Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sexi, No?

I have been busy as Hell trying to learn new tricks. I am jazzed about it, too. Dude, learning BE fun, too much enough.

You wanta see what I done done? Well, okay then, but gimme your HONEST opinion. It is a little racy, so I chunked it below the fold. Put the kids to bed.

(sorry, I don't think the "below the fold" thingy works on Reader, so EYEMUFFS!!!)

Please take the time to comment.


Joubert said...

Are you drawing attention to the website or the building? If the building - that's amazing. The website's also attractive.

Paul Mitchell said...

It is the website, the image is a photoshopped watercolor of a pencil rendering I did in college. The building design was pretty good though.

Here's the story of the drawing: