Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Business Site is Kinda Live

At one time, I had a friend of mine designing a website for me. But, I ran out of money to do that. I had to take it on myself. Being marginally literate in html, but very stupid with CSS, the learning curve is not so smooth. I had heard many developers talk about how hard that Internet Explorer sucked. I really never had too many problems with IE, UNTIL I tried designing for it.

Here is the screengrab from Chrome. Perfect.

Here is the screengrab for Firefox. Perfect.

Here is the screengrab from Internet Explorer 7. Screwed.

Internet Explorer even removed the gif from the header. WTF? I'll get there, but seriously, who the Hell uses IE? Oh yeah, only 38.7% of the folks that visit this little blarx. Dammit.

HEY! Lookit!

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Andy said...

That's surprising. Not that IE is hard to design for...but that over a third of people still use it.


Hey, I sent that test e-mail.

Basil said...

Wait until you find out how many people still use IE 6, particularly in the business world! I was shocked to discover that was the case for corporate visitors (not our company, but our clients) to our Websites at work.

If you promote yourself to corporations, you might want to keep that in mind.

That's one of the most frustrating things I run into: designing for IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

The hardest part, for me anyway, is finding a way to run IE6 and a later version of IE at the same time (IE8's compatibility view takes care of IE7, of course). I've found some emulators, but most of those don't allow JavaScript interaction, so I use a computer (or virtual machine) that runs IE6 for that.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I did not get the test e-mail. Dang.

Basil, this is NOT what I want to hear at all. Dang.

Joubert said...

When we designed the website for our restaurant, I used an html editor that previewed the work in IE. All was fine. But then we used Firefox to preview our design for the trailer park website and noticed that IE really distorted it. We had to go back and redesign it previewing it in IE because that's what most people will use to view it. But Firefox does not distort stuff designed for IE.

Andy said...

Barry has an interesting point. When we designed my site, and Dad's, we used Dreamweaver MX.

The preview in browser function was IE.

It was a long time ago... before Firefox or Chrome had much exposure. I was concerned after folks started using Firefox, but found that all was cool.

Basil said...

You got an extra closing DIV tag.

Count the opening tags and the closing tags. You got one more /DIV than DIV

I think it's the one that's on line 45, inside the DIV class="workarea" tag.

Paul Mitchell said...

I have found two of them so far, Basil, thanks......

Basil said...

Um, I don't mean to be an ass or anything (though I've never let that stop me), but I'm only seeing one extra closing /DIV.

I copied the source code into an HTML editor, and did a search on "<DIV" getting 31, then a search on "</DIV" and got 32.

There might be some DIV pairs (opening and closing) that you could possibly remove, but there is only a single mismatch.

Of course, I'm basing my count on a scrape of the source code on the published Website, not on any local copy you might have.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, you are definitely more apt to be right than I am, but I also removed a bunch of doo-doo in the header that was goobering up the weight of the page. I certainly could have dropped a div then.

Try to think like an idiot and you might be on my level of programming expertise.

Andy said...


Basil is pretty smart.

For a seasoning.