where are you going to get your beef jerky and beer?

Furthermore, if your boycott causes the loss of a single job, you are to blame for the further collapse of our economy. If you actually want to do something that HELPS instead of KILLS, get your happy ass in the Rambler and go clean up some beaches. Whining about BP is NOT problem solving.

The impeachment of Barry Obama however, that IS problem solving.

Please take the time to comment.


Staci said...

Finally! I was beginning to think I was the only person in the whole freakin' universe that thought all the wailing about BP is at best misguided. They did what Obama's agency let them get away with, as any big corporation would do, and does.

I think the US's handling of this matter is just becoming a big fat embarrassment. Congress' questioning of the BP guy was disgusting, churlish, and showed them to be the fools I thought they were, we aren't letting other countries help, we are stopping clean-up to look for first aid kits on boats....

The people on the Gulf who are affected by this are going to come to the realization, I believe, that it's their own country that's screwing them, not the "evil oil giant". It would be best if that realization came sooner rather than later.

Staci said...

I should have said 'even more of an embarrassment'. And it's worldwide.

SAY said...

I have said from the beginning that I felt it was more the fault of past Presidents & the congresses than BP. The oil embargo of 1979, I think, Jimmy Carter was President. When Ronald Regean took over from that failed presidency, one would have thought that we would have adopted an energy policy that would have led to our energy independence, but no & no for the next 30 yrs. Instead we embarked on policies of deregulation & let the "good times roll" for the oil companies.
You should ask yourselves why.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, our government has made it so difficult for people to actually do business in these country that no one wanted to get involved at the beginning because they were afraid of getting sued by the trial lawyers in the Democrat Party. This is just another in the long line of Democrat caused disasters.

SAY, Jimmy Carter started the Department of Energy to actually get our country to the point of energy independence. Since it was formed, we have moved in the exact opposite direction and have actually escalated our consumption from other parts of the world. Government is NOT the answer. However, in the same period of time, the oil business has become increasingly LESS profitable. Their profit margin is one of the lowest of any industry. Big oil is exactly NOT the problem.

Skunkfeathers said...

Game, set, match. Impeaching Barry won't happen with this 'in-his-pocket' CONgress, but a good step in the right direction will hopefully come (real hope, not Barry's hoax) in November 2010. Every fired libtard will be true progress toward restoring liberty and economic prosperity.

Disgruntled said...

I wonder why you left out President Failboat McGolfcourse?

Paul Mitchell said...

Disgruntled, that name is PERFECT. Kudos.

Disgruntled said...

I check in to browse the awesomeness. I've only followed your examples.

Thank You.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, my head is SWOLE.

(Dead) Tommy5 said...

Ducks, dolphins and turtles? Are you really that stupid? Yes the gulf will recover, but what about the millions of folks in the seafood industry that are out of work? This is not just commercial fisherman, but the restaurant owners and workers, seafood markets, charter boats and staff, hotel workers, and countless other folks that depend on tourist. This time last year all the hotels were booked up, now they are empty. I guess you are saying the one or two job losses from BP is worse than all the folks mentioned above? I still think we need to drill in the gulf, but have a damn plan if something goes wrong. If you don’t have a plan, create and test one before you decide to drill 5,000 feet below the surface. I really , really hope you don’t think this only impacts Ducks, dolphins, and turtles.

Paul Mitchell said...

Maybe I was a little unclear in why I was asked to post on this. I have been inundated with photos of dead fish, oily birds, and a dolphin. I am all too aware of the potential damage that this spill can cause to the Coast, but the PROBLEM is the government regulations that are keeping the workers from actually keeping the spill at bay.

The latest shitfit is about the controlled burns trapping some stupid turtle inside the burn area. Check it:

(Dead) Tommy5 said...

I agree with you there. Last week the Coast Guard shut down barges that were using a vacuum system to clean the marshes. The Coast Guard claimed they needed to know the manufacturer of the barges. I don't know why.

Paul Mitchell said...

The Coast guard stopped them to check for life preservers and fire extinguishers. They had that covered, so Obama ordered the Coast Guard to delve further to keep Bobby Jindal from making Obama look like a fool. That is why, no other reason.

Disgruntled said...

I check in to browse the awesomeness. I've only followed your examples.

Thank You.