Monday, August 09, 2010

The Liberals/"Progressives" Ruined College

In my lifetime, it has become utterly necessary to go out and get you a college education. There is only ONE reason that has become imperative, too. The "Progressives" have ruined our primary educational system. The entire ed industry is run, populated, and designed by those that adhere to the "Progressive" mindset. This is completely devastating to our kids and by default, our country's future.

You see, "Progressives" HATE HATE HATE mathematics, science, history, and most of all, philosophy. Theirs is a mentality based utterly on emotion. They live the same lifestyle as a freaking hamster. They concentrate solely on where their next meal is originating and what they can screw next to achieve physical release.

A little known blogger, Glenn Reynolds, wrote a piece about the impending higher education bubble. And I saw another post this past week that stated plainly, "If you want to become a millionaire, NEVER go to college."

Both of these articles point to a coming situation that I have long realized was coming, colleges are going bankrupt because they adhere to the ridiculous idiocy of "Progressivism." Plus, the information that is distributed in the academic environment is WRONG. I know this firsthand from actually going to college and debating the morons that run our College of Architecture at Mississippi State University. If dumber people exist, that scares me.

You read it in your daily paper every single day, "We gotta do something about the cost of a higher education!!!" But, every single article I read about the SOLUTION appears to point to even MORE free schooling and greater access to student loans.

This is the typical mindset of a stupid liberal. If something costs a bunch of money, then we have to make it easier for poor people to achieve, so let's take a bunch of EARNED money, remove it from the economy, and throw that money at people that are too stupid to earn what they need. Folks, this is a never ending cycle.

When our moronic federal government started giving student loans to every single person that applied for one, they increased DEMAND for a college education exponentially. Please, ignore the fact that the reason that folks need that college education these days is because the "Progressive" mindset has ruined our public school system. A high school diploma means nothing now BECAUSE of "Progressives."

Currently, our public school teachers are monumentally overpaid for the terrible job they are doing, yet we continue to throw more and more money at that losing proposition. We can thank the SECOND dumbest president, Jimmy Carter, for signing the law that created the federal government's Department of Education that has reduced EVERY SINGLE METRIC that gauges our students' success.

But, hey, let's throw an ever increasing shitload of money at that FAILED system. In the middle of the greatest depression this country has ever seen, the Democrats in Congress are trying to steer even more money to the entities that have destroyed intelligence in our country.

Please tell me, if costs of education are increasing by leaps and bounds, yet test scores and learning are plummeting at alarming rates, do you just redouble your efforts to prop up the system that is in place, or do you change gears and try something new? Well, if you are the federal government, you wrest away still more control from the local school board and you place ever tightening federal regulations on school districts.

Guess what? In ten years, the situation is going to be even worse.

Now, as far as college in concerned, there is a mentality that exists that is so very far gone into the depths of "Progressivism" that it might never recover. Please take the time to check out these RAAAAACIST standards from the University of Delaware. (Hat-Tip: Jeff Goldstein)

Let's ignore the inherent racism in UoD standards for a minute and ponder why they did that. It is because "Progressives" are fucking stupid. That is the only reason, folks.

Now, let's talk about why college costs so much. ONLY REASON, the federal government made it easy for stupid people to go to college by the grant money and the student loans. What they failed to even attempt to understand when they created these two entities is that increased DEMAND increases COSTS. This is mainly from the age old FACTUAL happenings, that when you increase the number of students EXPONENTIALLY, you have to provide a place to teach them. Sure, there are more TEACHERS needed, more supplies, more toilet paper, more DEMANDED student services, etc..........

Doubling the size of your student body, doubles the required space for them to be taught. This is very simple to understand. It is a square footage thing. If ONE person requires fifteen square feet to exist, allowing for their personal space, TWO people require thirty square feet. This is a no brainer.

To double your student body size, you have to double classroom space. This costs MONEY, you know?

Final thought. If we continue to allow the "Progressives" to speak without totally destroying their "arguments" at every chance, the total failure and collapse of our society is just as much our fault as it is theirs.

We have to reintroduce LOGIC and PHILOSOPHY back into the brains of our kids, so they can kill the ridiculous cancer that is liberalism/"Progressivism." We should have had the damned balls to destroy that cancer one hundred years ago before it took over our schools.

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