Saturday, September 18, 2010

College Gameday - Week 3 - September 18, 2001

WOO HOO!!! The Moron Crew from COLLEGE GAMEDAY is at Jordan-Hare for The Barn v. Clemson.

By the way, this scoreboard is MORE than just a pretty face, HERE IS HOW TO USE IT. And Moogie, I know that I promised to show how to proxy server to see the blacked out games, but I just did not have the time this week. I'll make TWO videos to make up for it. (One will be me dancing NEKKID.)

(Scoreboard moved to College Gameday - Week Four - September 25, 2010.)

There are some good games today. NUMBER UNO, Bammeroids v. Duke is NOT one of them. I predict 6,000,000 to DONUTS.

And weirdly enough, I like We Suck v. Geaux Tigers with the points. We Suck is getting 7.5 across the board, but I saw one line at 9.5. I need me some of that action.

And, I look for Klansingtonville to LOSE to Vandy. No shit. Vandy gets 14.5, take it and HOCK THE FARM.


Oh, and since we are talking about FOOTBAW, here's Ines Sainz NUDE.



Staci said...

College Gameday! Yee Haw!!!


Skunkfeathers said...

The 'Horns vs da Red Raidahs...oughta be a good 'un.

'Bama vs Duke? LMAO...

Andy said...

Sigh. Got called in to work today.

Oddly enough, I like We Suck, too agin my Tigers. Vandy is not as bad as advertised, and the Klan is nearly extinct, so I'm picking a full win.

'Bama v. Duke might seem to be a laugher, but at least Duke is not a bunch of wusses like USCCC.

Moogie P said...

Ooooh, I'm all atingle in anticipation of video to come! Fortunately ESPN had my Razorback back today. How bout them Hogs!

And about the Vandy thrashing -- welcome to the Nutt years, Oxford. Deal with it.

Skunkfeathers said...

What the hell's wrong with the 'Tide? They nearly lost to DUKE!!! Instead of winning 6 Million to Donuts, they only won by 49!!!


And what's this? The Sooners were only 3 better than the Air Force Academy? Whoa, dude. Mebbe the Sooners shoulda gone to the PAC-10?

Fire the oddsmakers; Vandy didn't cover the spread by .5....

Basil said...

Hey, next week we get to find out whose Bulldogs are the worst in the SEC.

It could go to overtime.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, y'all look terrible this year so far in the W-L columns, but are y'all really as bad as We Suck?

Basil said...

The Bulldogs (both Bulldogs) are 2-6 in their last 8 SEC games. Any team that bad should lose. That's why I say overtime.

Boogie said...

Basil, we were suckin' something fierce the other night. The Dawgs scare me.

But UGA should fear the might of the cowbell and the pre-, during, and after-party in Starkville this weekend!

And I'm gonna be in damn

Paul Mitchell said...

I believe that MSU shall prevail, though.

Because I am insane.