Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck, Al Sharpton, and the History of Racism

Heads up! This is a very long and rambling post. Please stick with me through the end and let me know your thoughts. Yes, I have received reams of hate mail in the past. I am inoculated to the hate, but I value your opinion. Give it. I hid most of the post beyond the "Read More" tag.

Define: racism. Racism is "the belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes; The belief that one race is superior to all others; Prejudice or discrimination based upon race."

Do I believe that individual RACES have distinct and intrinsic attributes? Of course I do. Black people look different from yellow people look different from white people. But, do I believe that one race is superior to others? Of course not. Does Glenn Beck think that one race is superior to all others? I cannot tell that he does from anything that Beck has ever said publicly, but I do not know his heart. Does Al Sharpton think that one race is superior to all others?

YES. Al Sharpton believes that white people are superior to black people. Unless Reverend Al is lying all the time, every single word that he speaks tells us that. Sharpton believes that the entire black race is incapable of achieving anything without "reparations" or handouts from whitey. This mentality is by definition, REVERSE DISCRIMINATION.
I received a text from a good friend of mine this morning that got me to thinking about this. The text read, "1935 was when the major shift of the African Blacks moved from the Republican Party, so all of your arguments on this are VOID."

(I am unsure what "African blacks" even means in this context, because Africans cannot vote in the United States unless they become citizens of our country. Hence, NOT AFRICAN any more. And of course, Africa is not a country, either, so technically there is no such thing as an African, unless we start breaking up the ridiculous groups into still another subset. By the way, the smallest minority on Earth is THE INDIVIDUAL. Where's my gummint cheese?!?!?!?!)

Before 1924, black folks were not even ALLOWED in the Democrat Party. Yes, black folks could VOTE for Democrats, well except for in the Democrat controlled South where black folks could not even vote until much later, but blacks were not allowed at ANY Democrat function. Put this in perspective. If Democrats got together to discuss any issue of the day, led of course by the military force of the Democrat Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the input of the black community was not even permitted by Democrat DOCTRINE.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt received 71% of the black vote in 1932 and did almost that well in the two subsequent elections. When Harry Truman received 77% of the black vote in 1948, this was the first time in history that most black people identified themselves as Democrats. This was the very year that Truman set up regs that allowed for desegregation of the military.

Of course, that desegregation did not happen then because the Democrats kept blocking the implementation of Truman's Executive Order. In 1951, the United States Army formally announced plans to desegregate and it still took another twelve years for it to fully happen.

By the way, in 1944 Democrat Robert Byrd wrote to Democrat Theodore Bilbo:
I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.
Remember, Democrat Byrd was a Klansman and still used NIGGER (on national TELEVISION!) as recently as 2001 AND was referred to by Democrats as "The Conscience of the Senate." Republicans still referred to Democrat Robert Byrd as "The Racist Klansman that Filibustered every Civil Rights Act" even when he finally died and went to Hell.

President Eisenhower (R) received 39% of the black vote in 1956 and Richard Nixon (R) received 32% when he lost to John Kennedy. It was not until Lyndon Johnson, the racist Texas Democrat, pushed through the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that a Democrat received 94% of the black vote. Of course, Johnson's motivation to pass this legislation was that he knew it would lock up the black vote for "the next 100 years."

Johnson also knew that passing the welfare acts would DESTROY the black family. And he was right. Johnson said, "When you take away the will of the man to work, you kill the will of the man." This was Johnson's motivation for passing welfare. Quite simply to remove all of the will of the black person. In effect, to return the black man to the plantation. He was successful in his endeavor, too. The black man willingly accepted his shackles once again and bowed down before his master.

Since Lyndon Johnson was elected, no Republican President has received more than 15% of the black vote and that was Gerald Ford. Ronald Reagan, in his slaughter of Walter Mondale in 1984, only received 12% of the black vote. Remember, Mondale lost every state except for Minnesota, his home state, and only won it by 3800 votes. Of course, Mondale won DC too, but that is simply because there is no one living in DC with an IQ greater than 40.

Also recall, that under President Reagan, every single metric used to gauge economics was increased two fold over the Jimmy Carter years. There was NO ECONOMIC INDICATOR that was not improved during Reagan's presidency. Today, Democrat operatives try to say that Reagan was the cause of the economic meltdown that is occurring now, but they are, quite simply, LYING.

Please allow me a really quick sidebar here. When the average income in the country is raised by any percentage, the lowest wage earners are the ones that are affected the most. This is simple economics. When someone who earns a low wage receives an increase in salary, it affects their standard of living more than the same percentage does someone that is wealthy. The only time that this is NOT true is when a forced, mandated minimum wage increase is instituted. Raising the minimum wage forces PRICES to increase in direct proportion to the wage increase. This LOWERS everyone's salary in proportion, all except for the minimum wage earner who receives, AT BEST, a zero sum gain. Just to recap this, raising minimum wage is devastating to the economy as a whole, except for minimum wage earners who experience NO CHANGE, unless they are forcibly unemployed (which happens in HUGE numbers).

How do we, as normal people, overcome the brainwashing that has occurred in the black community, aw Hell, any community, since welfare effectively destroyed the the poor family? I am not sure that it is possible in my lifetime and I hate that, too.

One of the things that I notice most often with the ideology of my friends is that the MORE "educated" they become, the more they hate capitalism. This is true in my circle no matter what race those friends are. So, am I to deduce that more "education" makes people desire to be poor or is it that more "education" makes people desire to be enslaved?

This just doesn't seem to be possible. The more education one receives, the greater the chance that they eschew their individualism and self-sufficiency? The more education someone receives, the greater the desire to be drug down to the level of the lowest achieving loser?

Lemme dive into the race issue once and for all, I have gnawed around the edges for five years on this blog. These are observations that I have made in my lifetime, too.

White supremacists and black supremacists EXIST. They are also the very same thing and strangely enough both belong to the Democrat Party. They are one with each other and until EVERYONE on Earth comes to that realization, NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING is going to change.

Is Barry Obama a black supremacist? If he is, that goes against every thing that he has been subjected to in his lifetime until he got to Chicago. Obama was raised by his white family and his yellow family. He attended exclusive white and yellow schools his entire life. He tossed his activist hat in the ring with the radical Jews who are all Communists at heart. He has surrounded himself with white activists for his entire political career and has associated with the most powerful white politicians since coming to DC. This leads me to believe that Barry is NOT a black supremacist.  The ONLY thing that points to Barry being a black supremacist is his involvement with Trinity United Church of Christ and that was obviously to get in good with the black community with which he had to experience at all.

True, Obama's entire presidential campaign was based on the FACT that he looks black. He has never exhibited a single thought that leads me to believe that he possesses anything other than marginal intelligence and his philosophy is NOT governed by his race, but by his radicalism. In other words, by his overly obvious hatred of the ideology upon which our country was founded.

Whenever I start one these posts, it seems that I never get around to the Shoe-Dropping, eye-opening climax.  I guess that comes from the assumption that everyone that makes it this far can deduce all the related philosophy that comes with my prior statements.  When I see that there are still people aligned with the Democrat Party, even after presented with all of the facts, I become disheartened.

Not this time.

From this point forward, I have decided to keep the gloves off.  I have pulled so many punches in the past that it has become second nature for me.  At this point in the development of our REPUBLIC it has become too important to continue to let the status quo continue.  If we do not defeat the "Progressive" ideology this November, I am terribly afraid that our nation shall be transformed for two generations, just like when we let the welfare stuff pass, and we shall NEVER return to our freedom-loving roots that the Republican Party planted back in the 1860s.

However, this time, it shall not only be the black race that is shackled, and sold to the highest bidder, it shall be all races, creeds, religions, and ideologies that are overpowered by the ideology of slaughter, imprisonment, destruction, and death that IS "Progressivism."

I am unwilling and unable to let that happen to me.

Please take the time to comment.


Paul Mitchell said...

By the way, just to put things in perspective about Roosevelt's election in 1932, he won 472 electoral votes and almost 60% of the popular vote. Blacks voted at a marginally greater rate for FDR than other races.

In 1936, blacks voted for FDR at 68% when the rest of the country went 60.8%. FDR received 523 electoral votes.

By 1940, people began to see exactly how terrible a president FDR was and his totals started declining again, but the electoral vote was still 449, while he garnered 54.7% of the popular vote. Remember, there was NO internet then, most folks still were without running water outside of the major cities.

FDR's popularity continued to fall in 1944 when he received 53.4% of popular vote.

Truman received 49.6% of the popular vote in 1948, so most folks were seeing the detrimental effects that Democrat stupidity had on economic policy, yet with the WWII victory were not quite ready to throw them out. This was also the year that the Dixiecrats walked out of the DNC because there were some black folks there. Immediately after the Dixiecrats disbanded, they ALL went back to the Democrat Party.

In 1952, Republican Eisenhower won the entire country, EXCEPT for the KKK controlled South and received 55.2% of the popular vote. This was a fun election, though, because the Democrat Party was totally split across the nation. Even Al Gore Senior and his racist screed was a VP nominee. Democrats were yet to try to hide their racism.

John Kennedy "won" this election 49.7% to 49.6%. Robert Byrd won the states of Miss and Alabama because the Klan was still running those states. Please keep in mind that Kennedy ONLY wound up as President because of voting irregularities across the nation, but mainly in CHICAGO.

And the rest, as they say, is HISTORY. No, Kennedy was NOT a stellar president at all. He is deified because he was assassinated. He achieved VERY LITTLE as president.

Andy said...

Man, that WAS a long post. I got through it in about 14 seconds and agreed with everything.

Hang on...oh, I see that there is a "read more" link.

I'll get back to you on it.

Joubert said...

Excellent. I'm glad you still have the patience to explain the obvious. Of course you wouldn't have to explain it if everyone saw the truth.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, Joubert, your third identity? I like this one better though.

Thanks for reading the short form, Andy.

Andy said...

Dude, I read the long form, too. I just got occupied and didn't get back around to say so.

Yeah, what Joubert said. I love that guy, but he changes names like I change least twice a year.

I'm just glad he dropped the Barry deal.

Andy said...

Dude, I read the long form, too. I just got occupied and didn't get back around to say so.

Yeah, what Joubert said. I love that guy, but he changes names like I change least twice a year.

I'm just glad he dropped the Barry deal.

paul mitchell said...

Dang, Joubert, your third identity? I like this one better though.

Thanks for reading the short form, Andy.