Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The United States of America Census Bureau Update

Ever since Moobsman and his assload of enthusiasm showed up for my follow up census interview, I have been keeping an eagle eye on those geniuses. Boy, Obama's Census is a case study in efficiency and awesomeness.

Since Obama has dipped into his personal checking account to finance this quest to count only Mexicans, he has burned about fifteen BILLION dollars.

Plus, Obama has shelled out another mountain of his own money to make the unemployment situation LOOK a bunch better, too.

And since the money is coming directly from Obama's cigarette drawer, we have no need to worry about the amount of money that we are spending on wages or training.

It is NOT like anyone is promoting FRAUD to steal money directly from Obama or anything.

And what do you think, that census workers will get RAISES or will that just be the other TWELVE MILLION federal employees? It is not like giving raises to people that do NOTHING to increase productivity or help the economy is a bad thing, amiright?

I miss Obama not giving those "Yes, I Camp" speeches. Here's another someone that likes those and a specific one at that.

Times are just really busy in DC, I hope Obama doesn't get overwhelmed or anything.

And here is just crazy talk. Crazy, crazy.

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Buy this book and read it, the President is awesome!!!


Lisa G in NZ said...

Hi Meany, hope U R well...

Just a small 'correction' for you on your category "Barry Obama Sucks".

Apparently, this is slightly incorrect: he actually receives, not gives.

Thus, as per a new term I learned this week, he gets fellated.

Don't believe moi, read it here:

and follow up:

Perhaps they are all of this persuasion, but we only care that they LIE their ASSES off about it.

cheers from NZ,

Saucy aka Lisa G in NZ

Andy said...

I'm buyin' the book! Barack Rocks!

Paul Mitchell said...

Lisa, I am making popcorn as we speak, this Blago trial is going to be AWESOME!!!

Everyone needs that book, y'all. You have never seen a mama get treated so badly in all your born days.