Friday, August 06, 2010

Obamanomics Brings the Cuh-Ra-Zee!

On the radio this morning, President Moron's visit to the auto plants made for some really insane comments from Crazyland. Of course, Obama has to attempt to build himself up by denigrating others because Obama has zero successes in his lifetime.

He wheeled out the ridiculous, tired, old canards of "The Party of NO" and the "Past Administration." He HAS to do this because the Obama FAILboat is sinking faster than any other in the past. Instead of focusing on the ideology that WORKS, President Obama embraces an ideology that has never worked and can never work BY DESIGN.

Barry also said, "We have proved them wrong." and "There were some that did not believe in the American worker."

What he is too intellectually incurious to understand is that the money that he used to pay off his friends that run the unions CAME FROM THE AMERICAN WORKER that just so happened to be working at businesses that shall now close because of his payoffs to his corrupt buddies.

Barry Obama is too intellectually incurious to understand that giving money to a company that had failed took money from a company that had not.

Obama is too intellectually incurious to understand that he, for all intents and purposes, took money from a thriving business that was using sound business practices and redirected it to a company that had failed miserably at its primary function and continues to implement those same faulty business practices.

Barry is too intellectually incurious to understand that he basically just placed an innocent man in jail to allow a murderer to go free.

It is easy to sit around and say, "Hey, our first 'black' president has saved and created 1000 jobs at one auto plant.", but at the expense of how many REAL jobs? I bring up his race because electing Obama because he is half-black is the ONLY reason to actually vote for him.

Those that still support this type of cancerous leeching of the hard-working folks in this country are simply too freaking stupid to understand that right has become wrong, evil has become good, and success has now become failure.

The liberal ideology has become such an overwhelming drain on our very individual freedoms that our very survival is in jeopardy.

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Full Metal Patriot said...

Great post. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who takes exception to His Highness speaking at the Ford plant and acting like his misguided handouts of taxpayer dollars are directly responsible for their success.

Paul Mitchell said...

Some of the ridiculous things that he says and that the Barrystream Media reports just boggles my mind. It seems that if they continue to report stuff that is so verifiably untrue, a blackhole of disinformation would open up and swallow them whole.

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, Skunks, it is not like he can take credit for anything else. His photo op driving the Chevy Volt ended when the car went dead after driving ten feet.

Skunkfeathers said...

BWHAHAHAHAHA...the car's prescient.

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