Monday, August 02, 2010

The Definitive Post About Everything - Part One

As most bloggers are wont to do, I too want to write the post that solves all of the world's ills that plague us daily.  That is what I am about to do.  This is not a step-by-step guide to making life the literal playground that it can be, this post is simply going to give you the tools to make YOUR life the literal playground it can be.  (YES, this is at NO cost to you!)

How do we accomplish this seemingly daunting task?  Well, we have to accept a few truisms in order for it to work.  Let's see if I can tackle first things first.

I exist.  You exist.  The way that we know this is that HERE WE ARE.  We have (ideally) five senses with which to discover this.  Let's move on...

Where did these senses originate?  If we begin our journey with, "How did I get here?", we start with our mother and father doing things that we do not want to consider.  But, I have to address the origin of life.  There are two camps.

One camp says that there was a concentrated ball of matter that exploded, the pieces being hurled into the deepest realms of space, miraculously landing in their current positions, some miraculous single-celled organism spontaneously becoming life.

One camp says that there exists some undefined deity that formed all of everything.

Those two camps are the very same thing, so discussion of either or is irrelevant in the long run.  The funny thing is that my concept applies more to those living in the first camp, the ones living in the second camp are much, much further EVOLVED than those living in Camp One.  When you couple this data or assumption with the fact that we can never replicate the original conditions of Earth's forming, EVER, not even in a laboratory, you arrive at the conclusion that we can never know how life began through science.  We have to come to logical conclusions from what we do know.

Now for the reverse engineering of the entire world.

A cancer was unleashed on this world in the last 150 years.  Yes, it was always fermenting just below the surface, but until the "less fortunate" meme was spawned totally, that cancer was kept in remission for thousands of years.  It has now exploded into huge, pus-filled tumors the likes of which the world has never seen.

There are only two ways that cancer is ended.  Either it totally consumes the host body and kills its source of life OR it is killed itself.  Since there appears to be no hope of ever choking the living shit out of the cancer that is collectivism or progressivism, we can only HOPE to keep it in remission.  To do so requires us to keep ever vigilant, continue to teach our kids the right stuff, and to never let the cancer go unchallenged.

So, philosophy.

it is easy to make this post about President Doofus McLibtard, but I'll try to avoid denigrating him like I normally do.  This tactic might win me accolades from non-morons, but it is certainly not converting any morons.  I'm going to try to do better.

We encounter (daily) those folks that believe that man is incapable of providing for himself.  The massive contradiction in this ideology is that those very people think that THEY can tell everyone how THEY can provide for everyone with other people's money.

Does everyone see the problem with that?

That ideology is running the show today and it is that cancer that we know it is.

Now, to employ logic and rationale is the only HOPE that we have to start to move people into remission.  And we must move very slowly to make sure that all of the cancer is killed.  There is not one single point where our ideology cannot trump theirs on any topic.

Now, I have thought this through to the nth degree from the moment of my birth.  The argument, for me, starts at the rehabilitation of the meaning of PROFIT.  And immediately everyone gets all defensive and crap.

Let me explain in the simplest terms imaginable why I think that PROFIT is the key to this debate.  Since we were very small, we have continued to hear the very same tired, old canard, "The love of money is the root of all evil."  This is from 1 Timothy 6:10, and oddly enough, the collectivists use this to promote their wrongful ideology, even though they never bother to read the whole passage.  The modern day version of this is from the movie Wall Street, where the character Gordon Gecko states that, "Greed is good."  Both statements are used to vilify MONEY.

Money is only a tool, folks.  It is the hammer of life and it is necessary to survive.  As much as is AIR.  When someone falls into the trap of believing that money is actually evil, they are in the snare of the living cancer that is the "Progressive" ideology.  They must be saved or risk the death from the tumors.  This very circumstance is why liberals are so unhappy, the cancer is consuming their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.  The sheer, unbridled hatred they have for wealth, and the folks that yearn to create it, is the very same as hating a screwdriver or a 9/16ths socket.

How much sense does that make?  But, that is their ideology.

In the next post on this topic, I shall attempt to defend the use of tools from those people that seek to make their use into bad stuff.  "Progressives" do not want us to return to the caveman days, cavemen used tools.  "Progressives" want us to become like pack animals.

Here's proof:
Murderers and rapists wanted for their votes.
A tiger changes his stripes about the murderers and rapists.
Animals with banners.
Police force cut by 30%.
Howard Zinn's philosophy.
High taxes are GOOD.
Democrat leaders are criminals.
It is ALL about skin color.
AGAIN, it is all about skin color.
Progressive taxation attempts to make the rich out to be evil.

Please take the time to comment.


Dean L said...

Just an extrapolation on the Timothy quote: "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." [King James version]

It's the love of money that is the root of all evil, not money itself.

This doesn't contradict your point, it emphasizes it. The love of hammers, the pursuit of hammers, would be just as bad as the pursuit of money, IF it led to poor behavior by being put ahead of principles and morality.

It's the principles and morality that matter - the actual right and wrong as opposed to shades of grey, just as you mention. Money is fine and the pursuit of it is fine as long as it doesn't get put ahead of morality.

The pursuit of power is the same as the pursuit of money, because the objective is the same control and decision making power over as much as possible. That's why the political swamp needs to be drained (not as Pelosi pretended, but an actual draining).

Progressive perversion of this idea into 'money is evil', is a clever attempt at misdirection. They want to keep control without the need for money because money decentralizes control. It's easier to concentrate power than concentrate money. Non-dumb people notice this and it's no coincidence that they tend to have more resolute versions of right and wrong. Alas, I babble.

Please, continue with Part II soon Paul.

Paul Mitchell said...

And of course, I am preaching to the choir as usual, but we have to enlarge the choir incrementally. And because money is simply, in theory, a hammer, we must reduce the fear of hammers.

Part II is fully formed in my over-sized melon. I just have to chew on it for a minute.

Boogie said...

Is there also a part where you define guns as mere tools? Yeah, I know, it's preaching to the choir, but if the choir digs it...

I'm also wondering, if progressives are a cancer, does that give me license to build a radiation cannon and point it at them?

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, according to the Second Amendment, building a radiation cannon is certainly a protected right.

Boogie said...

Well, I'm not real sure how I'd do it (I'm an economist here), but I've got some super-smart engineering friends that I'm sure can figure something out.

I'll report our findings as they come about.

Andy said...

Boogie must have some friends that did not attend MS State. Just sayin'...

Good post, TD. And, I liked what Dean_L had to add.

Basically, I'm just commenting to subscribe to follow-ups. Just sayin'...

Your friend,

The third Baritone from the right, second row.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, if you grab a six pack and head over to engineer's row, I am pretty sure that someone over there has already built it.

Andy, I hope you read Dean's blog. It is good stuff.

Andy said...

I will go over there right now.

Joubert said...

Yep, preaching to the choir - which is why I don't always say Amen - er comment.

Skunkfeathers said...

I couldn't carry a tune with a bucket to carry it in; but this choir hits my kinda notes.

Boogie said...

Oh, ouch, Andy cuts deep insulting the engineers of Mississippi State...but at least we're not Ole Miss!

I'm almost certain in my (somewhat too long) tenure at Mississippi State, if there were a liberal-irradiating device, I should have heard about it.

Paul Mitchell said...

What is all this singing going on over here?

Boogie, Andy is an LSU fan. Trash talking is the way of the MoM. And when Andy is up in here, it smells like corndogs.

Andy said...

Corndogs? I can live with that...especially after working outside a couple of hours in this million degree heat.

Actually, it ain't nearly as sweet an aroma as corndogs.

Boogie said...

Surprisingly enough, I can live with LSU fans. It's Arkansas I have the problem with.

Paul Mitchell said...

I grew up an area controlled by the Klan, so I can handle those Ole Miss guys. You show them a photo of Justin Bieber and they snatch it away and run off for some alone time. Easy enough.

But, those damned Bammeroids!

Andy said...


It's hard for me to hate 'Bama.

HA! Word verification pissnglo

Boogie said...

It's exceptionally easy for me to hate Alabama, because I grew up with what I've heard called the "sidewalk fans." They have no real association with the University of Alabama, didn't go to school there, didn't even grow up in Alabama...they're just fans because they won a bunch of championships.

I despise these people.

As for Arkansas...when I was a member of the Famous Maroon Band (Snare, 05-07) I got spit on when we traveled to play Arkansas. Spit on.

I've hated them ever since.

As for the school up north, I really didn't hate them until I went to grad school. But when I started, I never looked back.