Friday, September 10, 2010

Burning the Qu'ran and Obamanomics

Man, if the entire interwebbyblarx is not ASPLODING with news about some dude planning a Qu'ran burning. Please, folks, shut the Hell up about how it is RAAAAACIST and backwards thinking and bound to cause a collective Muslim upshitting of skulls. Like those Muslims just never get together to burn our flag or cheer in their collective streets when 3000 of our citizens get slaughtered by their MISSIONARIES, amirite?!?!?!

Put this is perspective. About 85% of the world's Muslim population cannot read and do not have electricity to power a television, radio, or computer. They are LITERALLY the dumbest people on the damned planet. Their imams, or whatever the head goat humpers are called, are going to tell those sheeple whatever they want to. Muslims ALREADY hate the United States of America because we do not, as a nation, worship their pedophile prophet.

AND! About 95% of them shall never hear that it ever happened. EVER.

Good Lord, even conservatives are all up in arms about this crap.

But, you know what else? The imam, in charge of the Muslim Trophy they want to build on Manhattan, says that if we do not capitulate to the Muslims on that disgrace, THEY WILL ATTACK YET AGAIN.


By the way, Right Girl has an even better idea, instead of burning a book, burn the Muslims

Still, my biggest concern right now is the FACT that Obama (and the moronic, imbecilic Democrat Party) has plunged our country into a damned DEPRESSION.

All while the Democrats' hero, Fidel Castro, abandons the policies of Democrats.

The growth rate of the economy continues to fall.

Obama and his pillagers/plunderers are planning ANOTHER "stimulus."

The employment report looks like shit.

Obama and the Democrats have doubled down on the mortgage idiocy and are trying to get even more people to join the ranks of the underwater.

Obama cannot even figure out how tax cuts work, even though he is touting that now in his campaigning for the soon to be slaughtered Democrats.

Dangerous economic signs are everywhere. There is no industry that is not affected negatively by Obamanomics.

And to add insult to injury, ObamaCare is about to increase medical services prices exponentially.

Feh, I am simply disinterested in this stuff.

FOOTBAW, TONIGHT!!!  We Suck v. The Barn.  (I forgot this was on here and did that delayed posting thingy.  The Barn defeated We Suck last night, 17-14.)

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Red said...

Totally linked!

Boogie said...

I was at the game last night. I have blisters from the new cowbell...and then we couldn't even capitalize on a blocked field goal attempt! Dammit, dammit, dammit...

What I wanna know is, why is it that this dude down in Florida is gettin' all this attention for burning some Korans (I'm not spelling it the other way, I can't ever figure out where to put the ' thing)? I mean, I'm not really a conspiracy theorist, but, well, considering the driveby media actually does have a conspiracy against us, well, are they conspiring to show how intolerant Americans are, and thus win support for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque?

Something is fishy right here.

Of course, they're going to pick out the craziest Christians they can find to put on TV...including this guy with the mustache.

And what a mustache it is.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks much, Red. Aren't you supposed to be packing?

Boogie, your mama did NOT raise a fool. You see exactly what is going on. The Barrystreams found the weirdest crap they could find and stirred the shit bucket. It is even more fun for me now that Democrat Westboro "Baptist Church" is involved, too.

Red said...

I got all weekend to sweat that. I'm taking a break!

Skunkfeathers said...

Thanks for the footbaw diversion ;) A nice change of pace from being constantly reminded that we live during the regime of the worst president in US history.