Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unemployment Continues to Rise (and will for a long time)

I always rail on the liberal/progressive mindset for one reason and one reason only, THEY ARE WRONG. When someone ignores history, mathematics, science, economics, language, human behavior, and all other factual information, they cannot arrive at any other end result. Liberals/progressives are wrong at all times because they refuse to accept REALITY. The even dumber part is that they refer to themselves as "The Reality-Based Community." Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a LITERAL point in case, liberals/progressives think that extending unemployment benefits will have a positive influence on the economy. And the media is going to vilify Republicans because they "blocked" that legislation.

Why is paying unemployment benefits a BAD idea? Because you are paying people NOT to work. This is a very, very simple thing to understand, too. But liberals/progressives will tell you that you are heartless and cruel because you do not want to pay people to sit around doing nothing. Does the idea of giving people unemployment benefits even sound logical to you? Offering unemployment benefits is exactly PAYING PEOPLE TO NOT WORK.

Do not fall for that "heartless and cruel" crap and tell folks that paying someone to NOT work is stupid, because it IS.

Also, liberals/progressives think that government jobs are GOOD. Do you realize that government produces NOTHING so any money paid to a government employee must be taken FROM the economy? To increase the size of government BY ONE JOB reduces the TRUE economy by one whole personal income. To help illustrate this, I use one person as a metric because it helps liberals/progressives "FEEL" the example.

If the government hires Billy Earl to cut grass on the side of the road, they then remove the income of Frank Pete, that works at the beer factory, from the economy. Billy Earl makes five hundred a week, Frank Pete makes five hundred a week. In order to pay Billy Earl, you must TAX Frank Pete at 100%. Frank Pete cannot buy anything. Of course, Billy Earl can now buy stuff, but the positive influence on the economy is reduced, because to hire Billy Earl, you also have to have thirty-seven other government officials and bureaucrats to tell Billy Earl what grass to cut, to purchase mowers, to supervise the payroll clerk, to clerk the payroll, well you get it.

As it stands now, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing reducing salaries of Cali government workers to MINIMUM WAGE. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, it is not doing enough to reduce the cost of government. Oh, and it shall never, never happen, either.

I say all the above to point out one small thing. Everything that our governments do removes personal freedom. The end result of government, taken to the extreme, is to totally subjugate the citizenry to slavery. The more that government undertakes, the more we are enslaved. To allow government to take over a single function means that you have surrendered that FREEDOM to someone else.

This is NO laughing matter either.

There is debate on whether or not President Obama's "Stimulus Package" worked. I assure you that it did not. The economy is headed in the absolute WRONG direction because we are surrendering more and more personal liberty.

And then we hit even greater and greater contradictions in the liberal/progressive "mentality." They want the government to assume greater and greater control, yet the liberal/progressive still wants to have individual freedoms that are contrary to government control of anything.

What is the solution to these encroachments upon our individual and property rights? Remove ANYONE from office that thinks that government can solve a single problem, because government CANNOT solve problems. This is BY DESIGN, too.

One, two, three, four, I declare a blog war.

Kingfish, over at Jackson Jambalaya, has a post this morning pointing to BP as the culprit in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Rather than junking up his blog comments with my thoughts, and receiving a subsequent deluge of comments from misinformed Fondren idiots, I thought that I would address the falacy of what Kingfish is saying.

Kingfish's blogged opinion is that BP used a riskier design for Deepwater Horizon than is standard for the drilling industry. However, KF also ignores the EVIDENCE that the actual hole that is leaking was tapped last year, right around the time that Deepwater Horizon received a safety award from the Obama Administration for HEAP-BIG Safe-Safe in 2008. President Obama said that this design was AWESOMATIC and was ultra SAFE.

Here is the IMPORTANT sequence of events for the APPROVAL for a tap. The government has to sign off on the proposed well, then the government INSPECTS the actual work. The only thing that had to happen to keep this spill at a "risky design" well from EVER HAPPENING was for the almighty federal government to pull the plug on it at any time. That never happened because as is the STANDARD when Democrats are in control of anything, BRIBE MONEY took away the safety regulations from the circumstance. (Ignore the fact that laws are unnecessary for people that actually give one shit about anything. I do not need government to tell me NOT to kill anyone.)

Did BP fudge the safety line? We'll never know because President Obama and the Democrats accepted bribe money from BP to look the other way on the rig. Then the Democrats and President Obama LOOKED THE OTHER WAY to our detriment.

The actual truth shall have no chance to ever get out because our national media that could find out the literal truth will never do that because President Obama and his staff would wind up in prison because of that truth seeing the light of day. (You might have to read that sentence five times for it to make sense, but that is the way that I talk.)

Do I care about the spill? Still I do not care because NOTHING is going to happen that will put the REAL "criminals" in jail. BP, along with the ninety-six thousand (96,000) employees of the company, will be made out to be the cause of this disaster, when the TRUE causes were government regulations and the palm-greasing necessary to conduct business in the Democrat created business climate.

By the way, do you think that there has been increasing government regulations of petroleum stuffs? Do you think that MORE government regulation would result in less spillage? You would be exactly WRONG.

Without the involvement of the utterly corrupt Democrat government, this disaster would have NEVER HAPPENED. You can blame BP for the damage all you want to, but you are ignoring REALITY.

Read Thomas Sowell.

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Dapper Dan said...

Hey Paul, Re Schwarzenegger threatening to put all gov. employees on minimum wage. Out there in Lala land, there might be a danger that the gov. workers unions would accept that proposal and then ram through an increase in the minimum wage to say $100 an hour. Nah. They wouldn't do that.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dan, stranger things have happened out there.

Dapper Dan said...

Hey Paul, Re Schwarzenegger threatening to put all gov. employees on minimum wage. Out there in Lala land, there might be a danger that the gov. workers unions would accept that proposal and then ram through an increase in the minimum wage to say $100 an hour. Nah. They wouldn't do that.