Sunday, September 05, 2010

Drvie-by Blogging - Lack of Sunday Morning Quarterback Edition


If there is anything that should be able to be counted on, it is the publication of Sunday Morning Quarterback. There is utterly NO REASON under the moon that this time-honored tradition should be canceled.

OH! It is Andy's birthday and he is not going to hit a lick at a snake today.

What a freaking DEADBEAT.

Happy Birthday, NO Sunday Morning Quarterback Publishing Old Guy.

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Andy said...

Thanks, Dude. Truth is, I really don't think I've got it in me this season to get started with SMQ. Somebody else needs to take it on...not sure how time will work out at this point.

I just happen to be free this morning, but not always. And, as to my leisurely day...gotta be at work at noon until 11 pm.

Thank God I had to work Sunday instead of yesterday.