Friday, September 24, 2010

What Really Happened in DC Today - The Colbert Edition

I made a comment on a video of Stephen Colbert's performance in the Congressional Hearing today and total morons started harshing on me. The fact that someone is defending this idiotic farce makes me ill. Yes, I was called the dumb one because he was using SATIRE to draw attention to a problem that affect MILLIONS and obviously I just did not get it.

Let's address the whole topic without even commenting on the Democrat Congress having a comedian, whose whole act is making fun of Republicans, in to perform. Democrats instituted the minimum wage. Democrats increased the minimum wage in 2007, 2008, 2009 sending the economy into a total tailspin and EXPLODING the number of Mexican illegals in this country. But, hey, FUCK ALL THAT, let's have Stephen Colbert up to The Hill to put on his traveling MORON SHOW.

Even the idiot from Detroit, John Conyers, said this was stupid and asked Colbert to leave. Yes, then Conyers changed his mind.

Now, let's see why in the Holy Hell that this crazy, ridiculous, Democrat smoke-screen went down today, can we?

The Colbert Show could not have POSSIBLY been scheduled to coincide with THIS could it?

Well, of course it was.

Who scheduled that Colbert Clown Fuck? None other than Zoe Lofgren. Does it all make sense, now?

You see, the Democrats HAVE to cover up the corruption and political shenanigans the best that they can to keep as many of their ILK in office. And who better to know exactly the extent of the criminal behavior going on right now in the Barry White House than someone that cut their political teeth on the Nixon impeachment charges. And wonder why the only thing we have heard from Hillary Clinton in a long time, is her new hairstyle.

Folks, there are Democrats running DC, Congress has become nothing but a festering pool of sewage, equaled only by the cancerous oozing occurring at the White House.

You should wake up every morning JONESING to get your vote on when the Moron in Chief says stupid stuff like this.

Or when you read about the leftist terrorists cyber-attacking your friends and philosophical brethren.

Here are the Senate race breakdowns right now.

The first provisions of ObamaCare started yesterday and let's check-in on the lies that have been discovered THIS WEEK. There are many, many more of things to come, too.

More on ObamaCare at six months.

Lisa has a great bullet list of ObamaCare failures.

When you have liars, murderers, and thieves running the country, we get to see awesome instances of corruption and graft, but dammit let a chick running for office be a Republican and all Hell breaks loose.

Here's a recounting of Eugene Robinson's take of the Republican plan for our country when all of the Democrats are imprisoned.

And finally someone has narrowed the Obamanomic failures down to TEN. I could not do it, there are simply too many and ZERO successes.

A really simple economic question posed to the Obama-panty-wearing-booty-boy, Paul Krugman.

Zero Hedge put together some economic graphics that even Democrats can understand.

Here is a person in my chosen field talking about solutions to the collapse of the architecture business. To ignore the reasons for this depression is to ignore the only way to fix it. AND MORE GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE FUCKING ANSWER, MORON.

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Anonymous said...

Solutions to the architecture business?

Really, sounds like the architecture industry has joined the real world.

Welcome to being dehumanized, why should architects be above this? While everyone else suffers: financial analyst, radiologist, accountants, IT, engineering...

Y'all should be happy your profession had it so good this long, welcome to the new reality where guys in Hungary can spit out designs for a fraction of the cost and attitude.

The best kind of architect sees what is going on and can build a team in a low low cost country and be the front man for the operation.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, our industry is always the first to go and the last to come back. We work on expansion, so when money STARTS getting tight, our business goes to Hell. Ours fell apart about three years ago.

But, at the post that I linked, the writer was talking about getting with government for subsidies to help tide the large architecture firms over so they would not have to lay off people.

Most architects are really stupid as far as economics are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Did we read the same article?

I thought he was talking about free market solutions like across the board salary reductions, job sharing (this is popular in Germany), or saving money on office space. Or getting outside consultants to assess the business.

Or just practicing good Keynesian economics by saving money in the good times instead of sending partners on trips in business class to India in search for work, to weather the storm in the bad times.

I don't remember gov't being mentioned, but just suggesting for better business practices. I'll go back and check....getting gov't to incentive hiring? Is that stuck in your craw?


Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, when anyone says, "Hey, let's partner with government to work out the wasteful practices that we have," it is headed in the wrong direction.

What architecture firms do that is patently unbusiness-like is that they load up with staff when they get a big job, rather than plan the work load with existing staff. I have never seen an architecture firm tell someone that their fifty million dollar job will take two years, they always say that they can do it in six months, hire a bunch of folks to do the work, then still take two years.

Andy said...

Those Senate numbers are interesting. I don't know if they will hold, but with any luck (and if the RSCC gets it's head unstruck), momentum could even pick up.

Lord knows, I would party like it's 1980 if Harry got sent home.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, remember when Tip O'Neill got sent home? 42 years in Congress.

Harry needs the same retirement.

Moogie P said...

I don't think I've met that particular Mr. Keynes.

Moogie will do an exotic happy dance if Harry gets sent packing.

Lisa G in NZ said...

thanks for the link, Paul

have a super dooper day now

p.s. spring has started down here, wahooo!