Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update on Droid X and Teh Google

When we last checked in on the Droid X, it had been decommissioned by an incompetent Verizon "technician." I went round and round with Verizon when the new replacement phone was back ordered.

Yes, the Droid X sold out in four days. Not good planning there Motorola.

Anyhoo, I went back to the trusty old stand-by, the MotoRazr V3 for about two weeks. Guess what? I STILL do not have a reason not to keep using the V3 other than I want to be even more obnoxious with my mo-BILE phone.

Anyhoo, anyhoo, Verizon gave me nearly seven hundred bucks in credits because of the problem with the tech and the new phone. Plus, the new Droid X was only 99 bucks. So, staying with the same company since 1986, while they are being bought and sold, must make for some value. I guess it does not hurt that up until Ma got hitched and I got rid of the UBS card, I was shelling out about five hunnert smackers a month for my service.

On to the review...

It is impossible to do a head to head comparison to the iPhone because the iPhone is so far inferior in every way except for battery life. So, if you have an iPhone, I am sorry, we'll catch up through the US Postal Service or something. Do you iPhone users really have a string attached to every other iPhone in the world?

The Droid X is flat-out awesome. It does everything exceedingly well, except the text messaging is slow out of the box. When you receive a text message, it take about nine seconds to actually get to it. All of the contact data loads, avatars included, and it holds things up a bit. Once that is loaded, sending a return message is one click and speak. The Google talky thing has messed up a total of ONE message that I have sent and I sound like Jethro Bodine.

The browser is blazing fast and the bookmark thingy is straight out of Minority Report.

Adding Twittah and FAILbook drags every bit of the information from those people including what they are wearing RIGHT NOW. (Not really, but damned near.) Add the Seesmic App, it is smooth as silk.

The integration with G-Mail, Docs, Maps, Reader, blah, blah, blah is perfect. This alone puts the iPhone in the shade. This one little feature should put MacApple out of business.

Short answer, I give this phone all THREE of my thumbs up. Get one. NOW. After using it for a week, you'll want to hunt Steve Jobs down and punch him and every one of his fanboys in the junk.

Now, for Teh Google news.

Since we were on the X, the Wall Street Journal covered Teh Google Instant and I wanted to say that it works really well on the X, too. There is no limit to how much Instant Search is going to change the web. No limit.

Teh Google released a new conversion e-book to try to address some of the upcoming changes. Grab your copy from the top link here.

I have been going back and forth with three folks on the advantages of Wordpress v. Blogger. I still cannot see why I can't make the modifications to Blogger that Wordpress uses as a standard, but this Blogger template seems to be almost exactly what I want from a blog. If I could ever figure out how to add the updated templates and still use the HTML editor that I like in Blogger, I would have never switched for my business blog and all of my future blogging endeavors.

Well, except for my Tumblr. Dammit, I love that Tumblr. If you like unique architecture, you will too.

!!! I kinda missed those, but I turned them off in about an hour and a half.

You can win some free advertising from Teh Google TV Ads by entering this contest.

From the You Tube Blog, they are rolling out TRIAL LIVE STREAMING. Goodbye, Hulu.

Also, from You Tube, SEXY GOLF CARTS. Not kidding. And did Jimi Hendrix write that bumper music?

Teh Google Places has added tags. They have not been in place yet for the traffic testing for me, but I'll let you know. I guess it can't HURT.

Docs Viewer is different, now. Kinda Scribd or Adobe Reader-esque, huh?

Docs has also increased printer options. Just for your information, printer ink is allegedly the most expensive fluid on the planet.

Here are four more link-building thingies for your amusement. Of course, we employ Zemanta in this here blorx and I have not noticed a single difference.

And just as a quick diversion, Colombian lingerie chicks. And this one is a TWIN!!!

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Moogie P said...

Geez. You sound like The Son.

Paul Mitchell said...

I guess he likes HAWT Colombian chicks, too?

paul mitchell said...

I guess he likes HAWT Colombian chicks, too?

Moogie P said...

Geez. You sound like The Son.