Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Week in Teh Google

With the release of the new Android X phone today, I decided that it was time for another technology post trashing MacApple. Since MacApple does not need any help with that task since the release of the new iPhone 4, I thought I would NOT pile on.

MacApple fanboys, your blind devotion to some idiotic ideology surrounding ELECTRONICS has rendered your importance to the universe MOOT. Please, slither off into the wilderness and die the slow hideous death that you deserve. By the way, y'all obviously failed to skew the results on this poll concerning the Evo v. iPhone. Slackers.

Just so you know, AGAIN, the Droid X is at Verizon TODAY. People that need a phone that works with apps other than the Chatroulette function, go get one.

And speaking of Apps, invent your own for Android. This makes MacApple look even sillier, huh?

Since relocating to Lexington, Kentucky, I have become increasingly interested in the development of my business site, building web traffic, and a general overall knowledge of how things work online. I have subscribed to ALL of the Google product blogs, joined numerous technology sites, and signed up for newsletters in the industry. Needless to say, with this increased knowledge base, I am again stoked for the upcoming monumental shift in the national direction. Obama has put the KEEBOSH on accumulating wealth right now, but HOPEfully that shall come to a screeching halt in November. Just like it did when that idiot, Bill Clinton, did the very same thing once the population got so stupid that they elected him.

Maybe, just maybe, Obama has made such idiotic moves to destroy our economy, that we shall have another ten years of growth after the Democrats are thrown out of office for their UNEMPLOYMENT CREATION IDEOLOGY, just like they were in 1994.

Well, what's on the tech slate today, other than a HUGE product launch in the real smart phone industry?

With Teh Google's new stats about the web, they find, AS USUAL, a bunch of folks are not optimizing their sites. That is the MAIN thing that I am trying to do with my business site. Since architects are notoriously bad at web design, just look at 99% of their site menus, my main focus was developing a site that looked NORMAL. I am gradually getting to where I want to go and plan a FULL roll out of my site in the next 90 days. Let's get to making money! (Sadly, our president has LITERALLY destroyed my industry, so I am having to branch out....)

Google OS is developing multiple account log ins on the same browser. The lack of this feature forced me to start using Chrome, so not having it was good in a sense, but dang, I cannot wait for them to fully roll this out.

One of the features of Chrome is the Web-App capability. SUPER-TABS for G-Mail, Calendar, and Docs, so far.

Teh Google has also FINALLY developed shorter urls for Maps. Dang, that took forever, huh?

Speaking of Maps, they have introduced a limited run option for a few cities. Perspective views. I think that this will be really cool when they have the data from the entire world. Traveling will become completely unnecessary!

In Adsense news, Teh Google has brought out the "In Your City" feature. This places even better targeted ads on your sites for the more bricks and mortar approach.

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, yo.

By the way, G-Mail now has rich text signatures. I used to use an add-on but it kept crashing, so lately I have done all my signatures by the tried and true cut-n-paste function from Windows 3.1/DOS 6.1. NO LONGER!

Finally, here is Getting Started with Google Drawings. I have not actually used it yet, but I shall venture into that territory later this week. (Yes, I know it is Thursday.)

OH! If you use Facebook or Twitter for your business, you need to watch this crap.

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Here's a bundle for your NEW! Droid X. BUY IT NOW!!!

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Red said...

So you're saying the iPhone sucks then? I've got one. It's aight.

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, the iPhone 4 is a turd. MacApple will probably recall it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Android will over ride iPhone. Because it is opensource and the resource is becoming greater.

Paul Mitchell said...

Danny, Droid is already WAY outselling the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

The iPhonie is absolutely horrible in comparison.

Paul Mitchell said...

That was too funny. I need an iPhone...

To replace my Droid X? Yeah, not so much.

Anonymous said...

It fucking prints money.

I don't care, I want an iPhone.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeppers, and they want some UGGs and an Izod shirt, too.