Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Teh Google Updates!!! Blogger, G-Mail, Maps, and Chat, TOO! (iPhones SUCK!)

Dude, Teh Google has upped their game this week! I guess it is just the week for good stuff with the new iPhone (hahahaha), the something else from MacApple, and the HTC EVO 4G selling OUT!!! If you own a MacApple product, hurry up and ditch it soon so you will be able to communicate with the intelligent people in the future. Well, that is unless you know how to install Android on that MacApple POS.

Anyhoo, since the only thing happening on the handheld front this week is still more superior Android devices, let's look at some Teh Google.

Teh Google rolls out their new indexing system, Caffeine, today. Most people do not realize that Teh Google's search engine got its birth from Larry Page deciding that he wanted to download the whole internet to his desktop. Good Lord, who knew that seemingly crazy idea would lead to this whole Teh Google EMPIRE!!!

Also, since all the really cool kids use Blogger as their blork platform, Teh Google sent me an invitation to participate in a usability study. How about instead of me participating, YOU DO IT?

All of you folks know that I have been using G-Mail since the early days and I have watched all of the changes, too. They have me hooked folks, I am Teh Google's bitch. Now, they have gone and added Teh Google Maps "PREVIEW" to G-Mail and Buzz. Not only that, but you can also just slide that date into your calendar from G-Mail, too. Give it up, folks, join G-Mail.

Now, video chat is even easier, too. Geez, Teh Google OWNS me.

If there was one, I would have awarded Teh Google The Interblarx Heisman Trophy, today.

By the way, y'all should read this book. Yes, I have read it four times already.

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Anonymous said...

Too much hassle with Blogger.cannot
retrieve my password No help from google. Sent message ten times but cannot get my password to open my blogger. My google email is lucknow07@gmail. com. but I cannot open because my password does not work and I cannot retrieve it either even after numerous attempts. Hopeless. Joseph