Sunday, October 24, 2010

News of Last Week - A Big Ol' linkDUMP

There are all kinds of huge stuff going on in this country, but of everything that has gone on in the past week, I think that we can all agree that the biggest deal is that Sylvester Croom's method of corching at Mississippi State was the right way to go. Croom got rid of all the bad elements at State, grabbed a bunch of underrated talent, and then gave the team he built, with the proper motivation, over to Dan Mullen.

Thanks, Corch Croom, you done good. I only wish that the racist powers in charge had given you another year or so to show what you had built. I know that Mullen is grateful, though, you made him look good.

On to the NEW! and IMPROVED! Blogshow!

Let's start off with the youngsters talking about stuff. Boogie reminds President Moron that our folks are not motivated by fear, it's piss-offedness!

The biggest meme this past week has been the David Zucker "Call Me Ma'am" video. If you are the last person on Earth that has not seen it, here you go.

Union member fired by Barry Obama's front men for wearing a USS George HW Bush tee-shirt and hat. Next Barry will have every member of the military fired for wearing the flag on the uniform sleeve.

Please read the Constitution, "separation of church and state" is NOT in there, folks.

I really do not get why the normal people are all up in arms about Juan Williams getting fired from NPR. Who in the Hell doesn't know that NPR is just a tax money suck? It delivers NOTHING of value otherwise it could support itself.

Malkin on Juan.

No Sheeples Here has the Defund NPR rallying cry.

Seriously, folks. The firing of Juan Williams makes you want to defund NPR? You should have already been screaming for that. Seems to me that our tax money is going to promote an actively anti-American agenda. Even the unions do not have to pay for that stupid shit with their dues. (Ignore the fact that if normal people would simply walk out of the unions and never return, the unions would crumple and fail.)

Oh, here's a big story, Rachel Maddow said something that was stupid, dishonest, stupid, untruthful, and stupid. Boy, I am just stunned nekkid over that!

And dude, if Maddow apologized for every stupid thing she said, we would have an hour of Harry Potter apologizing every night for the next three months or whenever MSNBC goes belly-up. And strangely, she failed miserably at apologizing, too.

A trifecta of ObamaCare "I told you sos."

You mean it is going to cost more than they told us? Who did not know this? I posted on the actual cost of ObamaCare on my birthday in 2008, using KNOWN costs of taypayer-funded medical services.

You mean ObamaCare is going to motivate people to NOT work? Lyndon Johnson used this very ideology to create an entire welfare dependent society in the minority communities. Yes, we have EVIDENCE this very thing will happen. Of course, that is the very reason that Democrats pass anything, they do not care if anyone gets wealthy or succeeds as long as Democrats have a bought and paid for base of dumbass and deadbeat voters.

And you mean that oppressive government regulation of medical insurance will make premiums GO UP? How could the end result be anything other than more expensive medical services and insurance costs? Dammit, there cannot be anyone WITH A BRAIN that did not know that this would happen. Pinnacle even told me last year that they were getting out of the medical insurance business. Yes, we knew that it would be impossible to do business with this jobs killing smothering regulation. We blame Obama and the moron Democrats.

To add to the coming steamroller of medical services regulation in January, let's just pile HUGE tax increases into the mix, too, President Dumbfuck. Even Reuters is saying that the Democrats are going to jack taxes up like fucking crazy in January. I hate to be defending ANYONE that backed the McCainiac, but those folks told you that taxes were going to go through the roof if y'all elected Barry the Feckless Moronic Imbecile.

Of course, President Dumbass is jetting around the country lying about how many useless jobs he created. Wonder where they are when 48 of 50 states have lost jobs since he was crowned Moron in Chief?

More on the huge numbers of jobs lost since Democrats took over DC in 2007. Folks, there is simply no denying anymore that Democrats are the dumbest people on Earth. Reagan said it was because everything that they believed was wrong. Reagan was too nice to say, "Holy crap, how fucking stupid can someone be and still not die from some ridiculous Astroglide, gerbil, and wood chipper accident?"

Since Barry and his merry band of fucktarded dumbasses SAVED Wall Street, why is Fitch downgrading all of those banks? Probably because of Barry Obama's Bizarro Dictionary tells him that "saved" means the same as NUKED.

Germany's economy is actually recovering right now. It is pretty easy to do when all you have to do is look at anything that is promoted by the Democrat Party and the dumbass that is leading them. Germany simply looked at the laundry list promoted by the Smartest President in US History and did the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Wonder where Teh Google will relocate after Obamanomics makes having a profitable business illegal?

Dammit, that Global Warming bullshit is STILL being talked about one year after it was proven, beyond any doubt, to be a ridiculous hoax devised by a bunch of college professors to get grant money and not have to do anything with it. Lemme condense this bullshit, please. These "scientists" need money to buy stuff and they are too stupid to come up with something to produce something that is marketable. The only way that these "scientists" get money is to convince really dumb people, Democrats, to give those "scientists" money for nothing to buy prostitutes and kiddie pr0n.

Klavan explains what I just said.

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Staci said...

The MSM just won't give up on the separation of church and state being in the constitution. I heard it again this morning, had to change the channel. Morons.

Paul Mitchell said...

There are a very few things that send me into a white hot rage, PAC-10 footbaw, abortion, and someone dumb enough to say that there is a separation "clause" in the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Paul, your site looks a hundred times better, and cleaned up. Tighter, as I'd say if you were a girl.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Marc, I still got some tweaking yet to do, and y'all can see that screwed up menu at the top, can't you?

Anonymous said...

I'm on a (not new) mac with Safari 4.02 and the top's not screwed up...

maybe under the "About, Image Policy, Comment..." if there was an extra line of brown in order to separate the red letters from the white graph paper type background it'd be easier to read. but I dunno. That may be difficult to read for my old eyes because the brown header has a strip of red, which the red lettering tends to bleed into.

*I'm trying to be constructive here.

Paul Mitchell said...

Marc, those are SUPPOSED to be tabs. I have not worked with them today, but I am going to get that to be a whole lot better looking.

Damned tabs.

Unknown said...

Marc's right, the site is lookin' good.

And thanks for the link. But..."young folks"? I'm working on being a crusty old man, thank you.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, I have a pack of bologna older than you are.

And thanks for the site compliment. I'll be finished on it by the weekend if all goes according to plan.

paul mitchell said...

There are a very few things that send me into a white hot rage, PAC-10 footbaw, abortion, and someone dumb enough to say that there is a separation "clause" in the Constitution.