Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why Barry Obama Sucks - A Primer

(Dead) Tommy 5 made a comment yesterday about my "Hate Obama Blog" and I think that I need to address that.

I do not hate Barry Obama, he is utterly irrelevant to the entire world. Most idiots are. Never in Obama's life has he made any kind of contribution to ANYTHING. He is a complete and total failure at everything that he does. Well, except for getting a bunch of unintelligent people to vote for him for president. He has never won any campaign against an opponent of any merit, either. And he has certainly not accomplished anything in the private sector, he only worked there for two of his nearly fifty years on this planet.

When Obama won his state house gig, it was because he got everyone disqualified on the ballot. When Obama won his US Senator gig in 2004, Jack Ryan had to drop out of the race right before the election and Obama ran against Alan Keyes who was not even FROM Illinois.

Finally, Barry Obama is president because the national media simply supports Democrats and they covered up for his stupid ass in the general election. Not to even mention that Barry's opponent was the DAMNED MCCAINIAC.

Quite frankly, Barry Obama is a JOKE. Nothing more. Most people see this beyond any doubt by now, but there are still some folks that do not keep up with the important stuff and do not see that Barry is a feckless dumbass. Those folks are also unimportant to the world because they do not possess the necessary intelligence to achieve any type of importance.

So, why do I point out daily the ever-increasing number of failures from the Obama administration? Because there is a need to promote FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY every single day. Barry just presents an easy target to point out these failures of the collectivist mentality.

Having had this moron in the White House for sixteen months, don't y'all see exactly how BAD things are when we elect people that are only concerned with getting re-elected and gaining power for the collectivists? Has it ever been more obvious? Not in my lifetime, not even when Jimmuh Cartuh was president. Not even close.

Do you even need a butcher's list of things that the collectivist's mentality has screwed up in recent months? Of course you do.

The pressing issues of the day are not even being addressed at ALL by this administration and if they are being observed, there is a moral relativism being applied that makes things utterly incomprehensible.

Take for instance the ridiculously increased violence and aggression perpetrated by the "Religion of Peace." I mean really, they have ramped up the terrorism against Israel by at least one hundred fold in recent days. What has the Democrat power structure said about the flotilla attacks on the LEGALLY RECOGNIZED blockade of Gaza? Of course, Obama wants to end the blockade. He does not even recognize the danger presented to innocent people living their daily lives in Israel when the "Palestinians" would had unfettered access to all kinds of war making materials. Why does he not recognize this fact?

Because Obama and his ILK are moral relativists that see no difference between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is like hundreds of years of history simply do not exist. If you want to see what the future holds if Barry Obama's ideological brethren win this battle of individual freedoms, study Constantinople. If you want to know exactly what happens when you ignore the Muslims, just note that in 1950, Constantinople (now Istanbul) had less than one million people. Today, a mere sixty years later, it has over ELEVEN MILLION.

There are currently over 2500 mosques, yet only 26 synagogues. Also, the majority of those Muslims are Sunni. (Guess which sect Saddam Hussein is?) Not that the sect has anything to do with the murdering VOLUME of Islam. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Shiite. So, which of the main two sects is the most dangerous? BOTH of them, they will both kill you dead, folks. Such is the DAMNED religion of Islam, ignore that at your own peril. You want to blame George W. Bush for something? Blame him for trying to NORMALIZE Islam by continually repeating "RoP, RoP, RoP, RoP....."

And the Leftist idiots in the government today support Islam by continuing to repeat that HITLER! was a Christian! Um, NO! Hitler was a National Socialist, a Nazi. Socialists are ATHEISTS, folks. And curiously enough, Democrats are socialists, too! Will wonders never cease?

Topic TWO. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Come on, Barry Obama cannot DO anything about that. There are no persons in his cabinet that can DO anything about it, either. None of his appointees have any type of practical REAL WORLD experience doing ANYTHING. They are all just career bureaucrats that have never worked in the private sector. PLUS! They are all Democrats.

You know what Democrats do when they open their damned cakehole? They LIE.

You know that they lie because they simply cannot let you know the truth about their ultimate plan of world domination. No, it is not the same way as Hitler, their ideological peer, they are taking control by using your own caring for your fellow man to control you in the end.

And the Democrats/Progressives ideology leads only to one place, total economic meltdown. Of course they are trying to move this world toward a more archaic lifestyle. We are moving from using the internal combustion engine toward the DAMNED WINDMILL. They advocate NOT using the car, instead using a bicycle.

Progressive? Hardly. Instead of using a windmill or solar heating, shouldn't MORE technology be in the future? Cold fusion, maybe? Progressives are INTELLIGENT? Folks, they are the exact opposite of intelligent, they are afraid of mathematics, science, and any kind of forward thinking ANYTHING. By the way, the Democrats KILLED space exploration, too. This philosophy is the exact one used by the Muslims when they conquered Europe and we lost the knowledge necessary to make concrete for over five hundred years. Forward thinking? Yeah, right.

And since their idiotic ideas do NOT work, they threaten violence, they always do that to curb dissent. Lefties cannot win a battle of minds ever.

Granted, the threat of getting my ass kicked by Obama seriously makes me laugh so hard I almost peed my damned pants. Do lefties REALLY thing that we can be cowed into submission to their stupid agenda? They better think again.

Folks, you know some of the "Progressives" and it is your responsibility to help them see the errors of their ways and ideology. Granted, it shall be very difficult to teach them, because "Progressives" are the dumbest people in the world. This is only proven by scientific TESTING. "Progressives" lack the most basic rudimentary intelligence to understand the most elementary FACTS. Yes, liberals are DUMB.

And what do the liberals do to help grow their numbers? They make an all out effort to keep everyone DUMB. The only way that they can grow their numbers is by making sure everyone is a victim and that they never gain the knowledge necessary to succeed. This is BY DESIGN, folks.

They also advocate for removal of any kind of stabilizing forces in anything. The liberals believe that FATHERS are unnecessary. They promote that ideology, can you believe that?

Look at things in the most basic of ways. Do you think that creating MORE government jobs is a good thing? If you do, you are stupid. Those people that work for government do NOT produce anything, people. They create NOTHING but more and more regulations and rules that HAMPER economic success.

We all know these things, too, if we stop and pay one minute of attention to it. Luckily, it appears that even the European countries are recognizing the failure of "Progressive" economic policies. Of course, "Progressives" in the US, who have a much lower understanding of economics, continue to promote the collectivist economic ideas.

To put it very simply, YOU KNOW THEY ARE WRONG.

And as far as education, run by liberals, it is going to collapse SOON. If you take a hard look at anything on the planet run by liberals, you see that it fails. And fails miserably, too. Liberals have reduced the quality of education to the point in the last one hundred years, where it is impossible to get and keep high paying jobs without having a college education. Now, since they also took over all the colleges, they have run them into the ground. Wonder what level of education comes after COLLEGE?

Remember back last month when I said that Dumbass Barry was contemplating resignation? One week ago, the American Spectator joins the fray. One can only HOPE.

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Lisa G in NZ said...

Here's another call for resignation by: Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, who served in Vietnam and retired in 1991 from the U.S. Army as deputy commanding general for the Pacific.

The more the merrier.

& latest on windmills shite in UK from Mr. Delingpole:

have a nice day Mr. Meany... no peeing in pants please

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, Lisa, dude REALLY doesn't like windmills, huh?

Great links!!

Skunkfeathers said...

Barry is the ultimate in pooch-screwing of everything he touches. Olbermann can't wait for their next hand shake...