Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thoughts on the Ground Zero Mosque

There is very little that I have to say about the Religion of Peace building a victory trophy on Manhattan. There is little to say because I am not an idiot.

You see, it has been hundreds of years since the Muslims have any achievements at which to point. Theirs is a culture of regression, just like Democrats. They want to return to their heyday, circa 900. No, Muslims have not accomplished anything since that time other than blowing up women and children.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims cannot read or write, have little electricity in their areas, are mostly starving to death because their intelligence is so low that they cannot understand FARMING, they treat their women just like the cavemen before them did, and they practice sexual deviancy with prepubescent boys and girls. That is to say that Muslims are EXACTLY like Democrats.

See yesterday's post for further evidence.

If you do not know the slaughtering history of the Muslim religion, then you cannot understand the HUGE significance of their construction of the Muslim Victory Trophy AT Ground Zero. No, the mosque to be built is NOT near Ground Zero, it IS Ground Zero.

Since you probably get your news from Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, let me explain why the mosque site IS Ground Zero. When the Muslims flew the planes into the World Trade Center in the attempt to KILL fifty thousand people, the planes disintegrated. Landing gear from one of the Muslims flaming missile planes damaged the building where the Muslims plan on building their Muslim Victory Trophy. Again, the site IS LITERALLY Ground Zero. They are going to build on the site of their FIRST "accomplishment" since the year 900.

Now, remember, the very first tenet of Islam is that Muslims must KILL everyone that is not Muslim so they can go to the little girl rape room in the sky. You can call it something else, but why would they be promised seventy-two virgins other than so they can rape children in the afterlife? That is their highest honor.

Now, you continually hear the morons that practice the culture of slaughter talk about HEALING and facilitating dialogue. Lemme just say that if that is what they are trying to do, maybe they should stop the murdering, FIRST. Maybe that will ease the tensions that NORMAL people feel toward their hideous "religion." Opening a basketball court or a couple of rape rooms, while very nice indeed, is a far cry from stating plainly that you are no longer going to strap explosives to your chest, run into a Pizza Hut screeching "All run to the snack bar!" and ignite the charge.

For some reason, the morons in charge of those inbred, backwards rapebillies in Muslimville, never do come out and say, "Hey, Mulehammered, maybe we should quit raping those little boys, and maybe slaughtering innocent people going about their lives is a tad gruesome."

When that does happen, maybe normal people (you know, those that are not actively trying to return to a lifestyle from over ONE THOUSAND years ago) will start listening to you.

Until that time arrives, I am taking anything you say with a huge grain of a danged SALTMINE.

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Boogie said...

"The little girl rape room in the sky."

I've never heard it put quite that bluntly before...but it's right.

As for this entire debacle...well, they want to glory in the fact that they brought the tower's down. That's all there is to it. This ain't about religious freedom, building bridges, or having dialogue. It's about celebrating the fact that they killed 3,000 people in one fell swoop.

Some people may say that I paint with a broad brush when it comes to Muslims, especially when I say things like "your religion's founder was a child molester" and "your religion is not one of peace, but is spread by the sword."

"But, but, Christians have done awful things too!!!" the namby pamby liberals whine, somehow trying to justify a bunch of mass murdering f**kheads by pointing to history (that's a lot like saying "that guy shot some other dude in the face, I should be able to shoot you in the face." Jackasses).

The difference is that Christianity is not based on being spread by violence...whereas the Koran says

But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem...

Oh yeah, that's a religion of peace right there.

Ravi Zacharias claims that Islam is a political system, not a religion. I'm inclined to agree.

Red said...

"Now, you continually hear the morons that practice the culture of slaughter talk about HEALING and facilitating dialogue. "

And the problem with that is the only side interested in that dialogue is our Dumb-ocrats. Pretty sad that 9/11 is the only jewel in their crown since the 900s.

Red said...

Totally linked!

RightGirl said...

If they cared anything about "dialogue" and "bridge building", they would take into consideration the pain and grief this is causing. A Muslim center anywhere in Manhattan is bad, but at Ground Zero it is a slap in the face. They don't want dialogue - they want division. And they're getting it in spades*.

*Can we still say spade in Obama's America?


Anonymous said...

Come on Paul,

Nothing about the "alien in the White House?"

This guy is literally not American (they just released his most recent US passport, what about the passport he used in college???), no one can be that out of touch with American values (not even the boys at Harvard/NYU/etc...). Something isn't right at all.


Moogie P said...

This may be the biggest issue to come down the pike in quite awhile -- maybe not since the Middle Ages, but definitely since the genesis of The Era of O.

Something very bad is going to happen if this thing is built. I can smell it in the air all the way here in flyover country.

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, obviously, all present feel pretty strongly about this issue.

Wonder why?

Maybe Obama's is not going to be a race war. Maybe a religious war is his to start.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love the post and keep up this fight please!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

It is hard for me to believe there IS a fight because this whole issue is insane. I am at a loss to how to debate CRAZY.