Saturday, August 14, 2010

One of the Dumbest Conservative Bloggers Responds

Rick Moran has declared as stupid everyone that answered the poll at Right Wing News about the worst figures in US history. Obviously, Rick is infinitely more important and more knowledgeable than I could ever be. BUT! The folks that made the compiled list are the ones that EVERYONE added to their individual list. Of course, we might not have thought that those congruent folks were the absolute worst on our list, but they are pretty much the ones that are prevalent in popular culture. Those folks are front and center RIGHT NOW. They are part of an era and the fact that so many current hideous people made the list, means that maybe philosophical bent is becoming more important to us STUPID people.

What does that tell you, Mr. Moran? Hmmmm? Do not listen to me though, I am stupid. My opinions can be discounted.

Here are my top twenty: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg, Barry Obama, Aldrich Ames, Aaron Burr, Robert Hanssen, Jane Fonda, Benedict Arnold, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Earl Warren, Franklin Roosevelt, Hugo Black, Robert Byrd, Edward Kennedy, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Jesse Jackson. (I left Alger Hiss out for some stupid reason. I would have dumped Jesse if I had thought of Hiss.)

Why did I choose these people? Well, obviously, traitors to our country rank high on my list. The Rosenbergs, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen, Jane Fonda, Benedict Arnold, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, ALL TRAITORS to the nation. Of course, Fonda, Zinn, and Chomsky are not as important as the others, but since Zinn's book is FORCED reading to a good portion of our school children, don't you think that is important? Chomsky is considered to be one of the "best thinkers" of our time by leftists and gets much press. Fonda was a vital cog in the abandonment of our allies in Vietnam. That abandonment had HUGE repercussions at the time that still exist today.

The Clintons because they were, at the time, the MOST corrupt administration in HISTORY. Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED, you know? That is somewhat of a big F'ing deal. The Clintons are hideous people and we have a whole generation that shall give those pond scum the credit for the economic resurgence in our country during the 1990s, even though NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Barry Obama because his administration has FAR SURPASSED the sheer corruption of the Clintons' administration in one shake of a lamb's tail and has led this country into the ideology abyss not seen since Jimmy Carter or Franklin Roosevelt. That kinda means something to us stupid people.

Also, racists in POWAH rank high on my list, too. There is a lot of overlap in this one, Roosevelt, Carter, Black, Obama, the Clintons, Byrd, Kennedy, Jackson are all some of the catalysts behind racism at their particular time. All of these terrible people are lionized by the political left and those on the political left control our schools. They spend all day, every day, talking about how wonderful these historical figures are. That is kinda more important than some dude that killed prostitutes or sold liquor during prohibition.

Notice also that I have Supremes on my list. Wonder why?

Now, one of the ways that I looked at the Worst in History was that most people could immediately condemn Timothy McVeigh, he's a one off. Of course, Charles Manson comes to mind, too. Or what about Al Capone? Folks, THESE are fucking stupid choices. These were at BEST marginal criminals, but we want to put them in the group of the Worst in History? What kind of idiot would do that? What kind of dumbass would say Ted Bundy? Good Lord.

What about William Randolph Hearst as a WORST? While he might have had a big impact on the philosophy of his era (which is LONG dead) and led the newspaper business into the morass of stupidity, Barry Obama's Twitter account reaches twice the audience in one single minute. It seems to us stupid folks if you are going to argue for Hearst, he has to come AFTER Obama for the very reasons you cited.

Personally, I think that it is very hard to argue against anyone on Hawkins list, except for maybe Michael Moore. But, what the Hell do I know? I am one of Rick Moran's Dumbest Forty-Three Bloggers List.

Doug Mataconis' list is what reminded me of Hiss and he also included Roger Taney, another very good Supreme choice. But, Doug's also includes John Wilkes Booth, another one-off criminal.

Anyhoo, Rick's stupid post was one of those that needed to only be filed in his trash can.

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Dick Hunter said...

"Do not listen to me though, I am stupid. My opinions can be discounted."

When you're right, you're right!

I know you were trying to be ironic, but the simple truth is that you are indeed stupid.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Rick Moran is anything but a conservative or a 'right winger' as his site name implies, he typically spouts rather loony-lefty stuff. I like the list but am surprised that Michael Moore didn't make it.

Bill Clinton at the top too? Off topic but check out my interview with the conservative director behind Michael Moore Hates America.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dick, thanks. But, seriously, you have no idea what I was trying to be.

LCR, I have been reading Nuthouse for about five years, Rick has changed quite a bit since I have been reading his blog.

Skunkfeathers said...

I've never heard of Rick Moron, but I reckon he's more Libtard than right any more. And Dick Hunter is apparently his butt boinker, which 'splains his snarky comment to you.

CaptiousNut said...

LBJ is a savvy choice; he's on my list too.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, Rick is having a patented squishy conservative meltdown. It is sad to watch a man start questioning his philosophy.

C-Nut, LBJ and FDR are on my list for pretty much the same reasons, but personally, LBJ was much more offensive and the destruction caused by his policies all happened in my lifetime and were very easy for me to see, but very hard to watch.

Andy said...

That was a good post, TD. I hope Moron read it.

And Dick's Momma couldn't have come up with a mo' better name for the boy.