Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Teh Google, You are Twelve!!!

This morning was also the first time that I hit NUMBER ONE on Bing!!! Wait...

Anyhoo, this blarq is nearing six years old and we have been on Blogger, Teh Google's blogging platform, for the entire duration! That is my gift to you, Teh Google. I hope you enjoy it.

And on Teh Google's twelfth birthday, we link to the Public Policy Blog that shows how Teh Google has been able to become so huge. The majority of the time that Google has been operating, Republicans have been running the show. Just so you know, if Democrats were in powah back in 1998 when Google started, the service would be nothing but an Indian (feather kind) blanket and a roaring bonfire.

Here is a way that you can help Teh Google Maps do a better job of running all of the Democrats out of the country. You see, ZERO small businesses are run by Democrats, so Small Business Blog is STRICTLY for Republicans. Since Teh Google doesn't have Food Stamp Blog or PBE Check Blog, I guess there is limited information for "Progressives" on Teh Google. (Yes, I am well aware that Larry and Sergey are Moonbats.)

Also, since Teh Google kicked off, they have delivered all kinds of fun toys to my pocket, including the Droid X. I only wish that they would hurry up and upgrade my OS so I could use the NEW TEH G-MAIL stuff on it!!!

Oh, but you know, the iPhone does an awesome job, amirite?!?!?!

Here are ten G-Mail tips from Mashable.

Here is a good move for Teh Google. Shut that damned "create a feed" service down. I used it for a couple of sites, y'all, and it was utter bullshit. I appreciated Teh Google trying to drag businesses into the RSS craze, but the feeds that Reader generated were Teh Suck.

Hey! Look! Liberal media is dying a slow painful death and they are going to try to keep afloat by using You Tube! Sixty Minutes, going to You Tube, wow.

Here's a tip for Sixty Minutes, try to actually publish some honest content on your You Tube page. The titles, description, and tags are important. Please try to remember not to falsify documents and stuff. It makes you look kinda screwy and dishonest. It might make you lose H-U-G-E clumps of market share.

Google Wave HAD to have had something to do with the new collaboration tools in Docs. So, methinks that Wave was ultimately successful.

New Teh Google Docs has multiple ways to import your files.

And whatever you do, do NOT forget that the OCR in Docs is working swimmingly. I have used it to translate an recipe screengrab from an old magazine and it missed ONE WORD.

Explaining the Ad Auction in Adsense.

Here's a little post about some social sharing plug-ins for Wordpress that goes well with this Teh Google dump, huh?

Oh! I almost forgot, I put up photo albums with Ines Sainz NUDE and Larissa Riquelme NUDE. Needless to say, they are kinda NOT. SAFE. FOR. WORK.

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