Saturday, October 23, 2010

College Gameday - Week 8 - October 23, 2010

If you are looking for Herbert Kirkerstreet and The Four Letter's Moron Crew, they are in Missouri, for the game with Okie Sooners v. someone else that I never heard of. Is there REALLY a college in Missouri?

Man, it seemed like today would NEVAH get here and y'all ALL know the big story of today. We Suck SHOULD become bowl eligible today. CROOM!!!

But, the blood-letting begins in earnest today, too. The Championship Conference West is certainly going to lose an undefeated team today. (Story continues below scoreboard.)


Flarda gets their BYE week just in time folks. Trust me, I hate Da Gates with an all consuming white-hot fire because of the trips that my family took to their fly and skeeter infested cesspool of a shithole stadium to watch them destroy We Suck, but it pains me to see them S-UH-UH-UH-UCK like they are this year. How bad do they miss Timbow (Tivo) and Percuh Harvey? The best thing about how bad the Gata are doing this year is that FINALLY, We Suck has some highlight reels on the Four Letter that don't show the Dawgs getting beaten.

Of course y'all all know that our SEC chicks are HOTTER.

First game, the African American Bears @ Razorhawgs. It is going to take some getting used to changing their name from the Klan, but at least they kept the racial component in their name. What would the Klan be without the traditional hating of black folks? Just another mediocre team with no personality, that's what.

Sing it with me, "Are you ready? Hell yeah, damn right! Hodd(tt)y Toddy, Gosh Almighty, who the Hell are we? HEY! Flim-flam, bim-bam, African American Bears, by Damn." *Yawn*

Then we got the GAME. The unbeatens in the West meet up at The Barn. Geaux Tigers (#6) travel to The Barn (#4) to find out how far a team can fall by losing to another Top Ten team. Make no mistake, if either team loses, which HAS to happen, they will fall outta the Top Ten. We gotta make mo' bettah room for tOSU and Oregon, because Oregon is representing the PAC-10 this year since uSCCC cannot go bowling. (My real thought is that the NCAA, the Four Letter, and the BCS are trying to get Boise State and TCU in the faux championship game. I blame Obama.)

'Cocks @ Vandy at 7:00. Ewwww.

University of A at B @ We Suck. This should be a cakewalk for the We Suckers. This should also be the start of a Cotton Bowl run for We Suck, too. We'll see.

Bammer at Rocky Top. Look for Bammer to blow this one wide open. If they can. Ever since they swapped teams with UGA, you never know what you are going to see, though. Keep in mind, Bammer barely beat the African American Bears last weekend and Rocky Top is coming off a BYE, that they barely won.

UGA is here in Lexington. UK has been at home for three freaking weeks. Dude, you cannot leave the damned house on Saturday, either. I am beginning to think that the Corndogs of Geaux Tigers are no longer the most obnoxious fans in the SEC. Seriously, you are a UK fan and you want to get all talk-y? Shut the Hell up, idiot, and please remove that ridiculous looking blue flag from your Trans-Camaro.

If you are looking for a Professional Breakdown of the games today, Andy has got that.


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Moogie P said...

I am digging your re-write of the Insurrectionist African American Ursas' Hotty Toddy chant!

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, they did it. They made their college a laughing stock of the world.

Oh, and hey! Let's get Obama down here to debate the McCainiac, too.

Andy said...

Dude, I almost spewed at the new and improved Klan chant. Actually, I did.

Thank you for acknowledging my professional take on thangs. I'm iz humbled.

I think the big story this week might happen on Tuesday when Boise gets LA Tech. I watched Tech take them to the limit last season before finally losing at the end. The Bulldogs are spoiling to upset the BSCS apple cart. Could be wishful thinking, but I wouldn't be surprised to see either a Boise loss, or a very weak win.

College Gameday!

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, it is a sad state of affairs when we are counting on La Tech to correct the BCS rankings.

Basil said...

Again, I must say how much I appreciate your scoreboard, with its links to the games online. UGA sucks so bad they aren't on any of the TiVo channels I get here in the backwoods. But, I can set my MacBook on the coffee table and watch my Dawgs while The Wife watches her Tide on the big screen.

You rock.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, have you used the Picture in a Picture to switch back and forth yet?

Basil said...

No, I'm watching Bama-Tennessee and USC-Vandervilt on the TV/TiVo, and UGA-UK on the Mac. Three games at once is my limit.

But, I may give it a try in the future.

Paul Mitchell said...

They booted me from the We Suck-UAB game and now I can't see it anywhere in the damned menu.

The Gamecast is about eight minutes behind, too!!!

Skunkfeathers said...

Iowah lost...CU lost...BSCS blows klan goats and bears...

I blame Barry.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, you SHOULD blame Barry because it is his fault.