Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Coming November Elections and Democrat Policy

By now I think that we can all agree without any doubt that the election of Barry Obama was the single DUMBEST thing ever done by the citizens of this country. Not only is Obama sandpoundingly stupid as FUCK, but with the Democrats in charge of Congress, there is no way to stop the utter collapse of the economic stability of future generations.

The very same thing happened the last time that we elected a really stupid dude in the Democrat Party. And luckily for us, that stupidity led to the turning out of the Democrat majority in Congress back in 1994.

We are at that crossroads yet again. Can we please NOT make the stupid mistake of ever electing another Democrat to office ever again in the history of our great republic? We are already going to have to wait two MORE years to undo the economic calamities that they have caused in the three short years they have been in charge.

Seriously, I try to make the case that the people in our country are the smartest on Planet Earth, and y'all are trying to prove me wrong.

Now, can we all agree that Barry Obama is a freaking dumbass?

And can we all agree to NOT vote for another Democrat as long as we live?

To the news...

OH NOES!!! Obama is CLUELESS on the economy. I have known that since 2005, by the way, and have yet to find anything that he is clueFUL on at all.

Plus, we must all stay aware of the Democrats starting their election year LYING about cutting taxes. To a Democrat not RAISING taxes is called a "TAX CUT."

As an example of exactly how clueless Barry Obama really is on economics, he is all GUNG HO for this plant that manufactures car batteries that only cost THIRTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH. Please remember that according to the Barrystream Media, Republicans are the rich fat cats. But, Barry Obama believes in giving subsidies to companies that make a product that NO ONE (except for MULTI-MILLIONAIRES) wants. Is it really possible that Obama is that stupid? Odds say, "YES!"

I am guessing that since Barry Obama thinks that at some point people have made too much money, that HE is not a part or parcel of that ideology. Allegedly, the money from the sales of these books is going to a scholarship fund. I wonder if that fund is going to be administered by the Congressional Black Caucus?

But, as you well know, if a person is a Democrat, they are a criminal. Those two are synonyms.

Democrats are violent.

And every economic plan that Democrats support increases the poverty level at all times. The three years of Democrat spending has undone the TWELVE years of Republican economic expansion. I wonder if Democrats are so stupid that they will actually TOUT a single thing that they have done since 2007, when they go home to run for office in November? Well, maybe if their district is in Atlanta, GA or Memphis, TN.

And here is a final thought. When Democrats run attack ads to try to get elected, they always have problems with those ads. Number one, because Democrats have never accomplished anything good, EVER. Plus, they have to lie, cheat, and steal to get their voter base, MORONS, to show up and vote for Democrats.

Here is a PRIME example of what goes wrong when Democrats try to speak about anything rather than just keeping their dumbass cakeholes shut.

Keep reminding everyone that you know not to let anyone vote for a Democrat. If you know of someone that is stupid enough to vote for a Democrat, please do everything in your power to have those idiots committed before the election rolls around.

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Steve B said...

Democrat not RAISING taxes is called a "TAX CUT."

Actually, I've also seen it presented that tax cuts are counted the same as "spending" because it is a "cost" to the government.

Moogie P said...

Happy to comply!

We'd better keep an eye out for estate tax action. It's flying under the radar right now.

Skunkfeathers said...

I just saw the latest effort by the DumbassNational Committee to stem the bleeding in November: "However much you hate us, the GOP is worse!".

The sad thing is...that IS their best shot -- absolutely NOTHING. 'Cuz NOTHING is all they've brung and screwed us with since '07.