Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Site Hosting Gets Even MORE Freer!!!

There are so many companies that are offering free unlimited traffic, hosting, and blah, blah, blah, that it just doesn't make sense to not go ahead and go to your own domain. Wordpress hosting is usually included in nearly every package that I have seen, too. It gets kinda confusing if you are not checking up on it every stinking day.

Anyhoo, here is what I am doing right now with all the sites that I have. Needless to say, this blog is STILL on what was originally Blogspot. I am eventually going to buy the domain that this site needs, but what is the danged rush? My business site domains are managed through 1 and 1. I have an affiliate account there and if you are looking for good hosting and free domains, they have some specials right now worth checking out. Here is my link. Since it the freaking law to tell you this, I shall make three whole dollars and change if you go sign up. Don't worry, I shall NOT spend it all in one place. If you want me to build you a really simple website, let me know, I am trying to get some experience doing that. No, I won't charge you anything, but be warned, I am dumb as a barrel of hair with that stuff.

Even though I manage my domains through 1 and 1, I host my sites at iPage. The reason that I originally did that is because I am freakishly weird about having all of my eggs in one basket. Of course, the difficulty lies when you wind up with over three hundred passwords and have to have software running all the time to keep up with them. That said, iPage has unlimited hosting at a very low price, but there is a hiccup to that. You can only have three redirects with that unlimited free hosting without purchasing more redirects. This means that I can only have three different sites hosted on that unlimited account, unless all of them use the very same html files. What the Hell is the purpose of that, yo? Again, if you do not need more than three sites, the unlimited hosting and unlimited e-mail at iPage is only $3.50 a month. Dude, you cannot beat that for PRICE.

That brings us to Host Gator, the hosting company that I am trying to build my Internet Empire on. Yes, I am an affiliate there, too. The differences between Host Gator and iPage are marginal for the average site owner. The main difference is that Host Gator allows unlimited redirects with their package, which is why I am using them. The price is a little more than iPage, but the unlimited redirects makes all the difference in the world to me right now. Get normal person hosting for a mere $4.95 a month with a free domain, too.

By the way, I am working on a post based on finding this ridiculous FAILbook group. This page is called, "Things Obama has done..." It is REEE-DONK-U-LUS. Seriously, I laughed my ass off reading the things listed and argued are GOOD things. I would have been through hours ago, but I cannot stop laughing every time I read something like, "16. Changed the failing/status quo military command in Afghanistan."

In case you were unaware, Obama picked General Stanley A. McChrystal, to lead the effort in Afghanistan in June of 2009. Since that time, Afghanistan violence tripled and McChrystal was thrown out on his ass and David Petraeus, the guy that ran the war effort under PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH was moved back over there to correct Barry's mistakes. So, Obama's success in the Middle East has been his ability to TOTALLY scrap what he has done and go back to exactly the same thing Bush was doing WITH BUSH'S PEOPLE THAT WERE REPLACED WHEN BARRY BECAME PRESIDENT.

How anyone can be so ridiculously stupid as to count that as an Obama success, no one knows, but such is the nature of being an idiot that still has yet to realize that Barry is as bad or worse a president than Jimmy Carter.

Sorry, when I get started on how stupid the lefties are, it is kinda hard to stop.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Thanks.

Skunkfeathers said...

Things Barry has done? Easy; after each alleged "done", add "badly..very very VERY BADLY". That will make the list more credible.

Dean L said...

Dumber than a barrel o' hair. LOL. Arianna Huffington.

Paul Mitchell said...

Y'all, seriously, check out that list. It is utterly, completely, totally NUTZ.

Moogie P said...

Oh. Dear. God. That list is priceless.

My favorite is 4. Signed order to close the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay

I suppose he did sign that order.

And, 17. Closed offshore tax safe havens

Uh huh.

But the funniest of all is 7. Won the Nobel Peace Prize

That is still nothing more than a colossal joke.

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, they get crazier as they go further down the list, too. Thems peoples skeers me they are so crazy.