Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - Saturday Morning Mishmash

Woot woot! White Powah!!! (Doesn't she look like Boxcar Willie?)

Much was said last week not about Sarah Palin's vagina, but her chesticles. On the other hand, very little has been said about Michelle's body work at any time.

More bank closures from last week. Banks? Who the Hell needs banks?

Very few scientists have ever believed the crap about manmade global warming. The UN's IPCC lied.

Pretty much everyone has come to the conclusion that Obama is an incompetent and racist boob.

And even though we all know he is a moron, he still thinks that we are.

Olbermann and Matthews thought Obama's Deepwater Horizon speech sucked goats. Almost as many goats as Olbermann and Matthews suck.

The fact that Olbermann and Matthews hated the talky is because it was over their intellectual level. At about junior high school level.

And what exactly has Barry been doing since that rig blo'ed up? Holding up everyone on the damned golf course.

More medical cost increases, higher taxes, and more lost jobs found with ObamaCare. Democrats think this is an added FEATURE.

New housing starts and house sales hit rock bottom.

Housing sales down, but here's GOOD news. Wait!!! No, this is increasingly BAD news. Jobless claims rose UNexpectedly. The only people that do not expect jobless claims to rise are those that are brain-dead or comatose.

And if you recall, SOMEONE told y'all that raising the minimum wage was going to bring about this collapse of the job market. I told y'all that in 2007 when the Democrats passed the increase and Bush signed it. FINALLY, the minimum wage increase is getting the attention it deserves. (Disclaimer: I am NOT related to Dan Mitchell, but he is smart like any of the numerous Mitchell families.)

Here is a comparison of world wage costs relative to the United States minimum wage.

Milk (WAIT MILK?!?!?!?!) got classified as a pollutant by Obama's EPA
. Because they are fucking retarded.

Speaking of retarded, the NEW NEW NEW Hopey Changy Guy, Alvin Greene, won the South Carolina Democrat Senate primary. He is actually much smarter than our current president. (That is NOT a compliment.)

Democrats, gotta lurve 'em. (Stolen from here.)

And since we are all Democrats now, here's a good FAILbook group to help improve Tea Party grammar and spelling. It is called 1,000,000 Strong to Help Improve Tea Party Patriots' Spelling and Grammar and it has 234 members. I think that they need some math lessons.

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Buy you some Ann, yo.


Skunkfeathers said...

Ah wuz lissenin to sum Ann wyle ah wuz reedin' this h'yar, an' thunk to mahsef -- ah kin multeetasc, y'see -- ah needs summa dat dar Pea Tardy spellin' thang.

So ah didn' joyn. But ah rit this h'yar so libtards kuld reed it ;)

Andy said...

Somebody got ripped off. I'm thinking that maybe Alvin Greene was posing as a plastic surgeon, and handled Michelle's boob job.

Thanks for those links, TD. The AGW fraud article, and the one about the EPA and milk were especially interesting. Oil in Milk. it'll be corn silos and cotton gins.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, it bothers me that I read that without ANY hesitation.

Andy, MILK is a pollutant. Funny thing is that I saw that coming when the almighty federal government changed the daily recommendations from the four basic food groups to that ridiculous pyramid. The next step is saying that eating meat is a crime.

Andy said...

I wonder if this means that cheese will be classified as a controlled substance.

Whatcha' wanna bet that goat's milk gets exempted?

Dapper Dan said...

Paul, What an abundance of good stuff here. A couple of responses...

Michelle still needs a lot of work. Above the neck.

Bush is an intellectual giant compared to Zero.

Zero is proof that the phony who tricked Harvard and its gaggle of pseudo profs wasn't the first to pull that off.

I kept looking on that chart for wage costs in Mexico, but I guess it didn't go down that far.