Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Um, Yeah, We Kinda DO Want to Return to What YOU Call "Failed Policies"

For the lede to this post, go read this, right this minute.

When you are a simpering imbecile, things become somewhat more difficult to understand than if you were not. Lately, President Dumbassedness McIgnoramus has been yapping about how we simply could NOT want to return to the policies that we had before he was anointed.

I am here to tell you that YES, WE DO.

What this image shows is one VITAL truth. While George W. Bush was President and had a Republican Congress, the DJIA and the S&P were BANGING. Please recall that shortly after Bush took office, the Religion of Peace flew some planes into some stuff and slaughtered some folks. Immediately following those PEACEFUL acts, we went to WAR in two countries.

Still, the market rebounded quickly from those happenings.

The reason that those numbers are OFF from when Bush took office is because Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007. What was the DJIA in January 2007? PLUS 1977.94 since January 20, 2001. Right around 12.5k. What was the S&P when Dumbasses took Congress? PLUS 87.95. Around 1409.

Of course now, the market has utterly uncoupled from reality to simply try to milk more money out of a rapidly collapsing world economy. Folks, there are no good signs at all about the future of your wealth.

For further proof of how we would LURVE to return to those FAILED POLICIES of the Bush era, let's check in on the employment situation.

When George W. Bush took office, the unemployment rate was at four point two percent (4.2%) but it was rising because of the Dot Com bubble bursting. The highest unemployment in any demographic was teenagers at a WHOPPING 13.8%. (Just so you know, TODAY it is over 26%.)

Oddly, across ALL demographics, the employment situation stayed the same throughout the Bush presidency. Granted, unemployment was rising from 2001 until 2003, but that was mainly because of the RECESSION that Bill Clinton left the country in when he left office.

In January 2007, when the Democrats took office, the unemployment situation was VIRTUALLY UNCHANGED from 2001!!! However, in the time since the Democrats took Congress and our country elected the dumbest piece of shit to ever be elected in history, unemployment has DOUBLED. Yes, it is right at ten percent now.


Housing? Worst in decades now.

Businesses? Getting the Hell out of this country.

Medical Services? Scared to high Heaven.

Insurance Agencies? They are not doing ANYTHING at all, other than cutting services and plans.

Construction? DEAD. Not to return for many years.

Gold? Sets record highs DAILY.

Folks, for anyone to actually want to press forward with the Democrat policies that have been in place since January 2007, THEY MUST BE SUICIDAL.

Plus, today there is talk about "Obama Tax Cuts." The "Obama Tax Cuts" are the Democrats simply reauthorizing the tax cuts instituted by George W. Bush. Continuing the same RATE is NOT cutting taxes, morons.

Plus, Boehner says that the Congress is not going to take it up. I agree with Boehner, if the Democrats LOSE Congress in November, which by all metrics, facts, and data, they should, they will actually attempt to pass tax HIKES in their lame-duck session to bring about further collapse of the economy to give them something to campaign on in 2012. Hide and watch.

The Barrystream Media is in FULLBLOWN Democrat campaign mode trying to serve their democrat masters. They want Barry to return to his "Glory Days?" Can ANYONE tell me when Barry Obama was anything other than the headliner at the Moronpalooza? Glory days, FUCK ME RUNNING.

Here is Barry doing exactly what the media wants him to do, return to his glory days. This is from yesterday.

That is his glory days, folks. NOTHING. Not one damned thing did he say. So, he did what they wanted him to do.

Why the Democrat media only can screech about RAAAAACISM when they talk about Republicans. Completely white, all white, majority white. Take a gander at Barry's latest concert. FAH REALS, you simply cannot make this shit up, y'all. If you could not see things with your own eyes, and decipher them with your own brain, you would be a Democrat.

Oh, by the way, you wanna see the hard-hitting interview that Rolling Stone did with Captain Moron?

I cannot continue, this just makes me ill that every person on Earth doesn't see this. That is UNpossible for me to comprehend.

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Moogie P said...

The idiots who continue to harp on "tax cuts for the middle class" (with a huge marriage penalty are beginning to tweak my intolerance meter.

Seriously. Who can say with a straight face that maintaining taxation rates at their current level is a tax cut?!?!

E. Gad.

And how about Estate taxes? No one's talking about the expiration of Estate tax exemptions.

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, they do not remember having to get together to do Farm Aid the last time someone jacked up estate taxes. John Cougar is so stupid that he is still pushing the estate tax hike when his grandfather lost the family farm because of them. Of course, that did give us "Scarecrow," which was his best album.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, why does he even hold concerts anymore? He has not learned any new songs...

Andy said...

Well, about 12 years ago, Pam took Dean, Ross, Phillip, and Paul to the Red River Revel. (Paul was still in diapers)

The featured band of the night was "Chicago." Seriously..."Chicago" playing the Red River Revel on the Shreveport Riverfront!!!

I guess it's kinda like that. Dude can't stand not to hear his own old tunes, and folks show up to listen to them for the eleventy-millionth time. Sad.

Paul Mitchell said...

But, wasn't that after Peter Cetera had already left the band? I am almost positive that is the case. Then even then, Chicago was not playing the same songs, amirite?

Andy said...

Don't know. I wasn't there.

I was on the road, working...probably in Starkville, or some other hell hole.

She told me about it when I called her at daybreak telling her I had checked in to some cheap motel, and had made the night...alive.

She seemed happy about it, so I just dropped it. Ya' know...if they sound happy, it's time to shut up.

Paul Mitchell said...

I wouldn't know about that, Andy. As far as I can remember, I have never made a chick happy.

Andy said...

Just take a job on the road, and act pitiful when you call back home.

Works. Trust me.

Paul Mitchell said...

Is pitiful the whiney, crybaby voice? I ain't too good at that one.

Skunkfeathers said...

I saw Barry's fact-void scree in Wisconsin...Feingold's in trouble there, and declined to share the dias with Barry.

Speaks volumes, it do.

Barry's tax cuts? Only an uber moron like Bill Maher could say that and maintain a straight face.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, it is like they do not even care what they say or do, the media is always going to cover for them. It is sickening, really.

Andy said...

Just take a job on the road, and act pitiful when you call back home.

Works. Trust me.