Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - MALCOLM X? REALLY?

This is Malcolm X, formerly known as Malcolm Little, a small-time hoodlum that found "religion" in prison.

Yes, Little was a PRISLAMIST. He also promoted violence in pretty much everything that he did and was basically like Barry Obama's spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

Why is Malcolm Little on my radar this morning? Because the quote of the day came from Malcolm Little.

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."

Let me make this easier for y'all. Check out this quote.

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” Alexander Hamilton.

Just because I state words, doesn't not (<--typo, but I'm leaving it!) mean that I was the origin. There is so much misinformation available these days that it boggles the mind, especially when you get to talking about one of the prized possessions of the "Progressives." Now, in the last few days I have seen numerous posts about "If Malcolm X were alive today, he would be in the Tea Party." WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH A VIOLENT CRIMINAL THAT ADVOCATES FOR RACE WARS? And pray-tell, how is that congruent with the ideology of the Tea Parties? Yes, there are even idiots on the CORRECT (right) side of the political aisle.

Here are some of the quotes from Malcolm X, ALLEGEDLY. Notice the related authors of Mr. X.

You read all these quotes about freedom and justice, then you see the one about a man that works for his own livelihood is a BLOODSUCKER, what do you think? Well, you think that obviously Malcolm was not too swuft in the HEAD department.

"PROGRESSIVES" never are, folks.

Now, if I were running the Tea Party crowd, I would make all attempts to keep the "Man, we got some black folks in our group, too" thingy from happening and quit trying to entice folks to join BECAUSE OF RACISM.

Tea Party = smaller government and greater freedom.

"Progressivism" = really stupid blathering about groups of subgroups of microgroups and ridiculous ideology that makes intelligent people cry.

Pick a side, y'all.

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Anonymous said...

So are you saying an organization like the "ku klux klan" is just an extreme expression of "progessivism???"

Also don't you see a contradiction between smaller gov't and global military supremacy? Which is it Paul, a republic or an empire?? Pat Buchannan and I want to know, because you sure as hell can't have both. You can't have this
700+ billion dollar a year war machine and have a "small" gov't footprint...the "tail" is waging the dog my friend.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, "Progressives" are EXACTLY like the Klan. The Klan is a fascist organization, Barry Obama is definitely a fascist.

And as far as the military goes, the administration that runs it as government people that could certainly be downsized. The Joint Chiefs are nothing but a taxpayer funded lobbying organization. But, the guys that are protecting our country certainly need to be increased. Being in Cali and all, you should certainly be able to vouch for that need.

Anonymous said...

Cali is the future of America my friend, it may take a while before it gets to Mississippi but it is going to get there. From what I hear from our mutual friend he meets people from other parts of the country moving/living down in Mississsippi...from multi-ethnic couples form NY city and San Francisco...imagine someone voluntarily moving to MS from those two world class cities (not an insult but just showing how the future of America is slowing branching out to your neck of the woods.)


Paul Mitchell said...

Well, you gotta give Haley Barbour credit, he forced The 'Sip to tighten the purse strings. Of course, the Mexicans are taking over.

By the way, I live in Kentucky, dude.

Anonymous said...

What!!, when did you move?
Is this permanent?


Paul Mitchell said...

I moved up here in June and will be here another two years or so. Come visit, I live in Lexington, the Castro Street of Kentucky.


Lisa G in NZ said...

Has anyone proved if Malcolm X is indeed the hidden father of Obumbles?

damn, where is that birth certificate, eh...

Paul Mitchell said...

But, Lisa, if Malcolm did not legally change his name, there are going to be even more bad problems with Barry's BC.

Skunkfeathers said...

Seems Barry's approaching 2 million spent to conceal his education and birth certificate records is wasted. Like our tax dollars in the hands of libtards.