Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sarah Palin and 1773

OMG!!! Sarah Palin said something else just so dumb as a barrel of hair!!! I have no clue why anyone would see anything in that idiot. She is a self-hating woman that is AGAINST! abortion! She even was dumb enough to birth a Down Syndrome baby!!!

She thinks something happened in 1773!!! What a MAROON!!!

Oh...she was speaking to a Tea Party group and the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, huh? Well, I was only pointing out what she said in a speech, I was not implying that she was dumb or anything.

In case you are unaware, Gwen Ifill was the moderator of the Joe FREAKING Biden v. Sarah Palin debate. Yes, I watched it and Sarah Palin did just fine. Since Joe FREAKING Biden has been in politics for his entire life and has debated many times in the past, I thought that he would win handily.

He did NOT. At best Joe FREAKING Biden earned a draw, but it appeared to me that Sarah was more intelligent than Biden (that's not saying much, though), has the correct ideology for governing, and is headed down the right path. Plus, she is an infinite number of times hotter than Joe.

However, Gwen Ifill's Tweet about this started the avalanche rolling, with Daily Kos, Matt Ortega, and the rest of the morons on the left chattering. Of course leftists are fucking stupid, y'all.

Ifill thought that it would be really cool to throw something into the mix to try to make Palin look dumb. It kinda backfired because all of the "Progressives" picked Ifill's stupidity up and ran with it.

Malkin puts it bluntly to Ifill, "Own up, dear."

Also, I was chastised today for having somewhat of a brutal manner toward Democrats. I need to address that.

I have a H-U-G-E problem with the fact that there are even Democrats allowed to identify as Democrats. In case you were unaware, Democrats were the ones that fought to keep an entire race of of people in slavery. Democrats tried every tactic they could conceive to keep an entire race of people from experiencing the joys of freedom after they lost the ability to keep those people in slavery. Democrats passed every kind of legislation that they could imagine, for one hundred years, to keep people from enjoying the very freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

And NOW...Democrats are following through with enslaving the entire country because their efforts to keep black folks in the slave pens were unsuccessful.

Yes, Democrats are AS VILE as Nazis. As oppressive as Socialists. As horrible as Communists. As brutal as dictators.

Why are Democrats all those things? Because those people are their intellectual and philosophical BRETHREN. Everything that Democrats promote and believe are the very same things espoused by those other examples.

In short, Democrats are BAD.

Pass it on.

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Andy said...

You talking about that urnge banner deal that you've had for a while with the translate, videos, photos, like button, share, etc., or something else?

Because I really like that thing. In fact, I just read your whole post in Chinese. Really, I did.

I would put one on my blog, but I don't have enough sense.

Paul Mitchell said...

Naw, not the toolbar, there is an Ad Banner right below the post. You must have ADBLOCK on.

Dude, the Wibiya toolbar installs ITSELF.

Andy said...

Oh, that one. Okay...

Yeah, I actually looked in to putting one of those Wibiya bars on right after I saw yours.

But, I didn't really have a picture, or video gallery, or much else to link to. But, it is cool.

I might do it just for the translation deal.

I'll go look at an ad, or two.

Boogie said...

I just can't help but notice that Sarah can make these libs jump whenever she feels like it.

That's power, right there.

As for Gwen Ifill...you nailed it. I wonder who she thinks she's fooling?

Obviously the average Kos reader.

I'm sure Donna Ladd had something to say about all this as well, but everybody was too totally uninterested to ask.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, Andy, I am honor bound to NOT click my own links. Lemme know if they work or lead off to some unknown crap site.

Boogie, I have no doubt that Donner K is trashing Palin right now, but since I am no longer in Jacktroit, I have to need to see which bands are playing where. There is one band that you do need to see and that is Passenger Jones. Or go see Taylor Hildebrand when he is playing by himself. I promise you shall not be disappointed.

Andy said...

Okay dude, here's your trouble...the ads are fine, and the links do go directly to what they say they are.

But, it's all the way at the bottom of the page. If you just hit the home URL, you gotta go all the way down. If you hit a particular post, that's different, of course.

Is there a way to put the banner under each post? Or, does GoobleAds not allow that?

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, certainly there would be, but I have decided that this blog is just for the testing because we got assloads of traffic, you know?

It ain't like I am trying to get rich on that banner, I just wanted to see how Mountain View Clicks was. You know, Go here for "Mud Wrestling" and it takes you to a Viagra site. That ain't no good.

Andy said...

Naw, everything was as advertised. I started to sign up to meet other singles, but I just didn't have time to get through the registration process.

Bookmarked it, though...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, in the last few days I have been getting Black Singles spam out the wazoo.

Andy said...

Sign up yet?

Moogie P said...

I didn't check out the test banner because the Google ad at the end of this post links to Cedric Richmond for Congress and I was afraid that, this being Louisiana and all, if I clicked on anything, I'd be casting an early vote for Cedric Richmond and I just simply cannot have that.

Maybe after the election.

I wondered how many "intellectuals and history buffs" would jump when I first heard the Sarah Palin soundbyte referencing partying like it's 1773. Heh.

Skunkfeathers said...

What the hell...if you party like it's 1773, chicks won't ignore you to take a text message... ;)

Freddie said...

"I was chastised today for having somewhat of a brutal manner toward Democrats. I need to address that."

I disagree. Your brutal manner rocks, Sir. (I don't lurk here regularly 'cuz I like seein' chicks in bikinis or because I need a place to spend money I don't have).

There are a couple of libs I'd LOVE to point you to. I'm sure it'd be entertaining as hell, but pointless in the end.

Signed: Some anonymous (stinkin') female "Yankee" as some of y'all might say.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Freddie. Sorry you are not from the South, you seem like good people.