Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Definitive Post About Everything - Part Two

In The Definitive Post About Everything - Part One, I boiled the entire litany of problems of man down to one element, PROFIT. This can literally encompass everything known to man, too.

"What the Hell, Two Dogs?"

You see, money has not always existed. Before there was money, folks did things for one another and got a trade in the deal. If someone made really good elephant ear sandwiches, then their business did better than others. THEY MADE A PROFIT and increased their personal wealth, while the actual matter that existed never changed.

Wealth was ADDED without having more matter. Get it? Wealth is a fluid thing, it is NOT a concrete value. So, selling my elephant ear sandwich for two dollars, but selling five hundred a day, is not actually the same PROFIT as selling them for four dollars and selling two hundred fifty a day. Do you see that? Liberals CANNOT understand that FACT.

And since Liberals believe that there is a finite amount of wealth, someone gets richer at the expense of others, those liberals cannot understand why their policies are ridiculously stupid and why Barry Obama will always be a failure.

Liberals have this ideology that comes in and says, "Since you can (in theory) DOUBLE your profit by charging more, then we are going to take that EXTRA profit away from you." What they fail to realize is that since Grag was selling 250 EE sandwiches a day and making a BETTER margin, he decided to open another cave with which to sell these EE sammiches, but since the morons took away that money, he cannot do that and has to raise his prices to cover that expense of the "progressive" theft. His business model begans to spiral out of control, Yer starts charging more for the hunting of the elephants because the Liberals are taking some of his money because he uses rocks for arrowheads, and soon Grag is out of business. Yer's hunting business quickly follows suit, because the best elephant ear sandwich business failed and no one wants to open another with the REGULATIONS on EE sandwiches.

Liberals say Grag failed because he was greedy, when in fact, he failed because they wanted what Grag produced to give to Mahkin because she was everyone's mating nort and had eighteen children with no provider for them. Plus, liberals are so disgusting that even Mahkin wouldn't nort with them, so they kept giving her more and more thinking that at some point she would.

Liberal theory is all well and good. They have a RIGHT to their own opinions. That is the law. But, since they are wrong every time they open their cakeholes, why listen to them any more? Hell, I have no clue, someone tell me, please?

Now, the fact is this, money is simply a tool with which to conduct business. Actual money replaces the need to Grag to give Yer a sandwich every time Grag needs ears. What happens if Yer is not hungry and doesn't want a sandwich at the time that Grag needs ears? Money accomplishes that task.

CAUTION: Advanced economics, philosophy and morality to follow. It is a really simple idea illustrated, so it should make Paul Krugman's head ASPLODE.

And what happens to the person that doesn't have the intelligence to invent stuff or perform intricate tasks to make his living? He better serve those that do have that ability and be lifted up because of their smarts.

Biff Echelon is a moron, but he is strong as an ox. Melvin Throckmorton is meek and mild, but he is a genius that figures out how to host all of our data on the cloud. Melvin opens a business that winds up employing five hundred programmers and leads the industry in sales making a trillion-billion dollar profit in a year. At the same time, Melvin has to hire fifty people to work on the loading dock unloading computers all day long. Biff applies for one of the jobs.

In short order, the exceedingly strong Biff unloads three times as many computers as all others combined. Joe Average, the foreman on the dock, sees the ridiculous amount of work that Biff completes in a day and gives Biff a raise.

Since Melvin is such a genius, Biff makes a good living. Granted, Biff's excellence at unloading computers helps, but without Melvin's genius, the job would not exist. Biff is actually receiving MORE money than he would elsewhere because of the intelligence of Melvin. Get that concept? Biff is not being exploited by Melvin, it is actually the direct OPPOSITE if there is any exploitation going on.

Plus, Melvin is NOT a libtard, so he recognizes this and goes about his business making more and more money. At the same time, Biff is rewarded again and again.

A "Progressive" mentality tells us that Biff should make the same amount as Melvin, even though without Melvin, Biff would not have a job. "Progressive" mentality tells us this because "Progressives" are, quite frankly, retarded.

One more thing on the "Progressive" ideology that is poisoning our kids. They believe that taxes are the key to more revenue. I hope that the illustrations above help to dispel that ridiculous notion, but I offer even more to solidify my point because I CAN.

Whenever a certain behavior is taxed, you get less of that behavior. This makes perfect sense to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Human nature is to desire a legitimate wage for the work that you do and since no "Progressives" have ever produced any legitimate work, they have problems understanding the concept.

To quickly address the ZERO tax strawman from the left, I shall say this. Yes, taxes are necessary, but 90% of the federal government is not. The fact that we have departments of Energy, Education, Science and Technology, Public Engagements, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, Transportation, African Development...endless list here boggles the freaking mind. Look at that crazy-ass list, folks. Just look at it.

Then look at the one pending, Corporation for Travel Promotion. We gotta get to a stopping, and then a reversing point, on this "Progessive" lunacy.

A final question, when every single human on Earth works for the federal government, how are we going to get PAID?

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OregonGuy said...

This post made sense.

Please, stop it.

Paul Mitchell said...

My bad, I screw up every now and again.

Skunkfeathers said...

He's got a point, but for the wrong reasons. You always make sense.

So kindly explain the current tax code. While there's still time. This may be our last chance to understand it.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, today's serious post is going to be about why Barry Obama is so stupid talking about normal people being wrong about his auto bailouts.

paul mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, today's serious post is going to be about why Barry Obama is so stupid talking about normal people being wrong about his auto bailouts.