Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rolling out the Archives

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While I was looking for an information link from the past, I ran across a couple of posts that I spewed out that sum up quite nicely the economic and financial meltdown that is coming.

Back in 2008, the Moron Democrat Party that has always controlled our Mississippi State House was screeching about Guvnah Haley cutting stuff from the Medicaid budget. Ignore the FACT that Medicaid is a LOSER program that will never be successful, just concentrate on numbers.

The former Guvnah, Ronnie Musgrove, went to the radio airwaves with a HUGE ad buy to get more people on welfare. That was his economic plan. Luckily we only had that toolbox for four years. Anyhoo, Ronnie added nearly one hundred thousand morons to the deadbeat rolls and SURPRISE!!! Just a few years later, in a state with barely over two million people, there was a money meltdown.

Democrats, because they are dumb as fuck, did not want to undo the lunacy that caused the calamity, they wanted MORE TAXES. Here was my take on how fucking dumb you must be to be a Democrat.

Then we had, "The Turd's Clean End."

I think that it is funny that in the last week, the Barrystream Media is talking about a Republican win of Congress would be like Germany in the 1930s. I have read that before somewhere, said about someone else. But, even though the Barrystream Media could not be further from the truth, the post that I read was 100% true. It's like the writer of that article was a time traveler in a Charlie Chaplin movie or something!!!

I think that we can all agree that if you vote Democrat, you hate the United States of America.

This past week, the Barrystream Media rolled out the dried out husk of Jimmuh Cartuh in an attempt to make their Obamessiah look less like a DUMBASS. Jimmuh tried like Hell to make that happen, too. It is just so sad when older citizens go batshit senile, but you would think that their family would keep them at home to keep them from embarrassing themselves.

Barry Obama's HUGE payoff to Wall Street, for their overwhelming support when he was a candidate, is going to come back to bite the entire financial well-being of the world in the ass.

Everyone knows that our spending is unsustainable at every level.

But, since it is SOOOOO unsustainable, President FUCK YOU TAXPAYER is headed to Mumbai to party like an idiot.

In January, the Democrats will have COMMANDED the Congress for four years. Grab a vomit hat and watch a compilation of stupidity that they have perpetrated on normal folks.

Here is what the Democrat Congress has done this past year.

Let's check in on the elections, can we? Well, shock me nekkid and call me Humpback Henry, the Democrats are using the very same tactics they always use, FRAUD.

And that meddling kid, James O'Keefe, has unions officials ON TAPE talking about their planned fraud!!!

Oddly, we just found out that Liberalism is caused by a birth defect. Who did not know this? Who?!?!?!

Barbara Boxer is strong-arming the teachers to vote for her, too. Yes, that is illegal.

Remember, all Democrats are criminals and they will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to win elections. And then we shall have a President John F. Kennedy all the way down to Senator Al Franken.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Libtards are determined by a gene, eh? That makes a recovering libtard, who's seen the light and left the darkness to become conservative, an example of escaping the dumbed-down orbit of libtardism, and truly overcoming adversity.

Paul Mitchell said...

The thing that scares me though, Skunkfeathers, is that if liberalism is a birth defect, there is no way to cure it.