Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hit and Run Blogging - Linkdump

Just the facts, ma'am.

Massive voter fraud in Arizona. Illegal Mexicans involved.

Democrat insanity, how Bush destroyed the economy.

New Democrat campaign tactic, say that the Republican wants to shoot gays.

GREAT! home sales news, they are up 10% month to month. Only down from last September 19%, which is the metric that MATTERS.

Already counting ObamaCare victims.

Letters from the Democrats' heroine, Margaret Sanger

Remember that illegal, punishable by death, leak of all that classified data? Well, there is still MORE PROOF that WMDs were found in Iraq. And not only that, Iran was involved.

By the way, I posted the PROOF back in June of 2008 that WMDs were found in Iraq. At the time that the memo was written, June 2006, there had already been over 500 WMDs found in Iraq. Do yourself a favor and check the names on page three of the memo to see who received it.

Go watch Steve Green's Hair of the Dog at PJTV. Dude is a simple laugh riot.

Party on, Barry.

Party on, Joe.

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